Europe, North America · 23 Days · 39 Moments · May 2016

Mary's voyage in United States of America

5 June 2016

Factoids. I couldn't have ended this without some interesting facts about the US:) 1. State mottos/nicknames: Georgia (where we landed when flying from Atlanta) is called the Peach State. Now, Gaffney, which is actually in South Carolina but close to the border, is featured in House of Cards because of the big Peach! which we saw! 2. Nascar race- depending on the race, there are between 200 and 400 laps in the race!! 3. Atlanta- where Coca-Cola was invented, North Carolina- where Pepsi was invented. ( we drove through both states, drinking only Coca-cola) 4. Number of Coca-Cola cans drunk by Nick this holiday- over 100!He still thinks is medicine. 5. Asheville is full of hippies. Joke: 'why did the hippie move to Asheville? Because he heard there were no jobs.':) 6. In the South there is what is called the Bible Belt. So no metal bulls outside restaurants with their hanging balls. 7. Transplants -people who move from an expensive place to a cheaper one(NY to Charlotte)

2 June 2016

Landscape 2. That is the reason Americans rarely travel outside their own country- they've got everything here : mountains, canyons, deserts, beaches.... Enjoy the view:)

1 June 2016

Last stop this trip- grunge Ashville: barefoot people (not us; which means there are people in the street) dreadlocks, tattoos, good coffee and antique shops. Young people rule the place. And the firemen are pretty hot!

31 May 2016

Wild life- literally everyone, don't get too excited. There will be a section on that later on though 😛 I've never realised how fascinating and soothing it is to just watch the animals in their habitat: seals lazing around, birds building nests, squirrels getting fat, falcons hovering above the canyons, ravens squawking but you can't really hear cause they are too high, camouflaged frogs, and orange lizards (which pretend are dead). Thank god we missed the rattle snakes and the black bears-we did come across some poo which we think it was bear poo (no pictures- too stinky).

30 May 2016

The Food Chapter. I am not a foodie but when in the States things change. First on the list and the winning meal: breakfast! Nothing beats the French toast or the pancakes they serve here. Not even the brisk and bbq sauce in North Carolina, or the meal we had at Denny's. Ok, maybe the corn bread. Ok, the corn bread. Also, the other thing in the pic: deep fried pickles:), Pizza Hut and quinoa salad. It's obvious who had what, right?

29 May 2016

Visiting friends in North Carolina- Jill, Rodney and sweet Katelyn in Charlotte, and Ana near Durham. Everyone travels by car here but they don't know what they are missing with Amtrek!!! Wi fi, helpful staff and lots of space! The only downside- bloody air conditioning!!!

28 May 2016

Charlotte, North Carolina!!!! First outing: NASCAR race. What an adventure! From keen fans who shaved 88 on their heads to bear chested men who don't look like the rednecks I imagined actually... Also, thank God for earplugs! 8 yellow flags in the ace with no 18 winning by sneaking up behind 42 and 22.

26 May 2016

Driving back to Las Vegas to take our flight to Atlanta! Next leg of our trip! Whoop whoop!!!
Last canyon- Antelope. A show of waves shapes and interesting shapes- the crying bear, twin peaks ... and others maybe. The tour was more like a photography tour with great tips from our guide of how to take great pics. I hope out of the thousands that I have taken one is ok!
Landscape. ( see landscape 2)

25 May 2016

Next Canyon- Bryce. Or just sand castles built by gods. Hiking up the Wall Street was rather strenuous... so strenuous that Nick couldn't even remember how to drink water:)))
Flora. The first tree does not come with a man... but then again maybe it does.:)

23 May 2016

Next stop- Zion Canyon!!!! As grand as it can get! And majestic, breathtaking, dramatic, and just wonderful! The Observation Point walk took as up high close to the clouds... and the Narrows walk numbed our feet!All worth it.
Las Vegas. The pictures speak a thousand words... ok maybe just a few as there is only that many synonyms for fabulous!
MGM Grand- one floor has more than 200 rooms and the hallway is like an optical illusion; the entrance is like an airport check in and the tons of slot machines eat up your money like there is no tomorrow!

21 May 2016

Las Vegas- pretty girls, skimpy clothes, and .... Michelin star food!:)
Me driving!!!!! Too fast probably:)))In the desert for a long time and then into Las Vegas! No scratch, to broken bones - beginner's luck.
From rags to riches! Our hotel in Monterey ( Indian owned ) with a broken fridge is almost the same as the one in Las Vegas. The only exception was the pool, and the view, and casino....that's it.

20 May 2016

17-Mile drive, Monterey. Golf courses and $20 million houses. Just drove through.
Monterey: the Aquarium is a magical place: jellyfish, sea otters and other millions of creatures.... 💖💖 + shoes: pair 2.( Nick)
Bixby Bridge, dramatic coastline. Point Lobos- China Cove and Bird Island- fantastic! Birds building nests, seagulls pooing on the rail and fantastically cute rabbits crossing the road illegally. Loved the place.💖
Deetjens Inn- hobbit land inn.

20 May 2016

Part 2 of the Food Chapter. Again, an interesting mix of healthy and extremely bad for you: In-and-Out burger- presumably, the best burger in the world (according to Nick), a nice Brussel sprouts dish up in the Big Sur. We didn't have the whale that's hanging in the Monterey aquarium but I did have a fantastic chowder! Last meal was again a delicious quesadilla! Well, that was Nick's meal but he's learned to share so .... El Taco- you rule!

18 May 2016

Big Sur- what a wonderful place: covered in mist in the morning, sun kissed in the afternoon... the land where hobbits live:) , bears hibernate and condors fly.
On the way to Big Sur: Solvang- the Danish town, Pismo Beach- vehicular recreation beach, Morro Bay- the Rock was covered in mist, where a slice of pizza and pinball made our afternoon. And The amazing Elephant Boardwalk area- lazy seals.

17 May 2016

Santa Barbara- the American Riviera, the place where the Kennedys spent their honeymoon and Vivienne Leigh got married, where the rich are too rich and the poor still poor. Maybe that's why I cried at dinner....
Hello Pacific Coast Highway 1! What a majestic place you are- dramatic coastline, sun-drenched beaches and lovely meadows. Malibu is the place to be!
Venice Beach- life is good and chilled on Venice beach, marijuana is legal and homeless people have snakes as pets. Good thing we were on our bikes!
The Grove- shopping centre but didn't buy anything, but Nick did!!!!shoes... pair 1:)
Good bye LA! You are wonderful. 💖
Griffith Observatory- spying on people... We re such rebels!:)

16 May 2016

Day 3 in LA!!! Universal Studios! Well what a ride- lots of 3D rides, special effects and Harry Potter:))
Melrose avenue- The Camden of LA. Great boutiques, creative and art area. Vivienne Westwood store!!! Beverly Hills- where the stars live!
West Hollywood- the Soho is LA. Love is in the air!

15 May 2016

Third outing- The Getty Museum. Fantastic views and gardens.
Hollywood Boulevard- Tom Cruise!!!! But who's the real star!?!?! 😂
Second activity- Heart of Hollywood tour, with Chelsea. Very cool! See notes for interesting things.
First outing- Santa Monica Pier The feeling I get when I travel to the US is unique... Very different from when travelling to European / other countries.

14 May 2016

London, May 14th- departure day