China · 3 Days · 47 Moments · April 2017

The Great Wall and Some Other Things

16 April 2017

5 hours later and we're almost back to Shanghai
The water cube where Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals and broke 8 world records in 2008
This stadium was amazing in person
Beijing Olympic torch!
Top of the Bird's nest!
Statue of an Olympian!
An interesting building...
Weird Beijing Olympics mascot...
The Mausoleum of Chairman Mao Zedong. His body is actually mummified and preserved inside. We attempted to go see it but unfortunately it was closed for renovations. Not sure if they meant the body or the building but either way...
Communism...something something...will of the people...something something...Progress!!
Some sort of monument in the center of Tiananmen Square. The rest of the square was literally just a big empty square...
Group pic!
Such peaceful gardens...
Some sort of thrown for someone important
Exterior art work
The ten figures on the roof corner are the mark of the most holy temples. All others must have less
Inside the forbidden city
Sweet gargoyle
He liked to ball. (yes this is inside the gate)
Close-up of Chairman Mao
Main gate to the forbidden city!
Stayed at Leo hostel last night. It was decent
5:36 am (sunrise) flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square

15 April 2017

Greatest part of the wall was the views 👍
The restored section was much easier to hike but was still gorgeous. The Great Wall winds through literal mountains and I have no idea how they managed to make this thing...
Squad pic
Jaylon looking too cool
The unrestored wall was amazing to hike!
Hiked all the way from that village to get to the Wall
Now we are here, at the unrestored parts of the Wall!
Gorgeous here! No smog either! Haven't found the wall yet though...

14 April 2017

What 17 dollars gets you lol. Nice painted on window 😂
Random late night fruit market north of Beijing. Almost to the hotel I think...
Love the metro
5 hour ride to Beijing from Shanghai and found the holy grail of restaurants!