India · 13 Days · 39 Moments · December 2017

Matt's journi to India

16 December 2017

Last meal in a rooftop restaurant. We tried goat brain... yep, brain
Last day at CEPT. Had a great time with all the Indian students. This the result of lots of hard work and late nights

14 December 2017

Interim review

13 December 2017

Site visit at night followed by dinner
Manek Chok market
Wandering around the pols
Breakfast at lucky cafe. There are tombs I the restaurant here...

12 December 2017

Mocha, felt like I was in shoreditch

10 December 2017

Evening site visit
Afternoon site visit
Morning on the riverfront park

9 December 2017

Delicious (and spicy!) curry
Kingston BA students exhibiting in a Pol
Review at CEPT university

8 December 2017

Stumbled across an Indian wedding. Some dancing ensued. For embarrassing ourselves we were invited in for coffee and food
Sums up how the group is feeling..
Goat in a shirt..why not
19 site visits in 2 days.. a hard slog

7 December 2017

First of many site visits
Introductory lecture
Monkeys in the trees of our university
Exploring IIM campus
Apparently you need three things to drive in India. 1. Good horn 2. Good brakes 3. Good luck

6 December 2017

Ofc there's camels too
Love ruining a good photo..
Ghandi Ashram
Delicious stuffed Parantha
Le Corbusiers Atma Hall
Basically a celebrity...
We were let into a private school event (little kids dancing to Bollywood music) at Tagore Hall in exchange for a picture with the principal
Sanskar Kendra - a Le Corbusier building

5 December 2017

Exploring by night
Cheese and corn dosa- traditional southern Indian food
Spot the swastika..
First look at rainy Ahmedabad

4 December 2017

12 hour flight followed by a sprint through Mumbai airport only to sit on the connecting flight for 1h30 before taking off...