Vietnam · 25 Days · 28 Moments · January 2016

Mat's adventure in Vietnam

6 February 2016

We're all done with this wacky place now, it's certainly been an experience. I would go back to visit the south but not so sure on the north.

4 February 2016

Chop Pizza in Hanoi! Nice little pop up pizzeria to get a slice.
All done in Halong Bay now, it was a great little trip. There are 10969 islands/islets and they are around 5,000,000 years old. They used to be all under sea level but over time with earthquakes and stuff they have risen up!

3 February 2016

Cruising around Halong Bay and we got out to climb one of the island and the view was amazing. It would have been cool if the weather was a little clearer but it is outstanding non the less.

2 February 2016

Found a nice little Mexican restaurant in Hanoi and had some nice grub.

1 February 2016

We've arrived in HaNoi, seems like a crazy city. We need to get some warm clothes as we are a little unprepared and we need to prepare for Halong Bay and the Pillippines. Feeling a little out of the swing of it as Stray have done everything for us for the last few weeks. It'll be fine though.

31 January 2016

Little boat trip in Ninh Binh, we didn't get to do the full boat trip as the water was high and that showed when we got wedged inside of a cave. Nice little tour though

29 January 2016

Paradise caves in Phong Nha, breathtaking and made me feel pretty small.

28 January 2016

Quick stop in Phong Nha.
Northern & southern Vietnam divide

26 January 2016

Day exploring Hoi An. Another extremely good looking little place, again it feels more like a little European town than Vietnam. We had a good night out last night, so I have a bit of a thick head today.

24 January 2016

Celebrity status y'all
Can I book a taxi please How many for? 8 I'll send the 6 seater.
Beach day is a write off, but it's still better than a poke in the eye and certainly better than a day at work.

23 January 2016

Toilet stop.

21 January 2016

Check out the flower park in DeLat. It was okay.
We're all done in DaLat now, it was an absolute pleasure to visit! At some points it didn't even feel like SE Asia, more like a little French town - without French people, yay! ¬°Muy bien!

20 January 2016

Found a quirky Mexican style restaurant in DaLat. Love the Mexican style, love Mexican food even more but I won't be going there until I'm really old because I kinda like being alive.
The Crazy House in DaLat was pretty interesting. The designer has definitely experimented with psychedelics!

19 January 2016

We went canyoning for our first day in DaLat - and for my birthday! Abseiling down waterfall's, getting churned up and spat out the bottom, zip lining and jumping off ledges. Jo is now a certified adrenaline junkie, she done really well and faced some real fears! Then we went out for dinner with the Stray gang and the tour leader found out it was my birthday and sorted out a dench birthday cake! After the meal the owner of the restaurant started a hand panting ( no brush ) which was great to watch and gave it to me as a gift! Things worked out pretty good today with minimal planning.
The cable car ride over was pretty good. There was a temple or something on the other side but we weren't dressed appropriately so we didn't bother with that. On our way back some randy women stopes Jo because she wanted pictures with her for some unknown reason.

16 January 2016

I've been out of work for around 2 months now and I've started to receive so much 'Job Vacancy' spam emails. I wonder how much my details were sold for?
Our last day in HCMC, feeling really lethargic and looking forward to getting out of the city for a while. It's been great though!

15 January 2016

Took a trip up to the skydeck in HCMC last night for the most expensive lemonade I've ever had. It's the 4th tallest building in Vietnam and the view was pretty good, we went up just before sunset so we could watch the city lights start lighting up the city. Jo was shitting it.

14 January 2016

The War Remnants Museum in HCMC was a very educational eye opener. Agent Orange is horrendous, well done America. Ruined their ecosystem and countless lives because they were worried that an ideology might bring the American elites down a peg or two.
Took a stroll Toa Dan Park on the way to the War Remnants Museum. Very well kept park but there was a lot of work going on, so we won't get to see the water puppet show. Just a snap of the gardeners.

13 January 2016

Crossing the road is fun.

12 January 2016

Just got to Ho Chi Minh City. They bus journey dragged but I was pleased to be leaving Phnom Penh. HCMC looks great and it feels like we time travelled forward in time. Dinner time!