Netherlands, France · 22 Days · 65 Moments · August 2017

Marylee's tour through Netherlands

24 August 2017

Our buddies. Terry and Mary Lou
The tour people with R No as tour guide. 3 undesirable women. Sandy, beside me. Marion the Liberian is the one shorter than me and the one who lost 180 pounds. Stephanie.
The garden of Claude Monte. His home was covered inside with his paintings, not originals as they are in museums. Beautiful garden on outside. He removed apple trees to build his garden. So many water lilies

23 August 2017

Normandy. American cemetery.
Small church where injured were treated. Americans along with Germans by 2 medics . One is buried at the church. One was an objector it the war.
Our room. Normandy

22 August 2017

Our Hotel

21 August 2017

Hilda the bus driver

20 August 2017

Amboise France. Terry, Mary Lou, Judy, Bob, Dan, Sarah, me and Rays. Lady dinner in Amboise, France.
Lady dinner before heading to Normany

18 August 2017

14 August 2017

First Look at Tower
Arriving in Paris.

13 August 2017

Sat night if Basel Switzerland
Driving in Basel, Switzerland, very clean city.

12 August 2017

Black Forest
Going to Black Forest, last night dinner on the cruise, playing shuffleboard. Ray and I were losers.
Audi Murphy memorial in Germany, Breisach
Statue of guy who designed the Statue of Liberty. This is a copy

11 August 2017

donna and I standing one foot in Germany, one foot in France on a bridge in Strasberg, Germany.
Strasberg, Germany. Notre-Dame Cathedral,
Guettenberg. The man who printed the first Bible in the town of Strasberg, Germany.

10 August 2017

8 August 2017

Where the bones of the three size men ate married.
Cologne, Germany.
Lovers put locks on, throwing keys away to say their love will last. Bridge is covered. This was started in Paris and continues thru Europe . V
After the war .
Stained glass window in st Peter and Mary church.
Took 800 years to build. Was the tallest and goes down 50 feet which is deepest. Gothic church. All churches in Cologne are catholic. Where the 3 wise men are buried
Gothic church. St Peter and Mar church where the bones on the 3 wise men are buried.

5 August 2017

When you gotta go, you gotta go
It's been a hard day.
All tired out.
Duck on a pillow
Gay pride parade
Who's gonna drive this boat?
Outside our window.
The many stairs at our bed and breakfast.

4 August 2017

Amsterdam Pride
The group is hiding from me in the background
Red light district
The three unknowns
My favorite Rembrandt

3 August 2017

Our travel busier, Judy and Bob