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27 July 2015

What a great few days with the Harvey family! We stayed in beautiful cabins at Fort Mcallister and I had a blast. I met a lot of my cousins for what seemed like the first time though I know it wasn't. We also introduced Kan Jam to the family because they had never heard of it. We had a bunch of great games and even my youngest cousin got to play! We are now in our hotel in savannah which is super beautiful (4 stars!) and we're getting ready to leave for Williamsburg! #8hourcartrip­čśČ­čĽľ

23 July 2015

If you ever get the chance, take a drive through the smoky mountains. They are beautiful!Now headed to cousin Keith's house for a visit in South Carolina! #familytime­čśä
We had a wonderful brunch at the Loveless Cafe this morning. It was so delicious! I had pancakes, drew had biscuits and gravy, dad had eggs and pulled pork, and mom had an omelet. After our yummy meal we headed outside to the gift shops and poked around in there. Drew decided he needed a souvenir so he went with mom to get one. It was during this time that my dad and I found out how The Loveless smokes their meat. We were outside taking pictures and when we were standing outside The Pit, which is where they smoke the meat, the guy working inside asked us if we wanted to come in. Of course we went in! He showed us and told us how they smoke their meat. We even got to try some smoked turkey. It was amazing! Thank you to the Loveless Cafe for an awesome brunch. #lovelybrunchattheLoveless­čŹ┤

22 July 2015

Today we went on a shopping spree. We woke up and went out to breakfast at the Pfunky Griddle where you get to cook your own breakfast on a griddle in the center of your table. Drew and I had pancakes and my dad and mom had eggs. After that we went to a couple of music stores to look for instruments. At the second store we found a mandolin for Drew! We went to one more store after that and that's where we found my used ukulele bass and battery powered amp. Our new instruments are so cool and drew and I both are very thankful to our parents for such lovely souvenirs from Nashville! After shopping we came back came back to downtown Nashville to go honky tonking on Broadway. We went to Tootsies and listened to an amazing band with an incredible fiddle player that played Devil Went Down to Georgia with NO mistakes! We are leaving Nashville tomorrow and I had an amazing time. I am extremely grateful to my amazing parents for a wonderful time on our trip so far! #thankyousomuch­čÄŞ­čÄÂ
Okay, so the bluegrass group that was performing was signing DVDs after the show. We got one signed but before that I talked to the bass player in the group. I told him that I play the bass and he asked me if I could use a bow. I told him I could and he thought that was he coolest thing. He said that he had never learned to use a bow and when it was time to stop talking he said something like "Well that's cool, keep pickin'... Er...what do ya call it bowin'!" I though that was very cool that I could do something that an amazingly talented bass player couldn't! #interesting­čśť
I didn't even get the chance to post yesterday because almost every second was booked. We started the day off with a beautiful walk through a part of Nashville. We walked through a hotel that used to be an old train station and it was absolutely beautiful (see my mom's post for more details about the walk). After our walk we came back to our hotel and went for a swim. We then took showers and put on nice clothes for our Opryland experience. Once we got to Opryland, we scoped out the opry shop. We then explored a nearby (huge) hotel before going to the show. After a lot of walking and a little bit of gelato we walked back to the Grand ole Opry house to make sure we were there on time. We went inside and the show started. It was AMAZING! Although I didn't recognize most of the artists, the show was still extremely entertaining and exciting! Also, one of the groups was signing DVDs after the show and something really cool happened...read the next post to find out what! #getready­čśÄ

20 July 2015

Oh yeah...the second destination we got to explore was the Country Music Hall of Fame. I really enjoyed the Taylor Swift exhibits. The sparkly guitar belonged to T-Swizzle and that cheer outfit is the one she wore in her Shake it Off music video! Oh, and that picture of the words is a copy of the rough draft of Tay-Tay's song "Tim McGraw"! But wait, it gets better, the guide took us right past her condo! Although he did say that the curtains had been closed for a few days so she probably wasn't home, but still! I didn't even know Taylor Swift lived in Nashville! As we were driving by the building the guide said something like this: "Now over here up at the top of that tall building is the home of Miss...Taylor Swift." #soooocool­čśŤ
We took a very cool tour of Nashville today. We learned a lot about the history of Nashville and our tour guide was very funny and talkative. We explored the streets of Nashville as well as some different musical buildings one being the Ryman auditorium which used to hold what is now The Grand Ole Opry. In my pictures from this adventure you will see Miranda Lambert's pink guitar, an Elvis movie poster, some cool instruments, and a country music award. On the tour we also drove by a re-creation of the Parthenon as displayed in one of the pictures. There was also two more points of the tour that I thought were exciting...read the next post to find out more! #suspense­čśČ
Here we have pics of the Nashville skyline and some of the buildings. We also have a pic of our hotel room! It is so pretty! I can't wait to get my Nashville on! #cantwait­čÄŞ
Yay! We're finally here! Next stop, Nashville! #awesome!­čÄĄ

19 July 2015

Wow what a great day. We took a surprise trip to Mega Cavern where we explored in the cool (literally and figuratively) 100 acre limestone mine. We first went on a tour of the cavern via tram with the best tram driver ever, Burnsy. We then ate a great lunch in the van. Next we went back into the cavern to do a tour via electric fat bikes. This was so cool. This tour was brand new and it took us places the tram could not go as well as certain points that were on the route of the tram. Braxton was our guide for this tour and he was awesome. He was nice, helpful, and informative. Not only did we explore the underground but we also rode around directly above the cavern in the hot sun. We got back to the room the bikes were stored in and I was honestly sad to see the tour end it had been really cool. The only downside to this trip is that since my device is too big, I was not able to take pictures inside the cavern! Oh well, I always have my memories! #makinmemories­čśë
Goodbye Ohio, hello Kentucky!We left Ohio through the beautiful city of Cincinnati with awesome architecture and trains! We are now in Kentucky after a good time in Ohio! #WKRPinCinncinatitheme­čîç
After a successful and fun day yesterday, the Harvey's are up and conversing about their adventures for today...#whatchagonnado?

18 July 2015

Made a not-so-quick pit stop at "Grandpa's cheese barn"in Ashland, Ohio on the way to our hotel and had a great time. Thank you Grandpa! #funpit-stop­čÜÉ
The West side market was a huge hit! Filled with fun foods and exotic fruits including mangoes, dragon fruit, and star fruit! I actually tried mango for the first time and it was very sweet! It was fun to see all of the food displayed in the cases. I was kind of grossed out because there was a full (dead) pig in one of the cases. There were also little (also dead) rabbits in another case­čśó! Before we left the market we got some yummy desserts including a doughnut and a half moon cookie. We then had a gluttonous lunch that consisted of sandwiches and burritos. Now, the Harvey family is back in the van and heading towards Blue Ash, Ohio! #foodmakesmehappy­čśŐ
Here we are in Cleveland,Ohio having a ball looking at the cool architecture and art. Now heading to the West Side Market! #gonnagetsumyummies
Time for a snack? I think so! Stopped at Chick-fil-a in Pennsylvania for some good eats! #eatmorechicken­čÉą­čÉ«
Passing the time away with the Princess Bride in my personal movie theatre! #funontherun­čÜÉ
Here we go! We are almost ready to take off on our two week road trip to Savannah, Georgia in our humongous, 12-seater van! I am super excited to get going! Tonight we will land in a hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio after a day full of markets and driving! I will post later with lots of pictures and details about the day! #superexcited­čśÇ
Our huge van all packed up and ready to go (almost)!