China, Thailand · 6 Days · 40 Moments · March 2017

Mason's adventure in Patong Phuket Thailand

4 April 2017

4:30 am flight back to Shanghai...
Back to China we go...

3 April 2017

Vacation almost over 👎
Last day in Thailand hasn't been that great as I was sick all night but I saw this random Predator mask so that was cool

2 April 2017

The ride back was violently wet...
They really love bananas!
Learning about elephants and the sanctuary that saves them!
These animals are amazing.
In the back of a truck while it's raining heading to the elephant sanctuary!
Lunch with tigers 👍
Also seen at Tiger Kingdom, viscous ants and chillin frogs 👍 that's pretty neat
Well this was wild...
Morning view of the street from our hotel

1 April 2017

Authentic Italian for dinner 👍
Weird pile of crabs on the beach

31 March 2017

The actual meal! Shrimp and Thai curry and some calamari!
But Thai beer is good!
Not sure why the menu is in German??
Dinner on the beach!
Patong Beach nightlife on the famous Bangla Road. There's some wild stuff in this country...
Cigarette packages in Thailand 😷
Had a great day exploring the Phi Phi islands with Adam and Chase 🤙
James Bond lagoon near the Phi Phi islands. Part of "The Man With the Golden Gun" was filmed here in 1974 📽️🎬
Swimming and snorkeling in the lagoon! The water was an amazing blue and green and very clear. I have an amazing underwater video of fish from this spot but I'm not sure I can add video to this app...
Entering a lagoon for snorkeling.
First beach of the day!
First time snorkeling!
Taking a bus to get to a boat to go to the Phi Phi islands for the day.
Man they really miss their King here...

30 March 2017

Spent a few hours at freedom beach yesterday. It's in a little cove near Patong beach and is only accessible by boat. The beach was gorgeous and the water was crystal clear so it was a great first day in Thailand!
Aman failing to make a sand castle
Short boat ride to freedom beach (it's the only way to get there) with Aman and Jamie
Thai and Indian food at 6:45 am for breakfast. Haven't slept yet but made it to our hotel!
Waiting for Aman to get through customs...

29 March 2017

Exchanged some Chinese Yuan for Thai Baht at Pudong International. Flight is at 11!