Asia, North America · 12 Days · 42 Moments · February 2018

Matt 's tour through Israel

3 March 2018

2 March 2018

Dry creek bed where David picked up his 5 smooth stones.
Valley of Elah, Israelite army stood on the left mountain, Philistine army stood on the right army. David & Goliath met in the middle.

1 March 2018

Jacob's well outside Sychar where Jesus spoke with the Samaritan women at the well.
Spring at Jericho where Elisha dumped salt in and the water became sweet again
Walls of Jericho. Circle on left=stone retaining wall, circle in center=mudbrick wall that fell, circle on right=layer of ash from Joshua and his men burning the city.
Likely location of Rahab's house

28 February 2018

Part of the Temple mount built by Herod the great
Ancient olive trees near the Garden of Gethsemene
Tombs of Haggai & Malachi and their disciples
Prison from the time of Jesus. It is possible that Bar Abbas or the other thieves were kept here.
Pool of Bethesda. A crippled man lay here for 38 years trying to get healed. Jesus told the man to take up his bed and walk and he did!

27 February 2018

We walked today. Nuff said!
Sarcophagus of Herod the Great
Stone with the inscription. "To the Divine Augusti [this] Tiberieum...Pontius Pilate...prefect of Judea...has dedicated [this]" it is the only known inscription with Pilate's name on it, that was made during his rule.
Ossuary of Caiphas. The high priest who wanted Jesus to be crucified. They laid him in his family tomb then a year later put his bones into this box.
Standing on the ancient road that leads from the pool of Siloam up to the temple mount. Jesus surely walked on this road.
Gihon spring at Jerusalem.
Mt Moriah, site where Abraham was going to offer Isaac. The Temple was built here later.

26 February 2018

Be'er Sheva

24 February 2018

En Gedi
Ibex at En Gedi
Jordan River

23 February 2018

Dan Spring, largest karst spring in the Middle East. One of the three sources of the Jordan River.
Location of the gold calf altar that Jeroboam built at Dan
Ancient gate at Dan. It was here when Abraham came here.

22 February 2018

Sitting by the sea shore by Capernaum

21 February 2018

Sea of Galilee
Rebuilding a broken down synagogue from the 3rd century....
Boating on the Sea of Galilee
We made it to the the top of Mt Arbel!

20 February 2018

The site of Naboth's vineyard. Jezebel was built on the hill.
Olive Press
Olive tree at Nazareth
Mount Tabor
The mountain outside Nazareth where the crowd wanted to throw Jesus down to his death.
Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee