Germany · 7 Days · 7 Moments · November 2018

Matt and Mel’s trip to Munich, Germany

6 December 2018

Today we are on our 10 1/2 hour journey home from Munich. Yesterday we stopped in Nuremberg for a few hours on our way back from Rothenburg. Visited a few more churches and walked the Christmas markets. We enjoyed Germany very much and definitely plan on visiting again. My wife was the brains behind it all. Without her it wouldn’t have been possible❤️.

4 December 2018

We left Füssen this morning and arrived in the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The town is a very well preserved medieval Bavarian town. All I can say is when I think of Germany this is exactly what I envision. If you visit Germany, do not miss this town. We really wish we had shortened our visit in Munich to spend more time here. Definitely a return destination. We will spend the night here and wake up early to explore a little more before heading to Nuremberg for the day and then back to Munich where we spend the night before our return trip home to Atlanta.
Yesterday we visited the Neuschwanstein Castle in the German town of Füssen. We did quite a bit more walking than planned due to the fact that the busses did not run from the castle to our hotel. This was a 2 mile walk which we did twice also factoring in the very steep climb up to the castle we walked a total of almost 10 miles yesterday fueled only by a bagel and cup of coffee each. The walk to reach the castle was probably the highlight of the visit. Beautiful views along the way and from the top. As far as the guided tour of the castle, I would say save your money and enjoy exploring the outside. For as big as this castle is, you only actually go through a few rooms and then down several winding staircases, and of course you are paraded through 2 gift shops before you exit. After our 2 mile trek back to our hotel we realized that everything closes really early in this small town. We did find an Italian restaurant that was still open and actually kind of happy to eat pizza.

2 December 2018

Today was our last full day in Munich. After sleeping in this morning, we realized after we were up and ready to begin our day that it was almost lunchtime. We chose to eat some local German food at Münchner Stubn. Good food, fair service. Today we spent more time walking around the Christmas markets, visited a few beautiful churches, explored some side streets admiring the architecture, Christmas lights and sounds. Despite the light rain and large crowds, it was a pretty good last day before we head to our next city of Fussen tomorrow. I learned a few important things today. 1.) When your wife suggests that investing in a couple of packable travel umbrellas would be a good idea, she just may be on to something. 2.) The symbol that we recognize for a public restroom does not apply in Germany. Here it means elevator which is actually called a lift. 3.)- The symbol for a public restroom in Germany is WC. If lucky enough to find one in the first place, be prepared to pay a small fee.

1 December 2018

Today we visited Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. Getting to Dachau from Munich by train is a simple 20 minute train ride and short bus ride to the camp. We decided to take the self guided tour as we could go through the camp at our own pace. There is so much to see and information to absorb while visiting Dachau. We easily spent 3 hours walking the grounds. If you visit Munich, this is a must visit. It really was an eye opening experience standing in today such a peaceful, quiet place with a somber feeling of what these prisoners went through during a horrific period in history. Definitely a reminder of how cruel human beings can be.

30 November 2018

We arrived in Munich, Germany this morning from Atlanta, Georgia at 9:30 AM after an 8 hour flight. We took the Lufthansa Airport bus to the main train station and checked into our hotel which is conveniently located right across the street. We chose to stay at the Aloft Hotel by Marriott due to the central location. The room is quite small but clean and great amenities. After checking in and freshening up we hit the ground running despite our jet lag. We walked just under 1 mile to Marienplatz which is a central square in the city centre of Munich. This seemed to be the place to be for shopping and food. The Christmas markets are also in full swing at this time of year. Oh, did I mention food? Today we mainly ate German street vendor food and despite not knowing what anything on the menu was we found that we could just point at what we wanted. The locals are quite helpful and surprisingly most of them speak English. Will explore more of Munich tomorrow after some much needed rest.