Canada · 135 Days · 9 Moments · May 2018

Mat's voyage in Vancouver, BC, Canada

16 September 2018

Banff town was beautiful but there was a big temperature difference there

15 September 2018

Banff national park is absolutely stunning and we made a little detour to lake Louise, it was a bit cloudy but great non the less.
Some beautiful stops along the way. The first stop was Whistler followed by a 5-6hr drive to Kamloops.

14 September 2018

Start of our BC/Alberta road trip with Julie

1 July 2018

Had a great Canada Day, I baked some chocolate and peanut butter keto bites, and chips. Lukasz made some delicious BBQ rips and there was a bunch of other food on too. It was great to have everyone together.

27 May 2018

Cycled around the Stanley Park Seawall today, around 9km. My arse has been punished.

10 May 2018

Moved into our new place in North Burnaby 😀 it's about a half hour or so commute to most places but it feels like it will certainly be worth it! The views are brilliant and the people are all super friendly, there's 7 of us!

5 May 2018

Clocked up another fuck load of miles today, I think we're closing in on 40 miles in 4.5 days! Went back to Kitsilano to have another good look around, we found a doggy beach so Jo was in heaven! Then we went onto Grenville Island to have a mooch. Lots of nice little stalls and shops - I'm looking forward to checking out the night markets there.

4 May 2018

We've been in Vancouver for 3 days now and already have a good idea of the place. It has a friendly, clean, fresh and relaxed feel. The public transport seems to be good and easy to understand. We viewed an apartment yesterday in the Kits area that we weren't very impressed with. The area was great though. We went to view another place today in North Burnaby which was amazing. Great views and the people seem great too. Win win. We decided to go for it, we move in on Tuesday - in three days.