France · 2 Days · 16 Moments · August 2017

Mathew's adventure in Paris, France Part 2

21 August 2017

We sat around the water Lilly pond reading about Monet and his life on Wikipedia. There were even lillies still in bloom! There were these weird (cute?) Little duckling things that were flopping about on the lilly pads eating insects. Also there were gardeners there raking the lake.
Went out to Giverny to see the Monet Gardens. It was a new experience to get the train tickets and bus ride ourselves, instead of managing it through a tour. Sonda says that we saved close to 100 Euros though, so hopefully that made the stress worth it. The gardens themselves were so full of intense flowers and of such color!
I took many flower photos, Sonda said that it was just like taking her mom to a botanical garden. I didn't think I was that intense, just wanted to get a representation of the cooler flowers.

20 August 2017

What even *is* that little pedal cart?!
We debated about going to the Picasso or Dalhi museums, but decide they were too far away and we were too gired. As random luck would have it, the Petit Gallery was having free admission as we walked by. So we dashed in and spent a quick hour and a half there admiring a more general collection of art.
I was quite taken with this sculpture of a man protecting his family. He strikes a defiant pose, shielding his wife and child. Plus he had a dashing mustache!
After Rodin, we went exploring on foot. We wandered up to Invalides and walked over the river Sein.
The six figures of Burghess, they volunteered to surrender to the English king. It's a tale of noble self sacrifice I'm which they offered the keys of the city to the king with rope around their neck. They were ultimately sparef, but they were prepared to meet there end in order to spare their city.
Galatea was my actual favorite sculpture. The expression on the face was really hard to capture.
There were a great many other works that I enjoyed in the museum. I'm glad we got the audio tour, as I learned much more about Rodin as an artist instead of only gettti g to see his finished products.
There were many other great garden works. I enjoyed the figure of Balzac, as well as the tormented Ugolino and his children.
We started the Rodin museum off with a tour of the garden. Right off the bat we were greeted with roses and the Thinker. I didn't know that the Thinker, along with a lot of other figures or pieces, were first part of Rodin's Gates of Hell. I really enjoyed the life of his sculptures, how they changed and were used in other compositions over time.

19 August 2017

After taking a brief walk around Republique, buying metro tickets and snacks, we stayed in and watched French cartoons. The new pokemon series is ridiculous in French, we also stayed up late watch Zig and Sharko.
It's always been my dream, to have a 4th floor bathroom with a window immediately openable.... ?
After a brief walk we made it to our new home for the next couple of days. Much nicer than the murder motel. It had room decorations and an excellent view.
Took the double decker train to Paris L Est. Not sure why there were loungechairs right outside on astroturf.