North America, Asia, Africa · 23 Days · 67 Moments · February 2017

Matthew's Seychelles & Dubai adventure.

28 February 2017

Hello Boston, you're my home.

27 February 2017

5 hours we've flown from day into night.... The sky ahead is daylight once again.... The sun will set twice today.
Lunch is served. Seared tuna and white Bordeaux to start.
Cosmos at the onboard lounge. SITC all the way!
Airport arrival ....Emirates A380 business class back home. The only way to fly.
Soaking up a few more minutes of desert sun before heading to the airport. Bye Dubai.
Souq in the rain for last minute souvenirs. Great deals at closing time!

26 February 2017

Tarts for lunch. City Walk Dubai Boutique Le Chocolate.
City walk Dubai.
Breakfast at The Taj.... Another visit to the Souq, checking out Global Village and dinner at Pierchic tonight are all on the agenda.
Relaxing dinner and evening at the Taj. First time since I can remember I've not had to send food back because it was poorly or overcooked. Am I a dick chef that I do that more often than not?

25 February 2017

Sugar dates and figs, sugar dates and walnuts, sugar dates and pistachios! Abu Dhabi fig market.
Gilded chocolate cake. Only in the UAE!
Somehow a tour of Abu Dhabi includes a stop at Farrari world which is the world worlds largest (surprise) indoor theme park and you guessed it, another giant mall! Woohoo UAE! More american stores and crappy tourist stuff.
On the way to Abu Dhabi
Dinner last night on the mall pond or whatever it's called. Off to Abu Dhabi for a day tour today. Dinner at Eauzone located at The One And Only tonight.

24 February 2017

Movenpick to M Hotel, a quick departure and heading to The Taj. Much better choice!

23 February 2017

Shisha in Dubai.... tastes like college haha
Shisha and drinks at the hotel bar. "Friday" night in Dubai, cause Thursdays here are like our Fridays.
Two dives down and a day with the dolphins. Trip extended a few days.... Abu Dhabi doooo!!!

22 February 2017

Photos from the world's tallest building, but only for a few years...
Desert safari, dunes and dinner, check!
Second protein bar of the day, still no time to eat.... Diving into the desert for a night of traditional experiences. Camels, belly dancers, henna, oh my.
Nathan hit snooze and we overslept! Still made it to the mall in time for our shark encounter dive.

21 February 2017

Souk'd it up!
Dubai metro to the souk..... than the top of the Burj before dinner.

20 February 2017

Flying over the Indian ocean. The moon shines bright like a diamond.
Boarding process
Seychelles infrastructure..... Breathtakingly inefficient and without direction.... Trump, can you lend a hand?
1735hr about to board an invisible ferry. Get there early cause boarding started 5 min ago. Ahh island time.... .
Bye house, bye views, bye artwork. Hello Dubai and the modern world. Thank Jesus!
When we leave Seychelles were going to Philadelphia to see where they make the cream cheese.....I wanna see where they make the LIGHT cream cheese, keep me out of that other factory!

19 February 2017

Sunrise in north west Mahe to an afternoon in north west Praslin. Great way to spend the last full day in Seychelles. Off to find dinner and relax before a packing and pool day tomorrow. See you at 0230 Tuesday Dubai!
Saw Gronk on Mahe! I know where you went to celebrate the super bowl win!

18 February 2017

Dengae fever is real everyone, apparently it hasn't been an issue for several years however so this sign must be really old. Has street food for dinner, this place had nothing on Thailand from a culinary stand point or culturally really. Definitely a stunning tropical destination but like many island nations lacks true definition of character these days. Up early to check out and go wait to buy ferry tickets that must be purchased an hour before the ferry leaves for some reason. Silly island rules. Anyway.... coffee with a view while we wait for a taxi.
Decided to stay the night again on Mahe and boy am I glad we did. What a view and what a sunset. Lounging in the huge bed, French doors wide open listening to the sounds of the waves and enjoying the ocean breeze post sunset. Is dinner in bed a thing? Cause that would be perfect right now.
Crazy diving today. I've never gone out in swells so big 5-8 feet. Very rough water and minimal visibility for the first 10-15 feet. After that both reefs produced a lot of marine life.

17 February 2017

Quick tour of Eden Island shopping plaza and resort marina and than a stroll through Victoria market before relaxing back at the until dinner at Trader Vic's with new friends. The mega yacht is one of two owned by the Sheik of Katar. His other one is gold and projects some laser or something that won't allow photos of it taken.
Trader Vic's at The H Hotel, Mahe.
Brief stop at The H Hotel pool for cocktails and a dip in the rain. Than exploring Victoria the main town on Mahe.
Our beachfront home for the night. Two floors and a loft! Really cute space at Clef de Iles.
Up early dodging the remaining rain drops on the catching the ferry to Mahe via Cat Cocos. It's like I'm going to Nantucket... think they can make a cape fodder? Fingers crossed for decent dive conditions today....or tomorrow... or....? We have a hotel for the night but the rest is up in the air. Let's see what fun 36+ hours on Mahe can bring.

16 February 2017

Two more dives this morning with Nate at White Tip Divers. Hit up whale rock which is a half mile off shore jutting out of the water. Deepest five if the day at 18 meters. Than back to St. Pierre island where we came across the same white tip sharks, lion fish, stone fish, spotted eagle rays swimming by, the cute puffer fish and a HUGE sting ray near the end of the dive. Maximum depth of 8 meters. After some refueling and pina coladas we booked our ferry to Mahe tomorrow. Rather an ordeal, but needless to say it's all set. Explored an abandoned hotel on the beach that was Grecian island fusion from the looks of it. While moving a huge throne chair I unknowingly disturbed a yellow jacket nest. Got stung in the foot before I realized what was going on. I've never seen Nathan move so fast. Relaxing evening back at the villa. Grabbed some shitty take out, Nathan didn't like the dinner menu. Might have been a better bet but neither of us were that hungry anyway.

15 February 2017

Full day family private boat excursion for snorkeling and a breach BBQ. Hung with a very chill sea turtle near coco island. Saw some beautiful schools of tropical fish and bbq'd next to giant tortoises on the beach. I think I need a day out of the sun.

14 February 2017

A few photos from an amazing valentines day evening. We could not have created a more prefect view with CGI. Really truly an incredible island.
Happy Valentine's day from Praslin island, Seychelles. Nathan and I went on a two tank dive this morning. First one was in the middle of the channel between LA Digue and Praslin. Second dive was of a small island in the bday near our hotel. Saw tons of massive life, rays, white tip sharks, amazing fish and a sea turtle. Relaxing a bit on the beach before dinner tonight. We think the villa has a vodoo curse Nathan's shoes, week just one, and his GoPro filter were missing this morning......

13 February 2017

My own personal cabana spa suite. The sounds of the ocean and a warm breeze while getting a 60 minute aloe treatment and a 90 minute massage.
Spa day at Raffles resort. Aloe wrap and a 90 minute massage.

12 February 2017

Much needed beach day and relaxing at the villa/hotel beach. Hidden bar, beach time and recovery. Photo shoot tonight at the tapas bar for the hotels new brochure.

11 February 2017

Nathan and I went to the Coco de mer national heritage forest. Hiked through the jungle with an extremely informative guide and saw not only the coco de mer palms but three other of the duc endemic species on the island. Came across a snake of which we thought there were none on the island and several other creatures. Dodged tropical rain showers on the way home, stopping to book 5 more drives each over the next week and a spa day at Raffles resort on Monday which looks extremely luxurious....looking forward to my massage in my outdoor cabana. Thanks for my valentines day present babe! Daiquiris and music poolside at the villa until dinner.

10 February 2017

Took the ferry to La Digue with Nathan. A quick 15 minutes to another world on a smaller island with the most beautiful beaches in the world. Rented bikes to hit up the beach and than an 8 mile hike, mountain climb, spelunking expedition the and from the beach. This is where they shoot sports illustrated swimsuit edition so of course we had to have a photo shoot. Amazing but dangerous hiking. Had a fruit smoothie and water upon our final arrival on the beach. Just another typical adventure beach day for Nathan and I.
Another beautiful day on paradise. Quick workout this morning and off to d catch the ferry to La Digue to see the most beautiful beaches in the world.

9 February 2017

Had dinner at the other hotel restaurant billed as one of the best on the island.... Not sure I agree. Nothing spectacular and service was just as slow as the main restaurant. Nathan had done massive king prawns however.
Took a drive around the whole island and found a beautiful spot for valentines day dinner. Sandra who i believe is the manager was very helpful, she let us snorkel around the huge granite boulders at the hotel beach and saw some amazing fish. Booked a reservation at a table on the rocks at a hotel on the western tip of the island for next Thursday.
Little too much to dink last night at the dance club on the beach. Meet the hotel owner who might have had something to do with me being over served. Played since pool and chatted for a while. He's sending a chef up to the villa Sunday to prepare us dinner! Woke up to the power being out on our side of the island so spent the day snorkeling.

8 February 2017

Amazing day of diving and beach exploration. Nathan's first open water dive.... He ran out of air, but handled it well. Returned to the second most beautiful beach in the world, enjoyed bevies at the hidden bar owned by a Bolivian/German and her husband..... They have to carry everything in by hand along the beach to the bar! Amazing..... we hiked a trail and stumbled upon a missing persons home.... Enjoyed a bit of time on the granite in the waves.

7 February 2017

Great relaxing day sound the villa. With an adventure drive thrown in. Took the north road till it dead ends at the beach and hiked diem a way over huge granite rocks and beaches. Found a hidden self service bar on the hillside next to the beach. I didn't bring my phone at it was a totally unplanned adventure, luckily Nathan took lots of photos.
No complaints about my morning. 7am gym time and a dip in our pool before breakfast. Harvested some green bananas and a banana flower for a salad later..... Mmmm. Down the street someone's burning leaves and the smell reminds me of Laos.

6 February 2017

Quick flight to Praslin. Tried my luck at grocery shopping, but ended up on the beach snapping some photos. Managed to find a bottle of Bacardi and diet coke, cheese and cured meat to snack on. Dinner soon.....
Very happy to be looking at the last plane of the day.... 15 minutes over to Praslin Island.
Quick journey through a massive Dubai airport. Arrival to departure gate via elevator escalators trains and waterfalls.
Twelve hour flight flew by. Watched the Pats pull off one of the most amazing come backs of all time. So close to the end of our journey to begin this amazing travel experience.

5 February 2017

Bridget Jones baby and a glass of Bordeaux at 30,000 feet. Only 8 more hours to go.....
Quick journey through the massive airport in Dubai. Elevators escalators waterfalls and trains to get from arrival to departure gate.
Were excited and were ready.......
Ready to go. Get us on that plane!
Earliest I've ever been to a gate for a flight. 10:55 departure to Dubai.