Europe · 38 Days · 118 Moments · August 2015

Matt's adventure in Europe

11 September 2015

10 September 2015

Now to chill out here for 12 days...

8 September 2015

7 September 2015

3 September 2015

DJ EZ on the beach at sunset

2 September 2015

Sbtrkt, Jurassic 5 and more in a 2000 year old Roman amphitheater. Unreal
Boat taxi to the amphitheater
Here we go !
Outlook here we come !
View from hostel window

1 September 2015

31 August 2015

Late night swim
Hiking down in the dark wasn't the best idea
Made it to the top
This place is amazing
My future house
Rowing on lake bled

30 August 2015

Milk vending machine...why not
Area in the centre of the city where it's always raining
Spot of mini golf
Nice pint of 'Human Fish'
Mayor of Ljubljana hijacked our walking tour and took us round the parliament building

29 August 2015

Arrival in Ljubljana
Beautiful train ride
Now for a 9 hour journey on two hours sleep. Cya Budapest, time for Slovenia!

28 August 2015

Budapest boat party
Just got woken up by this little guy

27 August 2015

Such a good day at the spa

26 August 2015

Ruin bar

25 August 2015

First night in buda

24 August 2015

What I would look like as an early human..apparently
Natural history museum
Last day in Vienna

23 August 2015

'Traditional Slovak meal'
It got nicer. Chess match in old-town
First look at Bratislava. Hmm

22 August 2015

Stumbled upon a massive amusement park in central Vienna
The entrance to the club - an old communist swimming pool

21 August 2015

First night in Vienna
Nice 6am start for the train to Austria

20 August 2015

Foals - one of the best gigs I've been to
The Maccabees
Kraków live festival
Same price as the maccies
95% spirit

19 August 2015

Kraków bar crawl- we don't know this guy
Maccies in poland costs just over £2. What a country

18 August 2015

Polish dumplings
Arrived in Kraków - love the look of it so far
Private cabin on the 8h train to Kraków

17 August 2015

War on drugs. Unreal
Czech donut with caramel

16 August 2015

Beer is cheaper than water here

15 August 2015

Prague by night
'Sexy sauna' next to the police station. Hi Prague
Bloke with a grill strapped to him. Cya Germany

14 August 2015

Potsdamerplatz and Brandenburg gate
Currywurst by the Berlin Wall
Museum island

13 August 2015

Backpackers pub crawl
Just passing Funckenhausen 👌
8h bus to Berlin
Saying goodbye to Sam 😔

12 August 2015

Last night in Cologne
Cologne street art
Cologne cathedral

11 August 2015

Night in Cologne
All you can eat sushi
Hotel luxury
Arrival in Cologne 🇩🇪

10 August 2015

Wandering around Brussels

9 August 2015

En route to Belgium

8 August 2015

Dinner with a special ingredient
Bar called 'You Bastard'
Amazing burger

7 August 2015

2nd campsite
Exploring Utrecht
Coffeeshop on a boat
Arrived in Utrecht

6 August 2015

Last night in delft
View from delft tower
Tasty fried fish of some kind
Exploring delft

5 August 2015

First campsite
Arrived in delft

4 August 2015

Ferry from Hull to Rotterdam