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15 May 2015

Me Syd Alicia and Austin went to in-n-out for dinner and after we went to play basketball, it ended with some acrobatics instead. I was horrible at basketball

12 May 2015

Powder puff practice. Its pretty fun, powder puff is when the football players (guys) coaches the girls in their class and then senior girls plays a game of football/flag something against the junior girls. I don't know any football rules but everyone's really nice and we laugh a lot so it's fun!

9 May 2015

Got ready for prom all day and then at night me Alicia and syd went, it was fun but not as fun as i was expecting it to be.

4 May 2015

Went prom dress and shoe shopping, necessary because prom is this coming weekend haha! This is my dress

2 May 2015

Jenn, Alek, Kai and kaile came and picked me up for a summit party where we cheered on black Ice from home! It was fun but I was so tired so I fell asleep on a couch haha.. Black Ice did really good though but unfortunately it wasn't good enough to go through to the second day which is finals. It was my last day with Jenn before she leaves for North Carolina and that was really sad..
Fun night with Alicia, Sydney, Carissa and Sarah, we went to a playground where we just sat and talked for a couple of hours and then we went to Taco Bell for a late night snack haha. It was a fun and well needed night!

26 April 2015

Went for a long walk and it was more than necessary.

24 April 2015

Out playing with Syd and pyper

17 April 2015

Was on my way out for a walk with paper when Hannah Syd and Alicia came and invited me to a baseball game, my first baseball game ever and I did not really enjoy it haha.. Did not understand one single thing! After we went to get froyo, that's more of something I like;)

15 April 2015

Had a cheer "party" after practice with food and pictures, I'm sure gonna miss these girls a lot!

14 April 2015

Met up with Jenn and kaile to go and watch Clovis north vs Clovis east boys volleyball

11 April 2015

Went to "big hat day" today which is some kind of fair or market (?) or something. It was interesting and fun. Now I'm laying in bed, crying while watching a walk to remember haha..

10 April 2015

Right now we're at a sushi place and everyone's eating except for me lol, after dinner we're gonna go to a old house where people apparently spray paint the walls, we'll se how this night will end!
Syd made some cute snapchat art during lunch today..

7 April 2015

Been in a shopping mood the last couple of days and I realized that I have to go out and look for a prom dress, love the one on the picture but I don't feel like spending $300 on it without trying it on.. Ooh and I found a website with perfect necklaces.. Too bad I don't have any money left lol..

5 April 2015

Easter today and I was gonna cook dinner but it got to late.. I'll probably do it sometime later this week, I had a ok spring break, didn't do much but it was relaxing!

4 April 2015

Went over to my old host family to celebrate mommy Guerrero. Spending the night here and tomorrow I don't know what to do.

1 April 2015

Cleaned my room today and it's so clean! Also read a little for school. Me and syd went to go grocery shopping and then watch a movie.

31 March 2015

Today was a fun day. Went to the gym with Alyssa and syd. We tried yoga which wasn't a favorite but ok. After that we went to meet up with Alyssa's friends for chipotle. Later we went to hooters for dinner.

30 March 2015

Day 3 of Anaheim and the last one. Disneyland was on the schedule and it was so much fun! Apparently we were very lucky with the lines because we only had to stand in one line that was like an hour the rest was not more than 30 min! I'm so glad I got to go and Lexie and her mom was such a great company! We left around four and now we're on our way home to Fresno.

29 March 2015

Second day in Anaheim and once again we hit our routine. We got in fifth place and scored around 95/100 I think. I was so proud of the team. We took some pictures after and looked at the other teams. Our gym actually did good at this comp. youth 2 won(!!!), senior 4 got second and got a summit bid(!!!!) and junior 3 got third. Then we had two teams that didn't have their best days, junior 2 and senior 3 I'm not really sure what they got but around tenth.. Later Hayley came with me and Lexie to the hotel and they went swimming.

28 March 2015

So first day in Anaheim was fun! We hit our routine and we couldn't have been prouder. After my performance me Lexie, Kaile and Sierra went to get food and then up to our suite(??!!) they fixed their makeup and hair and I took mine off haha.. Then they performed and did a good performance too. Later me Lexie and Lexie's mom went to downtown Disney to eat at a really cool place called rainforest cafe or something. Every twenty minutes the lights turned off and they played a sound of thunder. They also had animals that started to move and make noises. After that we went back to the comp to watch s4 and then me and Lexie sat in the jacuzzi for a little before we went up to the room again for sleep

26 March 2015

Went to a volleyball game with Jinju tonight and when we picked her up we realized we wore basically exactly the same outfit..

25 March 2015

Was wearing my daddy's shirt today in school and represented Sweden 💙💛

21 March 2015

I've had a really fun day today! I came home from babysitting and went straight to Emma's for her birthday "party" which was a scavenger hunt. There were four different teams and I was on one with Sam and Hannah. It was so much fun even though we got tired and kinda gave up in the end we had a blast. After the scavenger hunt we had pizza. So Emma is going next year as an exchange student to Finland and through rotary (the company she's going with) she met a guy that's going to Sweden. It was so much fun talking to him and seeing what he expects etc. there were also a Norwegian girl that goes to clovis high or west and a guy that's going to Norway. So after the pizza when everyone else left we stayed at Emma's house and just talked for an hour or so.

20 March 2015

Tonight I was babysitting for the Guerrero's, it was fun but I was soooo tired!

18 March 2015

Got dress coded today for my whole outfit.. I looked really cute and then they saw me and decided that I was out of dress code (which I new)

16 March 2015

Senior ditch day and we went to Santa Cruz, it was me Sydney, Alicia and Hannah, it was fun even though I was kinda in a bad mood all day..

15 March 2015

Went to get Alyssa's and Sydney's noses pierced, spent basically all day at the tattoo place because Kirby decided she wanted a tattoo. It was fun and cool to see, the tattoo artist was sooo good! After that we went to Nates for dinner and then home.

8 March 2015

We went to bed really early last night, we was too tired to even watch one movie.. So I fell asleep and around 9.. Woke up around 9 too, aria woke me up, I hadn't seen her in so long so I was glad haha. Watched "if I stay" and then we went out on a hike. I loved it, it was so beautiful! Now we're about to watch "ouija" then Derek's taking me home. I've had a perfect well needed weekend!

7 March 2015

Cheer comp today and after I went with Jenn, Mackenzie and Kaile to the movies. We watched "the duff" (designated ugly fat friend), it was really funny. Now we're going home, we rented two movies we might watch and then I'll sleep over.

6 March 2015

Today I'm not feeling good at all, started feeling sick on Wednesday and today I stayed home. I took the opportunity and sat outside in the sun with a book and music for a couple of hours. Well needed I would say. It was really nice outside, most Fresno civilians would say cold but for me it's perfect! Tonight I'm gonna stay at home and watch Netflix all night and hope to loose this cold..

2 March 2015

Today I've spent my day in school first of all. After school syd and I went to dutch. Came home watched some Netflix, ate really good dinner and then me and Derek decided to go and play mini golf. It was closed though so I got to show off my non-existing bowling skills instead.. It was a fun night! Definitely better than doing homework😜

28 February 2015

Once again I have one of those weekends when I don't have anything planned.. Went out for a 2:30 h walk which was about 10 miles long (15 km). It was peaceful and nice. I think it's funny how most people here think it's weird that I like to walk. People are not used to walkers haha.. Just the 10 min walk from school is something most people would be embarrassed to be seen walking.. I just love it, gives me exercise and fresh air. The rest of the day I will probably spend with my rough draft that belongs to an essay that's due Monday.

25 February 2015

Went to the mall with Syd and Alicia. Wasn't planning on buying anything and didn't either! Syd got a new phone and while we waited for it to update or something we took some pictures on a computer lol..
Came home to this today.. Haha she's cute

24 February 2015

Today I went out for a run?!?!???! Haha I'm so proud and it was actually nice except for dying feet and hurting legs.. I ran/walked like 3.5 miles (ca 5 km) + some easy intervals. Hopefully it wasn't a one time thing😂

22 February 2015

I crashed yesterday when we got home at 5.. And slept until 5 this morning when I had to get up for day 2.. We did better today but we didn't move up or down so we ended at 5th out of 11 teams which I'm happy with! I'm not a big fan of cheer competitions honestly, I just want to sleep basically, it's too much kids and screaming girls for me to handle.. I didn't really know this until I got here because I had only been to one competition before but now I'm pretty happy that comp season's almost over! Oh well now we're on our way home, there's a lot of traffic though so it'll probably take us a while to get home..

21 February 2015

Yesterday afternoon we left Fresno to go to Vegas, me Sydney and Sydney's aunt Katie. I slept all the way here so it was a pretty ok drive. Got up early today to compete which was ok, we were off center and our timing wasn't great but we're still in 5th after day 1 which is ok. After I competed they picked me up and we went out for lunch and then a little sightseeing in Vegas.

14 February 2015

Had a pretty rough week with lots of home sickness, I've just felt bad, the fact that I've been wearing sweats every day this week says a lot. Honestly I've felt kind of depressed for different reasons. So the other day I realized how bad all social media made me feel. Not for what other people posted, but for what I posted myself, or maybe what I didn't post. I felt such a need to write perfect and if something wasn't emotional enough I had to take it to the next level which just made me feel worse about what I already felt bad about. So I decided to delete all social media for one day. I think It helped, I also talked to Sydney about it and that helped too. This text though that I got from my parents on Valentine's Day was the best! I love them so much❤️

11 February 2015

Team picture from tonight's practice

9 February 2015

Had a great 18th birthday that was filled with birthday wishes, food and good people. We went to get lunch at Sakura which is a Japanese or Chinese restaurant were they cook the food right in front of you, it was really good food and nice service. After that me and Sydney went to the mall for an hour or so and then I had practice, when I got home we had cake and I got a gift from Alyssa. I also talked to my parents and sister in the morning, I'm very happy that we were able to find a time that was good for both me and them!

7 February 2015

PS. Might have been a tiny bit over dramatic when writing the caption for the picture below. DS.

6 February 2015

Haven't happened much since last, a regular week in school except for for today when I got an allergic reaction at school. Accidentally ate a peanut dish for lunch but didn't feel anything until after like an hour. Went to the nurse who wanted to call 911 but instead called Alyssa (thank god). Hate these kind of situations, everyone freaks out and I just feel like I have to be calm which makes me just wanna go and hide. It passed after medication and rest. Went to the basketball game that we lost.. Then sonic and then home. Syd and I got in a fight and right now I just feel like we're spending way too much time together. That's why I'm hopefully hanging out with some other people from school tomorrow. That'll be fun if I go! Missing home and all the sweet faces and I really miss the swedish language.. Hate English because I always mess up trying to explain things, swedish is just easy. Things here aren't bad, it's just different and right now I want everything to be normal.

31 January 2015

my life: long walks, watching Netflix, sleeping, school

28 January 2015

Passed all of my finals btw!! Yeey
Pictures from earlier today when I was in 4th period all by myself. This semester I dropped math so instead of that I'm a "T/A" for my yearbook teacher, instead of helping him I get to work on yearbook.

24 January 2015

Spending the weekend in Visalia for cheer comp. 3rd place works for me! Watched smoed and some other good teams which was really cool!

22 January 2015

Once again I went out for a walk, shorter this time though. I was bored so I walked to riteaid and back. I was lucky and was out just when the sun was on its way down!

19 January 2015

Went out for a long walk with Pyper, then syd picked us up to go to dutch

18 January 2015

On Friday night we went to the basketball game, north vs west. We had the lead most of the game, but in the end we lost with 1 or 2 points.. I had fun though, after the game me Syd and Nate went to Taco Bell and then to Nates house where we spent the night.
Haha don't have any good pictures from today.. Was at the gym from 12pm to 4pm then Jenn took me home to the Guerrero's, it was arias birthday party so there were a lot of people here. It's fun to spend time with everyone again! Always laughing.

16 January 2015

My day was awful, you would think that it's a good day when you basically don't do anything in any of your classes but I felt sick and had a headache all day.. We even overslept and missed first period. And worst of all was that I had to stay after school to retake a test. I'm glad though that I've got yearbook bc those people can always make me laugh!

14 January 2015

Found this on my phone after PE

9 January 2015

1 month!!!!!

8 January 2015

My baby girls birthday, had a blue tounge all day bc of a candy I ate the day before lol..

5 January 2015

Last day of break and I skyped first with Lisa (friend who's an exchange student in Brazil atm) and then my New York friends! It was so much fun and we had a lot to catch up on!

4 January 2015

Sleepover with ICE all stars FREEZE (cheer team), ate junk food, watched movie, played just dance and tp:d (throwing toilet paper on someone's house) the owner of ICE all stars home! It was a fun night

3 January 2015

This doggy is soo pretty😍😍 his name is cat lol

1 January 2015

Spent New Years at home playing beer pong (-beer) then we went to dutch, rented a red box movie (horrible movie about cannibals?!? Disgusting) then we slept at nates house.

29 December 2014

Selfies before what I guess you can call a date w/ Chance (guy from school). It was fun and he was really nice. Think we'll stay friends though! Nothing more
Took selfies before I went out for a long well-needed walk. Picture of s golf course that you can barely see

26 December 2014

Spent Christmas in Newport and didn't take pictures on other stuff than trees and sunsets

24 December 2014

FaceTimeing with the family

22 December 2014

Said goodbye to Luiza.. I'll miss her a lot!

20 December 2014

Christmas party with ice, after me Syd and Nate went home to the Guerrero's to hang out
Played with the selfiestick that My sister got me for Christmas and the fish eye lens

17 December 2014

Team pic from Vegas

13 December 2014

Went to vegas over the weekend for cheer competition. Vegas is a really cool city but I think it's more fun to go there if you're 21 and over. About the comp. we got 7th out of 8 and i was disappointed after both of out performances.. Minis and s4 were both really good and got 2nd and 3rd!! And the trio was amazing and got 1st! I'm so proud of everyone

8 December 2014

Christmas time

6 December 2014

I went to the Guerrero's to visit, I slept there and had lots of fun just hanging out meeting everyone, it felt like nothing had changed. On Sunday they went to cheer practice and I waited at their house, when they got back they invited some people over and had a bbq.
I haven't done anything fun the last three days except for cheer practice and tie-dyeing shirts yesterday. Today I've spent my day with the math book because I decided that I have to do the homework I ignored for 2-3 weeks... I'm not done but I've done parts of it so I'm proud of myself. My reward will be going to my old house tonight, I miss them so it'll be fun to see everyone.

2 December 2014

Overslept today and missed first period, other than that I had a pretty decent day. A thing I found funny is that PE gets cancelled here when it's raining when in Sweden they're like "there's no köldgräns" lol.. I also talked to the soccer coach about playing, and it sounds like it's not too late. I have some paperwork to fill in and then we'll see if I can play, at least I'm gonna be able to practice with the team. Then I watched the varsity girls first game. I really miss it..

1 December 2014

First day of school after break was ok, thought it would've been harder but I made it through it and after school Me Sydney and Sam went to Dutch bros to buy coffee.

30 November 2014

Last day of break and we skyped with my family and just chilled all day, it was a really good break and I glad that I got to spend it with some fun people!
Tried mine and Syd's new fisheye lens for the phone
Went to the movies to watch horrible bosses 2

29 November 2014

Spent thanksgiving with my new family and then me syd and Scott — a friend of Kirby's (h-mom) — went to San Fran to shop and sightsee. It was amazing and I had a lot of fun!

22 November 2014

Spend a lot of time with Sydney and I'm gonna move in with her family in a couple of days! We went to skywalk which is like a trainingplace for people that are doing a "ninja challenge" or something, I think it's a tv show

21 November 2014

20 November 2014

Got pinkeye and had to stay home from school the last day before break

17 November 2014

Mom and dad sent me a package with clothes and candy, this made me a lot happier!

15 November 2014

Me and Luiza were singing and dancing and having a fun Saturday night by ourselves lol

13 November 2014

Back to school and we had some sort of sketch about drinking and driving, I couldn't see that much but it was interesting! They literally went all in with real police, ambulance, firefighters and dead people.

12 November 2014

Me Luiza and Helena went to a trampoline place. It was a lot of fun and good exercise!
Me and Luiza is getting closer and I'm really glad because she's really funny and I like spending time with her. I talked to Albin and Amanda on FaceTime/snapchat video thingy which I needed. Miss them so much!

10 November 2014

Took a road trip to the beach with my friends. I had so much fun and I really needed to get away from our little dark room for a day. I got a lot closer to my friends and I'm so glad I met Madi, Sydney and Alicia!

9 November 2014

Had cheer competition, jamz we won both senior 1 and grand champs. Grand champs is the team that has the highest score of all in the hole competition. Having a "lifeguard" watching every step you take to make sure you're not talking to your family does not make it a perfect experience but I had fun. I just wish I could've celebrated the victory with my family!

31 October 2014

I spent Halloween with Sydney, Madi and Alicia at the football game, I was cold and rainy but I had fun

25 October 2014

Haunted cornfield with the family. It was scarier than Hobbs grove but not that scary. I had a great time and everything got more fun when Alex and Derek started to jump out of the field to scare everyone, Jenn fell two times because she got so scared.

23 October 2014

Field trip With the geology class

21 October 2014

Some selfies with my sisters💗

20 October 2014

Me and Alexis during PE.. Both of us forgot clothes.

18 October 2014

Magic mountain (six flags). Really fun and a lot of good roller-coasters, the night ended in a bad way though with things stolen and some terrifying ghosts..

17 October 2014

Football game with Sydney and Sam
You can find some besutiful sunsets here in cali!
Two pictures of my school waiting for a ride

14 October 2014

Sadie's, the only picture I took

12 October 2014

Fresno fair

10 October 2014

Homecoming game where we preformed our skit, we lost and the juniors won..

7 October 2014

Homecoming week, sports day.

4 October 2014

Went to April's cousin's wedding and met a bunch of relatives to the family. Danced a lot and had a really good time!

3 October 2014

Hobbs grove with April, Alex, Kaile, Helena, Luiza and Derek. A haunted field kind of with different attractions and then some food and a shop. We went on all three of the attractions; hayride, haunted forest and haunted house. It was really fun but not as scary as I thought it would be! The hayride was least scary and the house was most scary in my opinion. I liked it!

27 September 2014

Went to the movies too watch the maze runner, I liked it! It was a beautiful sunset on our way there.

19 September 2014

The first home game for clovis north broncos started of with a rally in the gym for all students, it was a fun and very different experience but I liked it. Don't ask me what it is or why you have it because honestly I don't know.. On the game everyone was excited and hyped so it was a good feeling in the air and I loved standing in the student section watching everyone do their thing, cheerleaders who cheered, football players who ran and tackled anything in their way, coaches yelling at their players and the leadership group who lead the crowd. It was a totally different thing to be their with friends.

14 September 2014

Sanger vs clovis east
We went to the movies today too watch if I stay, I was crying through the whole movie and after I looked like this, I think people wondered if I was high when we were walking around the mall later. I strongly recommend watching if i stay even though I just cried. I was shopping today.. Think I'm going to do a budget now or something..

13 September 2014

Good day, watched Alek play football from 9-1 then went home sleeping. We had a girls-night and went to the store in something (I don't even know), bought junk food and drove home to play a game called apples to apples that I for the record won!

10 September 2014

I had a good day today, school was pretty normal except I felt like we didn't do anything, I didn't have that much homework and I got to stay home instead of going to the gym all night. I got my first nickname over here today from now on I have one girl calling me "Iggy" because she and some other people think that I look exactly like Iggy Azalea, I can't see any similarities but I'll take it as a compliment (to mom and dad: Iggy is a rapper). I also had a quick chat with Julia and Nicole which was so much fun!! And I've met a Brazilian exchange student on my school that's really nice. Don't know why but it feels like a lot of things happened today! Now I'm going to sleep and tomorrow's block day so I only have period 2,4 and 6 but every period is two hours.

9 September 2014

So this is my schedule
Me and Kaile were matching today at school.

8 September 2014

A good day even though I barely ate anything. Didn't eat anything until 5 o'clock when I got some noodles then I had one of the hardest practices ever and just now I ate a banana and a cupcake to celebrate my little brother who's turning 10 today. I haven't been home since 7 again. But even though it sounds like a bad day I kept my mood up and handled it all good. I also had to take my yearbook picture, don't know what it looks like but judging on how I looked today it probably turned out horrible and I don't think I want to see it.. Hopefully I can take a new one now that I have yearbook as a class, lol.

7 September 2014

I have a lot of homework over here, hate it..

6 September 2014

Foreign exchange party, sounds more fun than it was!

5 September 2014

The first football game, clovis west!

4 September 2014

Starbucks for breakfast

3 September 2014

Bored at school

1 September 2014

Went to a water park on Labor Day named wild waters with Kaile, Helena and Luiza.

31 August 2014

Spent the weekend at a truck show

29 August 2014

Ate chipotle for the first time, it was amazing!

25 August 2014

Spent the days at school and in the gym
First day of school

24 August 2014

Went shopping with the girls

23 August 2014

My baby sis is a cutie
After a birthday party for a cousin. Ate peanuts but I survived lol
Jenn's car broke down and we sat out In the sun for at least 1 hour dying, waiting for someone to come and pick it up..

20 August 2014

Host family doing the ice bucket challenge

19 August 2014

Fun day with target and goofing around at best buy. At best buy we also got to experience a guy trying to steal a computer!

18 August 2014

Selfies from the first week

16 August 2014

In Selma at grandma and grandpa. Got attacked by a dog while walking to the high school..

15 August 2014

Pool party with the new team, freeze

14 August 2014

First day in clovis: went to clovis north for registration and then to the gym to watch Kaile's practice

11 August 2014

New York 2
New York