North America · 6 Days · 14 Moments · November 2016

Mary's trip to Costa Rica

9 November 2016

We drove to La Tigra Rainforest Lodge. Bridge was closed so it added about 30 min to the trip. Rough road lead way to curvy mountain roads, villages, farms all along the way. Just when we thought we were lost, we saw the sign.
La Tigra Rainforest Lodge. We made it here right before dark and the downpour.
On the 7th, we drove to Rio Celeste Hideaway resort. The scenery on the way there was beautiful with the volcanoes. We stopped in Bijagua for lunch that the kids hated. After a very rough road with beautiful scenery, we reached the hotel, we were greeted with cool towels and a welcome drink.
Luke & Dathan spent all day snorkeling off the coast of Playa Hermosa. Gwen and I spent the day at the hotel resting so she could feel better.
Rio Celeste Hideaway

8 November 2016

Rio Celeste hike with our guide, Jonathan.

6 November 2016

Met a Canadian family at a restaurant. Kids played with their boy. Scheduled a snorkeling trip the next day with them.
Went to Playa de Coco and did some shopping. Had to take Gwen to a clinic because she wasn't feeling well. Both ears infected. She's on antibiotics and cough meds.
White skin sunburns very easily here.

5 November 2016

Drove around a little. Decided to go to Playa Panama. Saw an iguana on a palm tree. Water was warm and shallow.
First Costa Rican breakfast. Gallo Pinto (rice and beans), eggs, sausage, and fruit. Open air restaurant. A large bird came in and stole sugar packets.
Villas Huertares was our first place. Ants and centipedes in the room. No screens on the windows. Hot and humid. Cold showers because to running hot water. Found out that there is a heating element to be installed on the shower head to give hot water.
The drive and Playa Panama

4 November 2016

Left house at 4:15am. Took off at 6:20 am. Arrived at Houston at noon local time. Supposed to depart Houston at 5:40pm but our flight kept getting delayed. We finally left at 7pm so we got to Costa Rica at 9:30pm. Immigration, customs, rental car, and driving to our first hotel got us in our room finally at midnight. Kids went to bed immediately.