Thailand · 38 Days · 10 Moments · November 2015

Mary's adventure in Bangkok

13 December 2015

Why do i love Bangkok? Definetely because of the people and atmosphere.. People are very friendly and open. If you are travelling to Bangkok after Vietnam - you will absolutely feel the difference. Thai people are very religious, they come to temple often and pray.. But in the same time they drink and smoke marijuna on the streets :) They are not crazy about foreigners, nobody will come and touch you if you are real or not :) Maybe because this is Bangkok, not some traditional villages.. This is city of contrasts. Come to Khaosan area and be relaxed, hang out in many clubs, meet new people. Bangkok dont sleep at night :D Go to

30 November 2015

Bangkok is the world capital of temples. They are so amazing and so different. If you wanba to meditate - go to the temple, if you want to be alone - go to the temple, if you are tired of being among people - go also to the temple

20 November 2015

We stayed at KS House Guesthouse. Good price, perfect late location. 10mins to Khaosan. Very quiet. Triple rooms have its own large balcony

7 November 2015

My favorite temple Wat Saket. There are not many tourists at all and thats why you can easily feel the atmosphere.. Just observe

6 November 2015

Suddenly almost in the city center of Bangkok you feel like you are in China. China Town - best place for trying new food and buying delicious tea. Make sure you come here after 5pm. Before that time at street you can see just manufacture market :)
Thai food is very delicious and so various
Shopping malls in Bangkok are so awesome. Prices are cheap, but only one strange thing - you cant try clothes. So you should definetely know your size :) Malls are huge. You can easily get lost. Make sure you remembered your meeting point xD I shopped in Platinum Shopping mall. Prices in this mall are the same as in Chatuchak market. But its much more comfortable and you are sure about prices. But still you can bargain ;)
Wst Teaimit - Temple of Golden Buddha, made of 5.5tons of pure gold. Located in China Town
Wat Pho. Temple of lying Buddha
Wat Phra Kaew. Temple of Emerald Buddha and Grand Palace. If you have the whole day - spend it here and you wont regret