North America, Asia · 6 Days · 14 Moments · April 2017

Matthew's journi to Japan

21 April 2017

Almost home...
On the way to Haneda, looking forward to getting home to see wife and kiddos. Feeling blessed.
Meiji shrine and the tour guides description of the prominent religions in Japan were a great to help advance understanding of this rich culture. I booked trip and enjoyed Taki-San very much as a guide.
Last breakfast in Tokyo, the buffet at the ANA is fantastic. Very cool trip to Tokyo tower.

20 April 2017

Hoppy beer night with colleagues at Dancing Crab and the Chicken/Chicken place in Shinjuki. We went thru the busiest train station in the world to get here and while uncomfortable it was really good to experience. Unbelievable population density and logistical engineering effort - continuous flow. Great people with unique perspectives, fun and engaging conversations.
Unfortunately was able to get myself pretty lost using Google maps to get from hotel to Shinagawa station to meet friends. Neither Apple Maps, Google Maps worked to describe the transfer at Shinbasi station and all signs were in Japanese only. 1.5 stressful hours... First leg of train was during rush hour and had pushers forcing every last person possible on board - zero personal space, great treatment for my intolerance of crowds.

19 April 2017

Morning view from room, walks back from subway station at night.
Cab ride to Sheraton Miyako where we had most of our meetings during the week.

18 April 2017

17 April 2017

Mixx nightclub in the hotel is quite nice. Modern clean & updated with beautiful view of city.
International ANA is nice
It was pretty rainy when we landed in Tokyo- cherry blossoms everywhere being cleaned up. Sweet smell still in the air.

16 April 2017

Cold Canadian brew watching some curling while waiting to board.