India · 11 Days · 18 Moments · November 2016

Yoga retreat, Mysore - India

11 December 2016

A set of 🌅

10 December 2016

Today Swami - talking about what we really are and our ego - said: "The sun is not rising... it's the Earth that is moving!" ❤️️
The ashram today ❤️🙏🏻

8 December 2016

A day in Mysore !

7 December 2016


6 December 2016

Today we took a taxi to the nearest atm, thank God it had cash! 😊 so I can go to Mysore on Thursday... and get a good massage after all this intense strength building 🤗🤗 We also stopped at this tiny "banana shop" (there are shops mainly for bananas?!). And on the way back I saw the rice fields with a beautiful light, you can barely see the difference between the green and the yellow because the light makes the colours so bright that they seem like fluo green! Beautiful. We saw an hilarious and very interesting documentary today about this "godless" NYC guy Nick in his first 180 days of yoga. We do asanas to free our mind. 🙏🏻

5 December 2016

Ok I may have interrupted my yoga practice and concentration to take this picture... #picsobsession 😳 I felt really bad but when I asked the teacher if I could take this picture he looked at me... and then he said yes. 😉 Lesson of today (well there are actually a lot more but one of them!): there is no stupid question!
I don't know (yet) what this vegetable is but it is DELICIOUS! 🤗🤗🤗

4 December 2016

What we all want is joy. Joy is limitless, in space and time. But our body is a limit, it is not able to give us limitless joy because physiologically endorphins go up and down. So we meditate to free ourselves from our body, so that we can reach what we seek - limitless joy.
I ❤️ this place
The Indian version of Manet's dejeneur sur herbe 🙏🏻
I can't even pronounce it after 10 tries 😂

3 December 2016

How can you find the east? With a compass. No. The sun. No. You have to find the west and walk away. So how can you find who you are? You have to find out what you have and walk away from all of that. To describe your I you can't use anything that you have. Your name, date of birth, education etc. are things that you or your intellect have, not what you are.
Intensive... yep 🙏🏻👌🏻

2 December 2016

A stroll in the heat - you can swim but there are crocodiles 🐊
Day started with 6 AM meditation session, 2h yoga and finally breakfast! Pumpkin and coconut, chickpea soup, potato rice and chapati. Tasty! Now silence 🤐 until 1030...

1 December 2016

Long long trip to the middle of nowhere!

30 November 2016

A380 London - Dubai