North America, Europe, Africa · 21 Days · 102 Moments · February 2018

Morocco, London, Serbia & everything between

13 March 2018

Not a bad way to travel home.
This is what I'm made to suffer through for a seven hour flight. Now I know how my clients feel #RPP
Perfect end to an anothee amazing adventure. Where shall I go next?

12 March 2018

Began my day with a fun Airbnb experience tour book. Kyle was my guide on the true and false tour from Trafalgar Square to St. James green which abuts Buckingham palace. Ran home to change shoes and dry my feet from the soggy day, mastered the tube while heading to meet Charlie at Liverpool street stations. I’m just a few blocks she took me around the world to India and Thailand, back to London. Some of the most interesting food was at box car park......Assembled from shipping containers and open to many different vendors to present unique bites. Jamaican jerk goat and crispy chicken bao buns... The night was capped off at the 40th floor, Duck and Waffle where we enjoyed barbecue pigs ear cracklin’s and some lovely cocktails, while enjoying the view.

11 March 2018

A bit of shopping with my new friend Emad. Very helpful in spending the rest of Moroccan Durham before catching my flight to London. He showed me the Tannery where they cure the hides with pigeon poop and use natural dies to color the leather. Got talked know you buying a leather coat for myself, although it was not needed its beautiful and oh so soft sheep leather. I bargained him down to half his asking price which Emad confirmed was a good deal.

10 March 2018

A Sunset and evening tour around fez, from the mountain tops to the valley floor.
Up at 5:30 AM so I could catch the sunrise over the dunes. Simply breathtaking . The solitude and sounds of the desert are like nothing else.

9 March 2018

What an amazing evening. Dinner by candlelight, drums by the fire, and more stars than I’ve ever imagined. There are not enough words to describe the abundance in beauty of the sky at night from the heart of the desert. There is depth and beauty I thought only possible from tools of NASA. I must soak it in, as I may never again see the sky so filled with inspiration and possibility.
There are no words to describe the beauty of the light just before dusk in the desert.
After the seven our van ride I hopped out into a four-wheel-drive vehicle which they let me drive through the sand dunes where I’d meet my camel, the final mode of transport to my tent and little village for the night.
It was an 7 hour drive from fez to the Sahara but very well worth it. The terrain changed so incredibly from farmland to snow covered mountains to wood land, it was like crossing the United States but all within a short period of time. Along the way we stopped in the mountains where it’s quite cool and resembles the Pacific Northwest. There we found some wild monkeys that we were able to feed.

8 March 2018

10 course tasting menu, I think I may explode... Moments like this are when I wish they hadn't been told I'm a chef. Nur restaurant.
After two hours at the oldest hammam in the medina its time for dinner, Nur is the place.
Beautiful green rolling hills, farms and great mountains in the Moroccan countryside.
Last stop of the day was to the home of an old couple to see their olive press and sample the amazing olive oil. Moroccan olive oil kicks Italian to that curb. The flavors were so strong and brilliant, now to find Moroccan olive oil in the states.
They said now I am like their son. My new Moroccan grandmother and aunts.
Couscous for lunch with vegetables and roasted chicken.
It was this woman's first day. The other women said I was better than her and needed to stop before I took her job. Haha.
Today we traveled just shy of two hours to the small town of Taza-Al Hoceima, where I had the pleasure to meet 14 women with their own co-op that produces couscous.

7 March 2018

There are many stories of why the city is painted blue.
Some say it’s to repel mosquitoes others say it’s because of the Jewish population. Still some say it’s reflect the sky but the truth may be simply that one person being at their house blue and other people liked it so they followed suit.
A four hour drive to the beautiful blue city of chefchauoen.

6 March 2018

Dinner is served. Lamb with couscous.
Sheep head, enough said. Steamed for hours and eaten a snack. Check, tongue and eye ball.
Sweets, goat and lamb cheese and yes with the best tea man in town. Herbs in the tea include mint, absynth, verbena andsage.
Snail soup. Not my favorite but very herbaceous.
Fava bean soup, cow brain and my new friend the butcher with whom I made a tangine. He was the first to introduce the tangine to the region.
Bread baking 101
Here at the honey market I tried over 20 different types of honey, each with a different medicinal property. They are made from various flowers including rosemary, thyme, cedar, coriander, honey blossom, fig and peach to name a few.
All kinds of preserved items. Olives of every flavor. The very best Moroccan phyllo dough in the medina.
Prickly pear fruit. Slightly sweet and tart with rather large seeds. Nuget of all kinds and dates, so many dates.
Early morning market shopping to cook with the family tonight. Now I’m off to a food tour for most of the afternoon which I’ll sample everything from brains to liver, snail soup, sheep head, all kinds of goat and lamb cheese, and so much more. We stopped in the shop to try honey and they had over 25 different kinds. It is used for an additional properties here and like how we just used as a sweetener in America.
This little chap decided to join us for breakfast this morning.

5 March 2018

Got completely lost in the maze of the medina while searching for a place that sells sim cards near the blue gate. Turns out my phone is not unlocked so it wouldn't work anyway. Grabbed a camel meat sandwich on the way back to the riad for a night of much needed rest.
I Spent the afternoon in a private home with two sisters to make some very traditional pastries. We made four of the seven traditionally served at Moroccan weddings. They didn’t speak any English so I will send with the translator. Although we couldn’t communicate verbally cooking together transcended language. And the interpreter helped.
Lentil soup with breads and the aubergine salad. And the macaroons! The two girls that are in the class with me were from Germany.
B'stella. Chicken with all kinds of deliciousness braised, shredded, wrapped in phyllo.
Zealous, roasted aubergine and red peppers with herbs and spices. Yummy yummy salad!
Making orange blossom coconut macaroons
Let the cooking commence. We made lentil soup, and a smoky eggplant and red pepper salad
Beautiful views from the rooftop terrace. Breakfast of Meuslu, yogurt, fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee and an assortment of breads and jams. Just the thing before heading off to my first cooking class at Café clock
What a beautiful place. This Riad rocks!!! Finally Ican take a good shower

4 March 2018

Hey Fez.... Here I come!
The rest of our wandering around London
Big Ben. Parliament. Trafalgar Square
This is called the penis bridge. As you can see it was a design oversight that when the sun hits with the right angle on the sidewalk is full of phallic shadows.
The abby. Where my great great great someone is buried. The composer for the Queen. We couldn't go in because it was Sunday. I'll have to go back next week to get a photo of his resting site.
I popped in to see the queen.
Strolling through Kensington gardens headed to Buckingham palace.
This cute little house was in Kensington gardens.

3 March 2018

Breakfast at Granger & Co. in Notting Hill.

2 March 2018

Breakfast in Belgrade before catching my for to London via Vienna. Got to David and Gavins around 9:30 and went down the street to their local pub. So great to catch up with them!
A Serbian serenade.

1 March 2018

Dinner at the question mark restaurant. This is the oldest restaurant in Belgrade. It was originally caked the bat across from the church and they were forced to change it because it wasn't appropriate for a bar to be associated with alcohol. The owner painted over the name and put a ? until they could decide what to name it. The ? stuck.
Beers and rakija on the bohemian street.
More fortress exploration and a trip down the bohemian street in Serbia. Beers and rakija to warm up.
Touring the fortess in Belgrade
Private shuttle to the airport was $25. It was 30-40 minutes from the center of town. Add adventurous as I am im very glad I didn't try and find my way Aug the metro and busses. There are three people on my fight to Belgrade.....3!!! Haha.
Quick breakfast at Cirkusz before packing and heading to the airport. Belgrade here I come, back to Serbia I go.

28 February 2018

After dinner in made my way to the thermal baths. Clearly a big hang out spot. Drinks and hot tubs why not? They control entry, locked, rentals,etc by school watch like bracelet that is your key to everything.
She showed me a ruin bar. It used to be a parking lot and was developed from things the owner salvaged from the trash. Huge space with so many different rooms, very eclectic. After I couldn't eat another Bute we took the metro to the park just beyond hero's square. You can see the steam coming off the lake from the natural hot springs that feed it. Stopped by a very famous and fancy restaurant Gunder where I got a private tour of the facilities. So many different banquet rooms on the upper level and a beautiful dining room down. Got a cool book from the restaurant I can't wait to read.
We had goulash and sour cherry schnapps. Went to a few of her favorite bakeries. Got to see how chimney cake is made and have a freshly baked cinnamon chimney cake. So good, it was like brioche but with a bit more crunch on the outside. These flaky layers biscuits made with pork fat and black pepper, like Pillsbury grands biscuits but so much better! Went to a seafood restaurant and had what was basically sour cream and cheese pizza on fried dough. Cilla doesn't like seafood haha.
Took a good tour with Cilla. She had so much knowing of Budapest and its history, but just related to food. She was very funny and great company, I forgot to get a photo with her so i stole one from the app. The central bakery was enormous with three levels. Puts reading terminal market to shame haha. I tried so much here, potato sugar candy, sausages, and pickled or sour everything.
Let the food tour commenced. Stated with a shot of some herbal liquor my guide brought me followed by a taste of potato sugar candy. Sausages and sour cabbage, goulash and more shots of a sour cherry liquor.
Parliament, Budapest castle and so much more. It's so cold I can't concentrate on the information my guide is giving me!!
This pastry shop was started by a Hungarian and Swedish Chef. Is extremely famous and very expensive especially for Budapest. Coffee was great and the cakes were quite tasty. Spent some time getting to know my guide and hearing some stories from her about growing up in hungry and being an exchange student in the United States.
Just some photos from heroes Square. And some other shots around town. The footprints on the sidewalk were modeled after our Hollywood walk of fame this is their theater district.
The opera house. And another large concert hall.
Booked some tors using Withlocals today. My guide Dalma took me through Saint Stephen’s basilica and then on to heroes Square which is the only thing I remember seeing when I was here 20 years ago

27 February 2018

Literally arctic tundra outside for 8 hours and all I brought to eat was a protein bar and a hand full of almonds. Made it to Budapest. Grabbed some great Lebanese food right down stairs from the flat i rented and checked out the town. Finished the night with drinks at Coxx Bar.

26 February 2018

Toster bar for Serbian burgers and onions rings that are raved about on yelp! Oh, and house made IPA too!!!! Stay tuned for the verdict.
Woke up to freshly fallen snow on the countryside. Trikes back to Novi Sad by bus, very convenient! What else to do on a snowy day but a little shopping. I got a pair of leather boots, two sweaters and a henley for just over $100. It's really eye opting the vast economic differences here. I'm not sure how to feel about it.

25 February 2018

Got a little tour of Zrenjanin before dinner and a few drinks. Met one of Milans friends for a little hangout time as well. Definitely has dinner next to a band of gypsies who sang the night away drinking rajika. At the table in front of us was a famous Serbian actor and his mistress who also spent the night in the room next to us. Quite an eventful evening in this little town. Best rajika I've had yet, made with dunia or quince fruit.
Joe set me up for a big surprise today. Let Novi Sad at 8:00 and traveled to Zrenjanin where I got to Spend the day with a friend of Milans cooking in her restaurant. Huge place. Amazing day. Great food!
A sampling of all that was prepared and served today....
Early morning fuel before a big surprise activity today.

24 February 2018

A tour of Bukovac and lunch with loxsls. Friends of Joe's. So much fun. Grilled meats, Russian salad and polenta. Beer and rakija

23 February 2018

Dinner. Mmm. The feta is so creamy and delicious I just can't!
.....As the sun sets on Novi Sad.
Exploring and spelunking around the fort. What great 360 degree views of the entire area.
A quick hike up the hill to Petrovaradin Fortress for views, brews, and some tongue.
A memorial on the Danube. Navis cut holes in the ice of the river and drowned the Serbian people.
Breakfast.... Burek... I'm opening a Burek stand when I get back to the states mmm.

22 February 2018

Beer n Meze
More moments walking around Novi Sad.
This ceiling af in an H&M. Just beautiful.
Rajika to warm the soul on say Serbian day. It's a home made alcohol in line with tequilla but made from fruits.
All the bridges crossing the Danube were bombed in the 90's, only a few have been re-built. On the hill you can see the fort which goes 6 stories down into the hillside.
One of the main square of Novi Sad, and the oldest water well in the city. It was discovered by a local bar owner behind the wall and restored.
Breakfast. Day 1.
Arrived in Novi Sad and it couldn't be more picturesque. Snow falling in the main square, beautiful historical buildings everywhere.

21 February 2018

London to Munich.....
My shower suite in Hethrow arrivals lounge. Compete with a yummy breakfast of avocado toast 👍🏼

20 February 2018