Canada · 71 Days · 25 Moments · June 2016

Stage 1 of Matteo's Travel: New Liskeard

25 August 2016

Expected to have everything work like a charm in North Bay but they almost didn't let me on my flight cause of something 100% not harmful. May as well take my phone since I could club someone with it. In the end though I got on my flight so it's all good. Loved it here at McDonalds and I will miss all my friends (especially my squad) and family that gave me one of the most memorable summers of my life. You will be missed dearly and I'm already looking forward to coming back next summer. (Follow my next trip to be updated on everything Calgary as this part of my trip is finished)

23 August 2016

One last bikeride before I leave. These last two days will fly by like it's nothing I already know it. Which also means that I'll have to start saying my goodbyes now since I barely have any time left. If my entire trip goes by this fast, I'll barely feel like I ever left home.

22 August 2016

Hiked up triangle hill two days ago. Compared to the lookout of devil's rock it is now slightly lackluster but nice nonetheless. Only 3 more days until I'm gone, I can't quite believe that. I could stay longer here to be honest but I should stick to my schedule. 20 more hours of work here and I'm done. I wonder how landscaping will be

18 August 2016

So I went into town today to do my full G license (which I successfully did), drive to McDonald's and I see my Bosses a.k.a Mr and Mrs Graydon. So I have a little chat with them and I tell them "I just did my license" and they answered "Wow, that needs some celebration eh? We'll buy breakfast for you". So that instantly got my day off to a fantastic start. We'll see what the rest of the day brings. Today in a week I'll be on my flight to Calgary. Time's just flying by way too quickly

15 August 2016

And they're gone. Not seeing my parents for 8 months is the weirdest feeling. Don't think I can serve any costumers today, I might not be able to keep it together. I'm off to Calgary in 1 1/2 weeks which is coming closer way to quickly. Hope I have a fun last week and a half here.

8 August 2016

Seems like I jinxed myself getting a lot of hours. I only have 17,5 hours of work this week which is a lot less than I hoped for. Hopefully I can get some shifts from other people as well. A lot of stuff being done around the cottage, making her look all fresh again. Only 2 and a half weeks left for me, which is actually kinda scary as to how fast the time flies here. More Calgary talk today got me fairly excited though, so I'll be lookin forward to that.

1 August 2016

Last few days have been absolutely beautiful. Getting a healthy amount of hours as well meaning the cash is flowing steadily. Most shifts are quite fun as well with the occasional not so fun one in between but I doubt that that can be avoided in any job. Now with the amazing weather and water temperatures, a family of otters popped up as well that are getting surprisingly close to the dock. Spending a lot of time (for my standards) with friends which is loads of fun but it makes my time go by way to fast for my liking.

26 July 2016

Finally McDonald's decided that I've been on fries too much/I'm working way too quick and efficiently on fries, so I don't have any fry shifts this week which makes me very happy. Looks like the scheduling team really enjoys giving me and my friends opposite shifts which makes it quite hard to hang out. Had a really intense Volleyball match on Sunday which was quite a lot of fun. Weather is holding up so far, let's see what the rest of the week has to offer. One month left and I'm off to Calgary already, that kind of scares me.

20 July 2016

Before you judge my technique I want to let you know that this shot landed right next to the white pin. "If it's stupid but it works, it ain't stupid". Had a surprisingly fun fry shift yesterday, I guess with the right people any shift can become kinda fun. Another fry shift tomorrow, we'll see how that one turns out

16 July 2016

Pigroast was a lot of fun yesterday. We inofficially named the pig "Ramsey" 😉. Still don't know half the people that come up and say "Last time I saw you, you were this small" while pointing halfway up their leg. Work this week will probably not be a lot of fun, didn't get a lot of nice shifts, but I have a good amount of hours so that kind of compensates.

14 July 2016

Instead of closing at 11:30 yesterday we stayed till nearly 1 o clock in the morning, which may or may not have been our own fault but we'll disregard that. Drove into extremely heavy rain and hail on my way home so I could only do about 50 on the highway if I wanted any chance of seeing what's in front of me. Another 6 hour fry shift ahead of me today and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm just hoping I have some cool workers with me or else I'm gonna go mad. Pig Roast is coming up this weekend so I'm really looking forward to that.

7 July 2016

Took the 4wheelers (a.k.a 4lyllies) for a ride up triangle hill today which was a lot of fun. Almost got in very late to work today cause of a little mix up but it was all fine since I was unloading boxes today and the truck didn't arrive until 1:30 into my shift. That was not the most fun job so far. Cash is still my work of choice.

2 July 2016

Weather forecast is looking fantastic. Cottage life will be at it's best and I'll "testdrive" the 4lillys for the sake of science once we go back out tomorrow. At the moment, not much special is happening so expect fewer updates right now.

1 July 2016

Finally moved to the cottage. Now I really feel at home, even if the drive to work might be longer. Hopefully the bad weather goes away so we can actually do something.

30 June 2016

Making fries is definitely not as much fun. There's either way too many fry orders that you can barely get out fast enough, or there's so little orders that you actually want someone to order cause you don't want to throw the fries out. Also the Sauna-like temperatures don't really add to the fun. Will be checking into Canadian sim-cards, so be prepared to add a new number for me.

27 June 2016

First 7 hour shift. Fun but very tiring. Day off tomorrow so I'll probably go to Englehart again. Cash is probably the job I'm made for. Wouldn't you just love to tip this guy?

25 June 2016

First visit back out to the lake.....this view will always be legendary....hopefully we'll be back here soon
First shift at cash yesterday was surprisingly a lot of fun despite the a**hole costumer here and there. Went to a Canadian grad as well, a lot more boring than I expected to be honest. After grad party made up for that though, so all in all, a really good day. Also have the weekend off that's pretty nice

23 June 2016

First day at work today was actually quite a bit of fun. 5 hour shift, same tomorrow and met some cool people already. Might be hanging out with someone tonight if there are no other plans. Lookin forward to tomorrow

22 June 2016

Orientation day at work today. Tomorrow is my first shift on cash, and met a few cool people already. All went pretty well, and I think I'll have a good time here
Signed my contract today: 5 days a week, 30-38 hours. Seems fine to me, I'm doing cash so I'll probably see quite a few friends who'll come and give me a hard time ordering. Also went to a party tonight, saw a lot of friends again and had a great time. Orientation is tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes

20 June 2016

Just got on the plane. Very new, smells like a new car and is probably the nicest plane I've ever been on. Movie Selection is great, even have Deadpool so guess what I'm watching first
Day 1: and so it begins. Nervousness has changed to excitement and I'm really looking forward to everything already. Can't wait to see all my friends in Canada while I'm also kind of sad to leave all my German friends. I'll miss you all <3 Canada, here we come

19 June 2016

Stuff is packed and just ate the last Dinner at home for 10 months. Weird feeling but I'm excited for tomorrow. I'm ready to leave now.

16 June 2016

4 more days until I leave. Everthing's being sorted out and things are being done but I'm still nervous even though this whole thing starts at my second home. Excited to see everyone again in Canada, but also sad to leave everyone here in Germany. It'll be over quicker than I believe though.