Australia, New Zealand · 80 Days · 46 Moments · September 2017

17 December 2017

-horseback riding -snorkeling in cook island -chainsmokers -paddle boarding -stradbroke island -currumbin -Byron bay -skydiving -oktoberfest -deep sea fishing -burleigh bridge jump -springbrook -Whitsundays -friendsgiving -NZ: luge, bungee, rafting, jet boat -tattoo

16 December 2017

Spending the night on the beach to watch the sunrise and just went skinny dipping

12 December 2017

Last wing night- kid fell in bush.

5 December 2017

Just finished all of activities of the NZ trip ending with the sheep shearing. This trip was so worth it. Bungee was crazy and the luge was so fun even though jack gave me a pity win. The next day was all on the water so right up my alley. White water rafting was a blast. I didn't fall out so complete success. The bars were all really cool especially the ice bar 😉. Also got to drive a boat in Queenstown so I was living my best life. Queenstown was so cool btw and could def live there. The hostel life is not for me but I survived the top bunk and heat. Met some really cool people from all over. Mexicans. Sang let it go with jack. Drank a lot of beer. Rolled down a hill twice. Fell over a fence while drunk. Went in some hot pools. Saw the most photographed tree in the world. Fed a duck. The hill! Fergburger 😍. 11/10 would recommend.

2 December 2017

NZ has been pretty great so far. The first night we stayed in Christchurch then the next day we did a 6 hour bus ride to a small town outside of fox glacier. Small like 10 buildings. We just chilled at the hostel and drank a lot of beer. Steph Ben Liz and I played kings. Then nick took us into the forest with no light to see glow worms, which was risky but paid off. Apparently there's some parts I don't remember which makes sense cuz 12 coronas...We woke up today and went to see the glacier. Our hike was beautiful and the glacier was pretty similar to mendenhall in AK. Lucas was a pretty great tour guide. Then we got back in the bus and started our 5 hour ride to queenstown. Stopped halfway to jump into the blue pools off of a bridge. It was frigid but worth it. Did it twice. Changed out of my clothes in the forest. Tbc...

29 November 2017


28 November 2017

Automatic sliding doors 🙄

24 November 2017

Today we all had a little thanksgiving barbecue and went paddleboarding. Gizmo got us some sausages and burgers and made some pumpkin pie. Took a lot of buses to get there but we finally made it. It was a good time. I climbed a tree and only hurt myself a little. SUP was really relaxing. I fell off trying to get used to it but then I was fine. It was a beautiful day. Cat brought her daughter and I held her for awhile. She's so cute 😝. Then we all went to currumbin beach and I climbed the big rock with Gina. Lots of climbing today. It was our last arcadia excursion which is hard to believe. 22 days to go.

23 November 2017

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Aussie. Spent the first half of the day in class. In between Kristin lauren and I went to the university club for lunch. I was just out of my element. I couldn't understand the waiter and when he put my napkin on my lap I started dying. I couldn't keep myself together the whole time. The food was good though. Then later we had friendsgiving with the 4th floor crew. Rachel and Mallorie made some delicious food with the microwave. The buff chicken dip was amazing. Everyone dressed up and it was actually really nice. Made me miss home a little less. Later we went to dons and then out to bedroom. I had to experience it at least once. Meghan was gone the whole time and threw up in the bus on the way there 🙃. And mall was giving me free drinks which was cool. Overall, pretty solid day.

19 November 2017

Did they both wear suits?- jack
Joe ate shit jumping off the boat
Hate to see it
Spank me?

18 November 2017

This weekend was the Whitsundays trip. It was incredible. Started off in Airlie Beach on Thursday. We went to the shops and the lagoon area and got burgers (cheese!) and a wizza fizza. Got dominos later and went to the bar where we met the Bryant kids. Cockroach. Next day we made the unnecessary trek to the boat and set sail. The boat was much more spacious than I expected and we got the best sleeping situation. I was with joe. Saw some pretty cool coral and fish at the first spot and I was the only one that saw a turtle 😬. Other snorkels we saw rainbow fish, zebrafish, and Steve threw food around us so we were swarmed by blue and yellow fish. A lot of the coral was white from the cyclone. Dinners were stir fry and chicken and garlic bread. Talked a lot with jack. Canada girls were cool. Did some back flips off the deck. Played zumi zumi. Also played coin crack. Drank a lot of beer. Got really tan. White haven beach was amazing. Got woken up at 5 AM. Mooned wings 2. Helicopter dicks.

11 November 2017

Today we rented a car a went to springbrook. I drove the Camry like a cool dad except I was in the passenger seat. It was pretty weird at first but I had to get used to it fast. The roundabouts were a little scary. And I was hugging the left line a lot because I wasn't paying enough attention to it. But I did better than I thought I would. First we went to natural bridge and saw a bunch of mushrooms, cool trees, and a sweet waterfall. We then drove to a trail and hiked it to the bottom of a waterfall. It was raining the whole time but it was beautiful. Everyone's spirits were high which was really nice. It was a really great day. I'm exhausted after but totally worth it.

10 November 2017

Skydiving was a go today! It was incredible! I wasn't nervous until people started flying out the back of the plane. Then it got W was a great tandem master- very stern looking but really cool. The free fall was insane. My ears popped immediately and I could feel the skin on my face flapping. We were going 120 mph and it felt like it. It was really cold too. I was pretty happy when the chute opened successfully and W let me drive us around for a little bit which was awesome. I could see the ocean on one side and mountains on the other. Definitely better than what I would get in Delaware. I'm so grateful that I got to have this experience and that meghan lauren max and Ben were there too! Today was a great day. I'm so lucky and thankful to be alive and to be in Australia doing these crazy things.

8 November 2017


6 November 2017

x, y, zed

4 November 2017

This weekend we went to Burleigh and went down by the bridge to lay cuz it was way too windy on the beach. Of course I got a smoothie. When we got there I convinced Kaitlyn and Bryant to jump off the bridge. I went twice and then later again with Kristin. It was so much fun! Then had my first Max Brenner experience later that day. Also saw jigsaw, found a new walking spot in varsity, and got a cool pizza at mandala with lauren and joe. Not a bad one.
Thursday was the midsem party at Don's. I dressed up like a ladybug. Got cider and a cheap bottle of vodka from Dan Murphy's before the pregame. Had my first shower beer. Went to Gina's and drank and then Blase's and drank. Then I don't remember anything but woke up to a vomit covered bathroom and body. It was awful. Couldn't go on the hike that I paid $40 for and laid in bed til 8pm until I saw jigsaw which was really good actually. Moral of the story- don't drink alcohol.

31 October 2017

"Thank you" "that's alright"

29 October 2017

Yesterday Scott and I went to coolangata. It was a pretty long ride on the bus, but the area was beautiful. We walked to snapper rocks and laid there for a few hours. The water was so blue. The rocks hurt the feet a little but I did some exploring anyway. On the walk back I got some pictures of this lizard that posed for me for a good 10 minutes. We're friends now. Then I got some shrimp at this cool restaurant across from the beach. It was a really chill day. Then when we got back we tried, unsuccessfully, to get into the fashion show to get pictures. Got some good and watched stranger things. I wish I could've gone to Sydney but it was a nice weekend anyway.

27 October 2017

Today I took Geoff's bike and rode to Miami with squisha and Bryant. Everyone else left for Sydney earlier. We went to this place called the yard and they had $3 coronas. It was a really cool spot and I only got charged for 3 (had 4). Then we went to the beach and chilled for a little and got dominos on the way back. The ride was intense and my butt hurts but it was a good way to spend the day. Gonna watch movies all night now.
Prash (Indian)

24 October 2017

Today we signed up for skydiving! Two weeks! Also went to the beach alone for the first time. Had a rough morning after talking to Mommom and waned to go with Lauren and Meghan but it ended up just being me. It was nice though. I got a smoothie and finally got some tanning spray. Read a book and enjoyed the quiet.

22 October 2017

Sunday I didn't get out of bed til 1:30 🙃 then meg and I tried to get quesadillas and they brought us one thing of nachos... But then we went to Brisbane for Chainsmokers. We scoured the streets for food and ended up at the healthy burger place. I brought my stein and poured some beers into it in the street and drank them as one does. The concert was awesome! I've never been to one like it but I would totally go again. Only downside- my white vans got ruined again. And Joe and Lauren...we'll see what happens there.
Last night meghan and I went out with Anna, blase, Paige, and Maria. We went to sin city and waxy's which was full of 50 year olds. We hung out and played cards in Meghan's room beforehand. It was a lot of fun. Didn't get out of bed til 1:30 today even though I wasn't hungover and woke up with an empty box of maccas fries next to me. Chainsmokers later, yeet.

20 October 2017

Found out my bike got stolen today so that's cool
Went deep sea fishing for the first time today! We had to get up at 4:15 to get there by 6, but totally worth it. It was lauren, Kristin, jason and I. There were 7 guys from NZ with us and they were all cool. The waves going out were pretty rough. We were all catching a good amount at the beginning. Altogether I caught 9 fish (taylor, a weird pink one, etc) which was the most on the boat of course 😉. Lauren caught a few before she started yakin. I thought I was feeling sick but it was just because I was hungry and thirsty. Jason got sick too but didn't want to admit it. We were out for about 5 hours, and on the way in the waves were insane. Also saw whales and dolphins. It was a great experience 🎣

15 October 2017

Today we left Stradie, but not before we got a little yakin in. Meghan and I were together and we were on a tea tree lake. It was really relaxing and pretty even though it was cloudy. The trip was super fun but exhausting. And I'm glad I'm getting a break from casey now. Just gotta get through this week and then fishing!!

14 October 2017

This weekend we came to Stradbroke island and it was FREE. We took a ferry over and had to dance with Matt (an aboriginal). Then we came to the resort which is actually really nice. I wish that I had gotten the single room but of course casey hopped on that. Today we got up and went surfing which was super fun. We all kinda did our own things and I was able to get up a few times. I had trouble catching the waves most of the time. After that we went back to see matt again and he showed us a bunch of aboriginal tools and took us on a walk of the area (that's when it started raining). Then we went sand boarding which was awesome! It took awhile to get the sand right at first because it was wet, but we had a good hour of actually being able to go down. We then went and got gelato and went on a walk of the gorge there. We saw a bunch of kangaroos and the whole area was beautiful. It's been raining a lot but it was a really great day either way.

11 October 2017

Geoff broke his surfboard and himself and had to have surgery
May god have mercy on your soul
Anna thinks I'm dating Kristin

7 October 2017

Forgot to talk about Oktoberfest. It was a lot of fun. The hostel we stayed at was really nice. We all looked hot in our outfits. The beer was $13 which was insane. Had to add money to my bracelet mid day. Got a pretzel, a brot, and a stein face paint. Also played human fooseball. Started hanging out with Blase's friends who are awesome. Told Kristin about my issues haha. Napped and went out to dinner and ice cream with the new friends. Then went to the club and played Egyptian ratscrew and spoons. Next day went on the ferry and hung out with the new crew again. Got some stuff at the market, Mexican food, and margaritas which were amazing. It was an expensive weekend but I had a great time. Met a lot of new people, got out of my comfort zone and wore that costume, and got slim shady ice cream. Lit.

5 October 2017

Yesterday Kristin and I went to Burleigh to get shots for photography. Turns out my camera was completely dead so had to use hers. Then today we realize that we were shooting in JPEG the whole time so about to go back to take the same shots 😂 getting some beach time in too. We also went to the Rio party at dons last night. It was a good time- had a whole pitcher in like 10 minutes because I didn't want to carry it around. Bryan and Blase were both there lol. Then came back and ate chips and peanut butter with meg. Good timez.

4 October 2017

Yesterday was Tuesday- my day off. And of course the maids came in and woke me up at 9. Still waking up at 5:30 am everyday anyway. But I had a productive, athletic day. Played some volleyball- I think I'm getting a little better. Then had to try to cheer Lauren up. She's so sweet. Got some uber eats for the first time. The chicken fettuccine alfredo was amazing 😍. Oh and just got back from watching White Chicks with Blase. We'll see what that leads to...

3 October 2017

For the past couple of days I've been crawling back into my old ways of keeping to myself and focusing on things that I can't change and people at home. I realize that I need to stop communicating so much with home friends and spend more time living in the moment here and making the most of it. I'm going to work really hard to make this a priority. I can't keep worrying about not talking to Andrew especially because he's not that worried about talking to me. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere for 3 months so I need to relax and take advantage of it.

30 September 2017

Today I went to Burleigh Heads beach with Kaitlyn, caleigh, and Gina. It was really windy but still warm and sunny. Got a berry smoothie before we came back. Was a good Saturday. Still not doing any work...

29 September 2017

Also today, after we got back from snorkeling, the four of us went to elephant rock (which I have no idea how it's supposed to be an elephant) but it was a really cool area. The sun was beautiful. I met a really cute frenchie and pet him for like 5 minutes. Then we had a nice beach walk to find the actual elephant 😂 I actually thought of uncle John during that walk because we always go on walks in SBB. It was actually a really good moment. Once we found the rock we took a bunch of pics and I saw a bunch of breeching whales in the distance. It was awesome! It was a good start to the weekend.
Woke up at 6:30 today but was totally worth it. We went to Fingal Heads to schnorkel. Had to wear wetsuits which messed with my arms. But the water was kinda cold so I'm glad i had it. We took a boat out to Cook Island and jumped in. Saw a good amount of dolphins, turtles, two small sharks, a cool blue starfish, and I spotted a lion fish which was really awesome. We were with the Griffith kids who are really chill (met David and jack today). Afterward we had lunch at this cool cafe and I got nachos and bought some cool stones at the store. Then we went to the beach. We went to the fingal head lighthouse first and then I went to the sand and jumped into the water (which was super clear). The waves were amazing. Before we left we climbed the rocks and jumped off which was totally worth it! It was a great morning. Didn't get to see the whales but the group of people was better 😉

28 September 2017

Pipe it up
Spent 3 hours at the mall like middle schoolers. Got a half price Fitbit band and a mcflurry. And told meg and lauren about Krystal 😂
Zach Bruce
I'm about a month late with starting this 🙃 but so far we've been to Melbourne, played bubble soccer, went to surfer's twice, biked to the beach (I bought a bike), went surfing in Byron Bay (was gnarly), went horseback riding in the hinterland (Whiskey was great). I've just been hanging out on campus otherwise: going to the gym, classes, occasional volleyball, usually with joe, meghan, and Lauren. They're coolaroni and cheese. Also have an Australian friend names Bryan that I've hung out with a few times. We got some really good pizza last night. I love it here so far. Spending way too much money but YOLO. ✌🏼