China · 3 Days · 21 Moments · March 2017

Mason's adventure in Xian, Shaanxi, China

20 March 2017

Made it back to Ziroom at 3 am and was in class by 8 am 👍 it was a great weekend trip that's for sure.

19 March 2017

Best taxi driver yet! Gave us Chinese lessons and was hilarious. I think his name was Zhongjie...
Had a few hours before our flight to explore the Muslim quarters of Xi'an. It was a fun area filled with shops and street food. Xi'an is popular for its fresh pomegranate juice so that was a must try. I recommend it if you ever visit 👍
Xi'an city wall. Was too cheap to pay 4 dollars to get to the top of it lol
Me yelling at guy who photo bombed me for no reason. Classic China.
The Terra Cotta Warriors!
Dog pelts outside the Terra Cotta warriors...
Double decker public bus to the Terra Cotta warriors.
Buffet breakfast at the hostel to start the day. On to the Terra Cotta warriors!

18 March 2017

I can't believe I did this
The planks were stapled together lol
All that was holding us on the mountain 😅
Yea I did this. No, I still can't believe it!
Start of plank walk!
Group photo at the base of Mt. Huashan
Waiting in a line. Classic China
Golden arches to start the day 👍
Xi'an air quality. It's not rain just smog lol
The main lobby
Our hostel for the weekend! Han Tang Inn in Xi'an. Nice place with comfortable beds and very accommodating to our less than organized travel plans. The main hangout and check-in area has walls covered in pictures drawn by all the visitors from all over the world!

17 March 2017

First train ride in China! Heading to Xi'an on a high-speed train.