United Kingdom · 20 Days · 45 Moments · July 2016

Claire & Matt's trip around Scotland

19 August 2016

We're back in sunny England, rained the whole way back from Edinburgh, but the suns out in Morecambe, so that means it's time to sit in a dimly lit pub and eat dinner
Some scenery on the return back to England

18 August 2016

This is where we stayed when we went to the Fringe...in the Dalkeith country park, it was really nice
We went to a great free stand up comedy gig today at the fringe, featuring Ellie Taylor and others

17 August 2016

Firing up the barbie!

16 August 2016

Sunny and warm in Edinburgh today! Hurrah! It had to happen sooner or later

15 August 2016

We've arrived at our site for a few days of the Edinburgh fringe :-)
Matt starting on the wine! ...and finally some sunshine today! Hooray!
Heading through the Cairngorms
Our drive through the Cairngorms

14 August 2016

We took a tour of the Glenlivet distillery today, it's very impressive, especially the heady stench of booze from the cask warehouse!
Our wild camping near Glenlivet

13 August 2016

Stopped for a bite to eat in Dallas, not many Cowboys here! Though it is on the malt whisky trail, but we haven't seen much malt whisky either!

12 August 2016

In the Inverness museum
We saw an otter.......In the museum

10 August 2016

The weather on Skye took a turn for the worst and we didn't get to do the wildlife tour. We decided to go to Inverness for a day or so, more things to do during the bad weather.

9 August 2016

The picture doesn't really capture it properly, but we were relaxing last night watching a TV show and a deer popped her head over the rocks above our van to take a look at us!
Wild camping spot from last night, nice views!
We are wild camped for the night just outside of Portree with amazing views across the hill tops. Hoping to go on a whale and wildlife viewing trip tomorrow, though the booking system in these parts seems a little unusual.
Eating lunch in Mallaig, before we go over to Skye this afternoon

8 August 2016

Some clown's parked his boat too high up...only joking of course, he was probably just drunk
Bye bye Tobermory

7 August 2016

Had a spot of bad weather today: "A period of strong winds, including gales over the far north and northwest of Scotland, is expected to affect Scotland on Sunday. Gusts of 50-60 mph are expected over the far north and northwest Scotland and 40-50 mph over other parts of Scotland. These strong winds will also generate very rough sea conditions near north and northwest Scotland. Please be aware of the potential for localised disruption to travel and outdoor activities."
We just held a load of sea creatures at the Tobermory aquarium
Enjoying the rain in Toberymory
Windswept on Calgary bay! It was a rugged place to stay wild camping last night

6 August 2016

Landed on Mull
Tobermory bay

5 August 2016

Dirk aka 'the big squeak' looming large in Oban
Seems to rain every time I start to bbq anything! I guess that's what Scotland is about!
Arrived at our Oban stopover, after getting a bottle of whisky of course (none for Claire)

4 August 2016

Beach view at catacol
The castle
Lochranza castle

3 August 2016

Arrived on Arran and the rain has set in nicely 😮
On the ferry to Arran :-)
Claire, taking in the sites in Ayr

1 August 2016

After a fairly short trip from Lancaster we are wild-camping somewhere near Kircudbright.
View from the van :-)

31 July 2016

Morecambe in the sun