Jamaica · 7 Days · 9 Moments · June 2017

Mary's voyage in Jamaica

8 June 2017

Day 8 returning home. Enjoyed our last day of omelette, french toast, coffee and mimosas. Talked with a couple from North Carolina and saw pictures of a primary school located in the hills Headed to the airport, got checked in, shopped for souvenirs and coffee and ended our Club Mobay elite waiting area. Did I mention, Jamaica was very, very good to me. Ya'Man

7 June 2017

Day 7 - another slow to rise. Headed to the pier for my morning solitude. Relaxed on the beach until 9:30, headed to breakfast for the usual. Back on the beach by 10:30. Drink - Appleton rum and apricot. Very good Had chicken patti for a late lunch. Headed to the pier for our final night of watching the sunset. Took pictures of crabs on the rocks Ate at Moonstone for dinner. This time I had orange saffron sauce and shrimp. Very good. No dessert tonight. More red wine. No evening entertainment tonight, must prepare for returning home.

6 June 2017

Day 6....Tuesday A little slower to rise this morning. Got my coffee and headed down to the pier to watch the sun rise. It's so calming with the wind blowing, cooling you off from the heat of the sun, listening to the waves crash against the pier and the beach. Roy chopped down two coconuts so we had fresh coconut water. Headed to another great breakfast of omelette, French toast, mimosas. Bought a sundress from a local vendor. Daily drink - Fuzzy Ting. Like a fuzzy naval. Very potent. Video chatted with Scott. It was nice to visit with him. I had not used that feature in Facebook/ Messenger before now. Enjoyed 3 drink specials and nachos mid afternoon. We were very happy. Watching a group of people from an Axis convention play games on the beach. Quite entertaining. Watched another sunset through the clouds from the pier. Tonight was BBQ night at the buffet. Had chicken, jerk shrimp, potato salad. We stayed to watch the show.

5 June 2017

Day 5 starts with yet another beautiful sunrise. Walk out to the pier. Really enjoyed the solitude of the wind and the waves crashing on the beach. Had a favorite breakfast of an omelette, French toast, coffee, and mimosas. Never get tired of this. Bought a few bookmarks from vendor. Drink of the day: Tropical Dream Found our way to our thatch roof beach spot we've been calling home. Enjoyed jerk pork and festival for late lunch. 3:25pm Serenaded on the beach by a trio which is a g-uncle, father, and son. Song: Three little birds. We stayed on the beach later than normal. Headed to the pier to watch the sunset at 6:45. Headed in to clean up went to Moon Stone for dinner. Enjoyed pasta with a lemon grass white wine sauce and baby shrimp. And endless amounts of Don Simon red wine. Vacation is very, very good to me.

4 June 2017

Day 4 is our tour day. Started with an early breakfast. Picked up by Jackie at 8. We drove on the back roads to our destination at Black River. Began to get motion sick due to the winding roads and driving on the left side of the road. Recovered by the time we arrived at the Black Forest safari. There we had a personal guide down the river. Learned about crocs, flowers that grow in the area that have no scent, he demonstrated how sharp a blade of grass can be. His comment was that we learn from nature. It was very interesting. Enjoyed the trip Next stop was Floyd's Pelican bar. We had to take a boat ride out to this thatched roofed bar built in the middle of the cove. It was neat to be out there but I felt very uncomfortable. We did wonder around in the water, saw a very colorful sea urchin deep pink. Did not snorkel, spent an hour and then headed back to shore. Thank Goodness. Next stop was We of YS falls.
June 4 continued At the falls, we had a guide named Ninja who walked with us through the falls. He took numerous pictures. I zip lined through the canopy over the falls. There were five lines in total. I had a blast! I would do that again. Dylan was my guide for the zip line. Putting all fears aside, I swung from a rope and dropped into the base of a fall. Took in some water and scraped up my shin pretty good trying to get out from the rocks, otherwise it was a fun experience. We headed back to Montego Bay. Jackie drove us through the city to see the area and the shops. Lots of people. It was a fun day!

3 June 2017

Day 3 begins with another grand sunrise. French toast and mimosas for breakfast Patti for lunch. Curry seasoned chicken baked inside phillo dough Tried sailing but was very choppy so we cut it short. Three Palms Restaurants for dinner tonight Outside patio seating. Watching an amazing sunset Dinner included: Reggae fritters, variety of breads and blackened grey snapper for dinner. And an apricot chocolate torte. Back at the hotel listening/watching the evening entertainment. Fashion show.

2 June 2017

Day 2 on the beach Little did I know, this was to be the beginning of the grand breakfast buffet. Had an awesome omelette and fruit. Got on the beach around 9. We've been out on a boat ride with Roy our captain. Played beach volleyball with a couple of teenagers and 2 kids. Jameal and Kirsten were the activities people. Enjoyed talking with them Floated on the lazy river, relaxing until you get to the waterfall that pushing you under. Try to stay clear of that after the first time being dumped. There was a kitchen fire at the Moonstone pizza/beverage shack. Got our pizza sometime later, it was good. Red stripe, mango margarita was enjoyed this afternoon.

1 June 2017

We're on our way!! Bye Lincoln, hello sun,beach and relaxation. First class flight all the way there. I have the best travel companion. After arriving in Jamaica, we were escorted to the Club Mobay lounge where we enjoyed a rum drink and some snacks. Once we arrived at the hotel, we were served another rum drink. The room was not ready, so we changed into our swimsuits and headed to the beach. We then stopped and got some jerk chicken and a red stripe beer. Now we are enjoying a Miami Vice and it is only 3 o'clock. Jamaica is going to be very, very good to me. Ya'man