Italy · 1 Days · 3 Moments · May 2011

Tuscany 2011

25 May 2011

I can't place this exactly, just the general area. I was just meandering at the time, and enjoying this first taste of the regions open, undulating fields. It was so peaceful; warm with the slightest breeze, and I had it all to myself. I remember this road with such clarity. It felt different, as if I had passed into somewhere new. It was almost surreal in it's tranquility, flowing through airy sweeps of soft grass, rising on the swell of the gently rolling hills. Another realm, not tied to this world, a place to just lie on the warm earth and spend eternity.
Early morning in the Vineyards. Day two, on the ridge heading towards Moronna, and the local industry is already in full swing!

24 May 2011

My first night in Italy, and what an incredible end to the day! I stumbled on Lari, a pretty hilltop village that wears its brick fort like a pillbox hat, after a surprisingly hefty climb. But when I found this place, a cool basement bistro, with a terrace soaked in the golden sunset, it was all worth it. Cold golden beers and a huge board of delicious cheeses, meats and salad, watching the sun set over the valley. And of course, I found a camping spot with a firefly light show. Unforgettable; Italy, you had me at day oneā€¦