Russia, Thailand · 18 Days · 20 Moments · January 2018

Marvel and Melvin’s adventure in Thailand

30 January 2018

29 January 2018

28 January 2018

We spent the next couple of days, studying and relaxing on the beach.

27 January 2018

Martin showed us the hill where he plans on making a bar

26 January 2018

At last we made it to our final destination. It took planes, trains, scooters, taxis and ferries. But we’re here! The idyllic island of Koh Pha-ngan. Martin (Melvin’s father) was a funny sight riding behind our taxi on his scooter, as we made our way to the hotel.

24 January 2018

From Pak Chong we were easily able to make a day trip to Khao Yai, one of the spectacular Natural Parks in Thailand. With Marvel on the back, Melvin rode around an hour to the park on a scooter we rented. While we didn’t manage to see any of the wild elephants, we did manage to see plenty of monkeys, waterfalls and general natural beauties the park has to offer. In the evening we stopped over at what we thought was a hotel to have some dinner. It was actually a large fancy restaurant. We enjoyed a light show they projected on the building as well as the food, though, we can’t say the same for the live music...

23 January 2018

After the long journey back from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, yesterday, today we left for Pak Chong. Pak Chong, unlike the places we have visited so far is almost free of tourism. Both of us unfortunately caught some kind of bug and spent most of the day in bed. When we briefly left to get dinner, a group of school children approached us and asked if they could interview us as part of a “talk to a foreigner” project.

19 January 2018

We spent the last three days in Chiang Mai, generally exploring the city. Melvin wanted to explore the Digital Nomad community, so we played board games with some people who have lived there for the last two years or so. We saw fancy cafes, with hot air balloons attached to the ceiling, a temple with Donald Duck standing at the front, we talked to a monk as part of a programme called MonkChat, which aims to teach monks English, we saw a traditional Thai dancer (who was not particularly impressive) and on Sunday evening, the entire old tow was transformed into a market place-that was pretty spectacular.

18 January 2018

Our first day in Chiang Mai, we just wondered aimlessly around the city. We visited temples and markets, ate street food and generally enjoyed the feeling of the city. In the evening, we went to a sushi restaurant.

17 January 2018

We took the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, it took about 11 hours, but all in all it was an easy trip (Though we did see a couple of cockroaches...😖)

16 January 2018

The next day, we were pretty relaxed. We just wondered around the city and explored it’s many street markets, shopping centres and general atmosphere. At the end of the day, we decided we wanted to do something special. I had looked up the top restaurants in Bangkok, and to my surprise there was one street food restaurant with a Michelin Star, Jay Fai. We headed there, only to find that there was a massive queue. There was a book on which we could put our names on a waiting list. Since there were 30 people ahead of us, we took a tuktuk to Chinatown. We walked around for a couple of hours and returned by foot to the restaurant. Finally, after 4 hours of waiting, we were able to be seated. We ordered there famous crab omelet, Tom Yum soup and the green crab curry. The food was amazing, overbrimming with fresh crab, fish and squid! Most incredible was Jay Fai herself in her ski goggles and rain boots standing behind the fire pits.

15 January 2018

At the end of the day, we went to the cooking class we had booked. This was the most incredible experience, we made Tom Yam soup, Pad Thai, Thai green Curry and sweet rice with Mango all from scratch either the freshest ingredients. Not only did we have an increasing host, who was funny, entertaining and informative, but the food was delicious!
Day 2 of our trip we mostly relaxed and adjusted to time difference. Somehow, we forgot to set our alarm and ended up sleeping 13 hours! I guess we needed it... Day 3 we visited the Grand Palace. Every way you turned, it was absolutely stunning, covered in gold, silver and gemstones. Even the smallest details were incredibly intricate.

13 January 2018

After dinner, we were on our way home when we spotted a sign saying “Just a Drink (maybe)” and I thought, why not! Particularly delicious was the Legoland, served in a mug made of actual Lego!
The first day, we arrived, dead tired but of course we pushed through, not least of all because we really wanted to see Varisa, who was leaving that evening. We got new SIM cards and settled in to our little capsule bed at the hostel, which we were amused to see, had stroopwaffels! After meeting up with Varisa, she kindly showed us the city. We followed her from shopping centre to shopping centre, where we saw earrings of all kinds (Isabella would love it!), Black sesame buns and other things.It just happened to b children’s day, so we saw a lively game of dodgeball being played right in the middle of the shops. Finally, Varisa had to go home to pack, and she was really sweet and let us come along to rest a bit. We napped, we’re fed all kinds of oddities (including some kind of chips made from egg yolk and fish skin), and finally we left to a restaurant. Varisa ordered for us, but had to leave. We were surprised, honoured and grateful, at the end to find she’d already paid for us! 😊

12 January 2018

Soon after take-off we were amazed by the beautiful sunset over the airplane wing. As the skyline turned to a deep blue, even the moon was visible. Unfortunately, the journey wasn’t all smooth sailing. We were a little terrified by the immense amounts of turbulence at certain points (Though rationally we knew everything was fine of course!)