China · 3 Days · 72 Moments · April 2017

The Huangshan Mountains

23 April 2017

Heading back to Shanghai!
Korean BBQ for dinner!
Oldtown Huashan for dinner.
Scenic drive back to the small town of Huashan with only 1.5 million people!
It was difficult but actually got a photo of the falls without people in it. (ok there is one guy but close enough)
View from the backside of the ridge was great too!
View from the Pagoda!
Can't believe how beautiful this waterfall is
Getting there...
Clearest view of the mountains all weekend!
Gonna hike to that Pagoda
View from my nap spot!
The Heart of the Dragon!
We made it to Nine Dragons Falls!
Graham and Mitch candid
Crystal clear water
Building up to the big ones!
Hiking through bamboo forests is awesome.
The nine dragons representing the nine water falls
The start of our hike to the Nine Dragons Falls. Featuring a mountain peak we probably hiked to yesterday.
Mr. Hu Hotel has been great!
Great views on the drive back to town!
A man and his horse
How Matt feels about Chinese tourists (actually how we all feel)
Kinda sums up China but the mountains are gorgeous!
Cleaning trash out of the pond
Antique shop
Tea party in a little hole in the wall shop in Hongcun
A UNESCO world heritage site! The ancient Chinese city of Hongcun

22 April 2017

Bamboo forest at the end of our hike
Quiet stream in the mountains
Flowers on the mountain side
Graham and Matt
Crevice into the valley below
Best part of the all day hike!
That's pretty neat
The rock I was standing on!
Unbelievable views in the Huangshan Mountains
Chillin on a rock
Idk how these guys do it...
Gorgeous peaks!
Finally made it to the mountains!
Line to the bus to the mountains...

21 April 2017

Much better than North Face!
Ceiling in our hotel stairs lol
Meat flower??
Church in China. Oddly placed in the middle of a fancy shopping district...
Got a lot of weird looks as we explored this campus.
Fancy bridge
Confluence of two major rivers in Huangshan
But the park was cool!
Literally wandered through someone's farm in the woods to find a park
Bus ride to the downtown area and then to our hostel! Should be a relaxing weekend of hiking 👍