South America, Europe · 137 Days · 97 Moments · February 2017

Martina traveling South America 2017

21 June 2017

12) Will you go back to South America? That's for sure! I had my next holiday there in mind, already before leaving for this sabatical. Which is, because originally I wanted to start of in Chile/ Argentina (just along the Chilean border), but than decided, that this will make for an independent trip. Ideally by a hire car, with my own camping equipment and some more experience in multi-day hikes. I am interested in visiting Torres del Paine (National Parc), Perito Moreno (glacier), El Calafate (glacier) and Lago General Carrera (natural caves). If I have enough time and money, I would like to fly to the Easter Islands, too. And than there is also the Atacama desert.. Furthermore I would love to travel Central America and Mexico.
11) Was it hard returning to Europe and going back to work after such a long time? Or were you done with traveling and happy to go home? Definitely I wasn't done at all. I would have loved to keep on traveling for about half a year or even longer. Therefore, of course I were sad, once my trip had come to an end. Still I managed to enjoy it to the very last day and instead of getting some good rest before my long flight back home, I partied till late and were able to leave with a true and honest smile. Getting back into my daily routine (do I even own such thing?) and getting back to work was easy, a lot easier than expected. First, I think it helps a lot, coming back in summer time and actualy having a nice summer as we do this year. Besides I gave myself some extra days back home, catching up with family and friends, even so it was hard cutting those days off from my time in South America. It was also nice moving back in with my friends, to not stay all by myself straight away.
10) What are you looking forward to back home? First of all, seeing my family and friends again. Then to some long hot summer days, which I will be enjoying outside. Due to the geographical location of South America, the sun there sets quite early. Besides I've been traveling during wet season (which I didn't mind) and it was very cold and rainy on my last days. Opportunities to sit outside, such as restaurants with patios, street cafes and beer gardens are rather rare; which is because of the street vendors everywhere. Finaly, even so it's not that big of a deal, it will be nice, not living out of a backpack anymore, which I have to carry around and repack constantly. And for a change having some different clothes and shoes to wear. One good thing about traveling is, that you not only get to know about the qualities of other countries and nations, but that you also remember and learn to appreciate again, what you got back home. Because we easily forget and focus on the bad stuff
9) What will you miss the most? For sure the "tranquilo" mentality and frankness of latin people. I've been told, to have a latin heart and sole my own, which might prove just how much I get along with this laied-back and positive lifestyle. Furthermore listening to latin music anytime, anywhere, making my feet move to the rhythm automatically. I will also miss this special kinda excitment that used to kick in, everytime I left for somewhere new. And of course getting to see and experience something new every day. As well as all those fresh, delicious exotic fruits and juices you can get for cheep. Not to mention the people which have become special to me.
8) Do you speak fluently Spanish now? I wish! But no. Not even as good as I was hoping for. Of course I learned many new words and in the end were able to get along somehow. I managed to have basic conversations as well and my feeling for the language isn't too bad. But I am missing a lot of grammar and struggle to make real sentences. Even so I talked to every random stranger I bumped into in the streets, and booked tours only with Spanish speaking guides, there were still to many options to speak English. Indeed, there might have been some lazyness and comfortness involved as well. But also I prefere having conversations in depth and chatting about everything and nothing, then just to stumble around and never know for sure, what the other person is really talking about. Pretty sure, many situations and friendships wouldn't have happened by my poor knowledge of language alone. But I will keep it up. The next course is booked already, starting mid June. Level 2A, oh my!
7) Weren't you scared traveling solo as a woman? Never. Even though, pursuant to the locals, almost everything seemed to be dangerous. But that just showed, that they look out for you as a undiscerning tourist. And I met so many helpful and honest people. Sure there are areas to avoid, especialy at night time, but those exist all over the world. With a little common sense, like not showing of your valuables in poor regions, those countries are safe to travel. Or like a tour guide in Bogotà said, be careful but not paranoid!
6) How did you get your mobile stolen? I went on a free walking tour. That day it was most likely to rain, that's why I took my rain jacket with me. What I didn't take with me were my little backpack and my big camera, as I didn't want to attrackt robbers. I've been warned about Columbias criminality a few times, so maybe I was a bit over cautious. I used my new smartphone for taking pictures on the tour instead. At some point, the group took a break. We left kind of in a hurry. So I quickly grabed my rain jacket, my coffee and my water bottle, put the smartphone in my pocket, but pretty sure forgot to zip it, and left. Outside it was a bit crowded and for some reason I noticed to woman. We walked a view hundred meters, when I noticed them again, what made me suspicious. Immediately I checked all my pockets, but my smartphone was gone. So were the woman. I got pickpocketed! And it was my own fault. Never mind.
5) Did you meet some interesting people? Were those locals or tourists? I met so many people along my trip. Most of them were lovely, interesting and inspiring and I am glad I got to know them. As a backpacker, I often slept in hostels, were I met other travelers and like-minded people, which is great. But luckily I got to know a lot of locals as well. In Southamerica it's easy having random conversations with strangers in the streets. People are open and curious and like to talk. Some people I briefly met before our ways went apart. With others I am still in touch.
4) Weren't you lonesome traveling all by yourself? I wasn't. Of course I was on my own every now and then and there were moments, when I got bored or even felt alone. But I think it's important, not only when traveling, having time to and being able to deal with yourself. Just you and your thoughts and emotions. And I realy enjoy traveling solo. Trust me, it's the best way of getting to know new people. You are open, independent, flexible and spontanious, making you curious about others and leading you and them to interact and connect in a complete different way, than having a well known person by your side. Plus I was forced to speak Spanish or got at least to practice my English. Also I kept joining small groups for excursions, went on for a view days with other travelers I met, staied with the family of a travel friend and had my father and brother visiting me for two weeks.
3) What was the highlight of your trip? My tour to the Galapagos Islands! It's a completely different world and truly felt like paradise. I am a big nature and animal lover and got the full dosage of both. Swimming with playful sealion babies and immemorial, relaxed turtles, enjoying the colorful sunset from a white beach while cooling off in turquoise water, watching blue footed boobies mate or feeding their offspring, relaxing in the shade of the top desk while reading a book, walking over bizarre lava field formations, waiting for the heavy albatroses to fly off the cliffs, seeing a shark for the first time of my live and so much more. Besides, I just love being on a boat and in the water. I also were lucky with the group and crew. Everybody was so lovely. And the food was delicious as well. In short, everything was perfect! Second comes the stunningly beautiful and vivid jungle of Bolivia, with it's huge biodiversity. I spent some amazing days there and loved it throughout
2) Which was your favorite country? None. I liked each of it in it's unique way and would happily revisit every one. But if you ask me for advice on which of those four countries to visit as a Newbie to South America, I will recommend you Peru. To me, it's a well balanced mix of all of them. It's cleaner and more advanced than Bolivia, making it easier to travel and avoiding cultural shock. Yet it got still more indigenous culture to offer than Ecuador or Kolumbia. In terms of travelling costs it's in the middle range and the dialect is among the easier understandable ones. Furthermore it's famous for it's cuisine. The climates, landscapes and possible activities of Peru are amazing and diversified, offering something after everyones fancy. This again is something, all four countries, I would even say all countries of South America, got in common.
One month ago was my last day in South America, and my first weeks back at work already lay behind me. So it's about time to finaly wrap up my entire trip. It took me a while, because my last days overseas were just as busy as my first days back home. Also there would be so much to tell, that I didn't really know, what to write. So I decided to just answer those questions I have been asked over and over again. 1) What made you choose South America/ those Countries (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia) for your travel? Honestly, I can't even tell. Ever since my first Backpacker experience in Australia 2008, I knew, that if ever I get the chance again traveling for couple of months, it will be to S.A. I assume, somebody told me about his home or travels there and made me fascinated about it subconsciousness. As in december 2015 I have been traveling the eastern part of S.A., this time it should be the western one. Prefering slow traveling, I decided to travel one country per month.

28 May 2017

Counting moments at my last days at La Paz, before heading back to Europe

27 May 2017

It is 4 am, 5 C and raining So here I am - back in La Paz/ Bolivia, where everything started and where it will all come to an end eventually. But first, I got four more days to catch up with some friends here 🤗

26 May 2017

Back in cold, cold Bogotà since yesterday (holding on to my phone this time) it is about time to recap Colombia. What I like most about this country is it's modernity with an edge. Most areas are chily and cloudy and therefore very green. But up north, at the caribean cost, the humid heat will have you sweating by doing nothing. Making it nice to cool of in the moderately warm ocean. Cities are western and vibrant. People again are very open, interested, friendly and helpful. They are also very well-mannered. A lot of "si señora", "con gusto", "muy amable". The food is rich, with a lot of rice, beans and lots of meat. But you can also get a lot of different fresh fruits, which I've never seen before. And then of course there is coffee. Sadly, most of the 1st class coffee is exported, beeing a good source of money, leaving the Colombians with coffee of 2nd class quality. It's also the only country, where "Chicha" is always alcoholic. It's made of fermented corn and gross (to me).

22 May 2017

Spending three nights in Salento, at Eje Cafetero, the coffee region of Colombia. But instead of sleeping in any of the hostels of the cute little town itself, I decided for an Eco Lodge in a Natural Reserve of the Cloud Forest. About a good hour walk from town or about 10 mins by Jeep and then 20 mins walk. I've done both. It's a very familiar atmosphere, where you can share dinner with the owner for a little donation. I visited Valle de Cocora, did some horseback riding, did a walking tour through the reserve, which was very interesting and learned about the process of coffee making on one of the farms. Coffee tasting included, of course 😊

20 May 2017

After a short stay in Medellín, our ways go apart. Bal is staying here for couple more days with some friends, while I am catching an early bird flight to Eje Cafetero, the coffee region of Colombia

12 May 2017

Working our way up north: First, we took a plane from Bogotà to Santa Marta, where we staied for the night. The next day we took a bus to Palomino, where we staied for another night. Finaly shorts weather again, close to the beach and even a pool at the hostel! 😃It rained anyway. The day after, we hopped on a Minibus first, then took a cab to a Colectivo (a car which leaves when it's full) before getting on a 4x4 (which again leaves, once there are enough people on) to reach Cabo de la Vela. It was a very, very bumpy and mudy ride. Here we lived in our baders and slept in hammocks at the beach for two nights. To shower, we got a bucket with fresh water and a little bowl. Same to flush the toilet. After that, we got on a Jeep, that brought us to a boat, which took about three hours (half of the time I kept my eyes close, because I got drenched with very salty sea water) to bring us to Punto Gallinas. Being a desert, it was very hot, but we got to cool of at a beautiful ocean spo

5 May 2017

I wanted to move on from Bogotà early in the morning of the third day after my arrival to Colombia. But then I decided to stay for another day. That giving me more time, I went for another Free Walking Tour. And that's how my mobile got pitchpocketed! So I ended up staying in Bogotà for quite a while, in order to get a new one, and had to cut short on my travel plans for Colombia. Anyway, I met Bal, a traveller from Australia, and spontaniously decided to join her on her trip all up to the nothern most point of South America. It sounded adventurous, exactly what I was after. And we didn't get disapoointed. 😊

2 May 2017

New month, new country, new adventure 😃 This morning I took a flight to Bogotà, Columbia. When filling out the migration paper on the plane, I realized, they wanted to now the address where I am staying. Many countries don't like you entering, without you telling them where you will stay. Guess what, I hadn't pre booked anything. Of course not. So I thought, interesting, let's see, where this is getting me to. Well, it got me straight to the Migration Center, where I was given 20 minutes to do a reservation at any hotel, if I don't want to leave the country again. And again I wasn't the only tourist facing this situation. But even in those "serious" situations, South Americans just won't stop flirting with you! 😄😊
Not to forget about my review for Ecuador. It is a small country (which came in handy, as I only had about half the time then for Bolivia and Peru), yet has a lot to offer. Beaches, hot springs, volcanos, cloud forest, mountains, cities... It's a very modern and western country, also relatively expensive, which might be due to the Dollar. But the night buses are just as bad, even worse, because they don't have "bed-seats". I was lucky to stay with the family of a friend I made, when traveling Bolivia, giving me a bit of an insight to Ecuadorian living. Just shortly before I arrived, the elections were on and people were not at all happy with the results, presuming corruption and manipulation. Therefore a lot of protesting was going on in the streets. The icing on the cake was my trip to the Galápagos Islands, which I enjoyed every second of. We were a group of 16 people, all Americans except for me, and went along very well. I really hope to go back there one day!

1 May 2017

A view impressions of Quito to finish off my trip through Ecuador

23 April 2017

Because the Galápagos Islands were too beautiful to only post 10 pictures

22 April 2017

Cruising the Galápagos Islands for 11 days has been one of my best experiences ever! It's pure paradise. And there goes another piece of my heart ❤️

19 April 2017

Checking into a First Class Hotel as a sweaty, dirty, rain drenched Backpacker - as you do 😉 Waiting for my early morning pick-up to the Galápagos tomorrow. All exited! 🤗😁😎😃
Baños and hiking the Quilatoa Loop Baños de Aqua Santa (Bäder des heiligen Wassers) or Baños de Ambato has a cute little city center placed at the foot of the active Tungurahua volcano. It's an important place of pilgrimage for Ecuador and also very touristic. They offer many outdoor activities for adrenaline junkies, like wild water rafting, canyoning, canopy and other stuff. As you can do them all over the world and I have mostly tried all of them already 😉 I couldn't be bothered spending too much time and money. Only the swing of Casa Del Arbol I wanted to try, as I had seen so many pictures of it already. It's good fun and only costs $1. Don't expect too much though, there's a big queue waiting behind you! 😉 The Quilatoa Loop is an adventures hike on a narrow, rocky path leading around the beautiful turquoise lagoon of the crater based at Quilatoa. It's a bit challenging, yet doable and definitely recommendable. The night before I slept in a romantic hut with a wood stove.

15 April 2017

Cuenca and the Cajas National Park. Escaping the local tourist crowds, falling in for the holy week of eastern.

11 April 2017

After missing out on the Peruvian Jungle, it was about time to get out there again. Such a peaceful place to be! Putting a smile on my face indeed 🙂 This time it's been a bit more civilized, with electric light and hot showers. Also the groups were a bit bigger. Nevertheless I had a good time. And no mosquitoes (due to the acidic water)! I finally got to see a sloth. A MOVING sloth! I finally got to see toucans. And I got to see dolphins and a scorpion. That's even more than I could have asked for. Wondering about the poor guys back? Just a Shaman ritual with stinging nettles 😉 The sign on my cheek is the caiman sign, painted with natural fruit color.

3 April 2017

Due to the massive floods and landslides up in the north of Peru, there are no buses leaving for Ecuador. So I am forced to taking a flight. At the check-in counter they tell me, I am not allowed to enter the country without a document proving, that I'll be leaving it again, being eather a plane or bus ticket, and that I got 80 minutes before the counter closes, so I better be quick. Trying to keep costs low, I decide on getting a bus ticket and buy some internet to do the booking. Which doesn't work out, so I end up at the information desk, with many other travelers having the same problem. As the bus to Bogotà would be three days, options are low and time is running, I am finally buying another flight ticket again and get to check-in just in time! No hotel to check-in that late either, but a friend from Quito just offered me to stay at her parents house for the night. All sorted. Waiting for boarding now, as the plane is to leave in about 20 minutes.
My second month of traveling lays behind me. So what have I done in Peru? I ate and hiked and ate and hiked and ate. Two things this country really is meant for. And luckily two things I am enjoying a lot. Landscapes here are just as pretty and people are just as friendly as in Bolivia. But Peru is more modern and western. Let me just mention the big players like Mc Donalds, Starbucks and H&M. They got real supermarkets, know about "sex sells" commercials and you are likely to find toilet paper on public toilets. And by public I mean restaurants and bars. For several reasons I didn't travel too much in Peru, but stayed at the same cities for longer. But to me, traveling isn't about visiting all those famous places and ticking of the tourist attractions from your list. It's about fully enjoying yourself at the moment. And so I did! The more you get around, the more you get to see. But the longer you stay, the more you get to know the area and it's people.

30 March 2017

After all that cooking, I needed something sweet 😉 So I did another class of organic chocolate. We topped it of with Coca powder, puffed Quinoa and Amaranth, Chia, Pink Salt of Mara, Cocoa nips, coffee beans, chili powder, dried bananas and different nuts. Again very informative and delicious! I just couldn't smile, because I were afraid of having brown teeth 😁

28 March 2017

Arequipa, the white city and UNESCO world heritage, is the beautiful capital of the Arequipa region and the political, economical and cultural center of Peru. Significant for the historical city center are the volcanic stones. But the city got it's name from the skin color of it's former citizens, as Indios weren't allowed to live there.

27 March 2017

I like to cook, I love to eat (need to be honest, right 😊) and I am in a country that's famous for it's cuisine! So I decided to do a cooking class and opted for the whole lot. Furthermore I was lucky enough having the chef all to myself. In the morning, Arthur and I went to the market, where I learned a lot about Peruvian food and got to try some nice stuff. After that, we went to his restaurant. First of all he teached me some kitchen basics, before we prepared Ceviche (fish) as a starter, accompanied by a Pisco Sour as Apèro. The main course was Lomo Saltado de Alpaca. As the two of us like languages, we spoke in English, German, Spanish and even French 😊 This was a great and informative day, with nice company and delicious food. Now I have to keep up practicing (both, cooking and speaking Spanish) to improve my skills.
Trying cheese and exotic fruits at the San Camilo market of Arequipa.

23 March 2017

I had to realize, that, instead of drying my socks, the chef (on the treck) burned a big hole into it. Which is kinda funny. But as a backpacker I don't own a lot of stuff. And everything I own is somehow functional. For a reason! So even it's only a pair of socks, this marks the second loss of my journey (the first one being my prescription sunnies). Oh well, luckily he didn't burn my hiking boots as well 😂 And if I can keep it down to one item per country I should be totally fine. Not including my passport, credit card or smartphone of course!

21 March 2017

2D/1N Hike to the famous Rainbow Mountain in Peru, coming along Ausangate Mountain, the fifth highest Mountain of Peru. Once again it was well worth it. The scenery is just breathtaking! Literally 😅 We went up a little higher than 5'000 müM. And it was cold. Now my legs and lungs need a little rest.

20 March 2017

Just had to say goodbye to my father and brother, as their flight back home is this afternoon. So sad! 😢 We've spent two awesome weeks together and made some once in a lifetime experiences. Keep up the spirit guys and take those memories with you in your hearts! Save travels ❤️

19 March 2017

Walking through the beautiful Chonta Valley, hoping to spot some condors... aaaand we were lucky! So was the little fella 😊

17 March 2017

In the end we made it to Machu Picchu, one of the new seven wonders of the world. My brother and I did not stop there. We climbed about 1.5 h of steep stairs all up to Machu Picchu Montaña. The shortest yet most exhausting part of this trip. Up there, we saw nothing really, as it was just to cloudy. Never mind, that's nature! I am used to it already 😉 Still it was worth it. And it's a good experience challenging yourself every now and then.

14 March 2017

5D/4N Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. We had a great time, facing altitude and all kinds of weather, up- and downhill, no matter what! 😃

11 March 2017

It's night at Cusco

10 March 2017

Impressions of Cusco
Visiting the salt terraces of Marasal. One of the two only places in the world, appart from Himalaya, where pink salt is to be found. But they aren't allowed to export though. Also visiting Moray, an Inca agricultural place, that was built out of a meteor strike.

9 March 2017

Touring the Inca Sides around Cusco
Shopping day. Time for some souvenirs. (Not all mine of course!) The jewelry is real silver. On the left is Pachamama (Mother Earth) surrounded by the Inca calendar, on the right are the moon and the sun.

8 March 2017

Touring the Sacred Valley of the Incas and learning about the traditional way of dyeing and processing Llama wool. Did you know, that already the Incas had a lower and upper class? See the stones. The better ones are of the upper class. They lived further up, closer to "god". The terraces had three functions: - stabilizing the hills - agriculture - decoration

6 March 2017

Peru = family time 😃 First adventure done: the Skylodges of Urubamba. Ever since I've heard of it, I knew I was going to do it. Because I just like that kinda stuff. So happy I could share this experience with my father and brother. We all loved it. Climbed 400 m in height (about 600 m of way) to dine and sleepe in a glass cocoon attached to the top of the mountain. The next day we made our way back via zipline.

3 March 2017

Now that this part of my journey has come to an end, unfortunately, let me summarize Bolivia. I really like this country! My favorites: 1. Madidi (Djungel) 2. Salar de Uyuni and around (Dessert) 3. Isla del Sol (Lake Titikaka) So for me clearly it's all about nature and animals. But I have spent quite some time in La Paz and it has somehow become home. I've made friends there and had a really good time. The food isn't anything a european stomach couldn't handle. Lots of rice, quinoa, potatoes and pasta, vegetables or salad and meat, mostly chicken or fish. And lots of fresh fruit and juices. They also got all the gringo food like pizza, pasta and burgers. Dare to try street food as well, they got some nice stuff out there. Just stay away from tab water and open drinks (they might contain tab water). The people are friendly, open and helpful. I had a lot of conversations with strangers, so my spanish starts slightly to improve (very slightly). At no point did I feel scared or unsafe.

2 March 2017

Sunrise at Copacabana, on top of Cerro Calvario

1 March 2017

A view like this gotta be earned. Always! In my case that meant carrying about 20 kg of weight up quite a fiew rocky, unsteadily, slippery stairs to the top of Isla del Sol. Well worth it.
So getting used to meals with a view, I don't want it any other way. 😊 This is at Lake Titikaka. It's so big, you got the impression it's the ocean.

28 February 2017

Even on Isla del Sol (Island of the sun) there is rain during wet season. Like, a lot of rain. 😂🌧☔️ And it can get cold. Like ice cold.

27 February 2017

Nachos and a cold beer with view- guess life could be worse 😊
Good Bye La Paz! You have been my port to Bolivia and home for quite a few days. As much as I would like to stay, it's time to move on and leave for good. But I will be back at the end of May.

25 February 2017

Grand opening of Carnaval de Oruro. Over 14 hs before we left, but the parade went on and on! Der Karneval von Oruro wurde 2001 von der UNESCO in die Liste der Meisterwerke des mündlichen und immateriellen Erbes der Menschheit aufgenommen und 2008 in die Repräsentative Liste des mündlichen und immateriellen Erbes übernommen.

24 February 2017

Ladies Night: Comadres National Party - la fiesta! Me: "I am a little bit tired, but I am definitely going for one or two hours." Me going to bed at 8 am 😊 (Ending up not sleeping at all because, you know, sun's up, everyone's up, I am up)

22 February 2017

Little souvenirs from the jungle: - Moskito bites. They're all over the place, eating you alive (see my face?) - naturally, selfmade jewelry - my own cacao fruit, because I liked it that much - stained shirt from when I got stuck in the mud all up to my knees. Juan cleaned me up with his Machete

21 February 2017

We ate fresh and healthy organic food. Juan and me brought in the catch of the day, Catfish and Piranha
There is a lot more wildlife I saw and didn't capture in a picture, all kinds of birds, insects and memals. Because as much as I love taking pictures, sometimes you just have to leave the camera behind and enjoy the moment. (And sometimes, the moment you grab your camera, the animal is gone, just like the giant ant eater or the otter, or it's to quick, like the humming bird or just to far up in the trees like the howling monkey) The last picture is a caiman, in case you don't recognize 😉

20 February 2017

Travelers spread their ❤️ all over the world. I definitely left a piece of mine in the Madidi Travel's private Serere Reserve. I had my very own spanish speaking guide, Juan. He grew up in the jungle and knows just everything about it. Juan is a lovely guy, very happy and carrying. All of the people were! We staied in open lodges with just Moskito nets around us, so we could discover wildlife no matter what, eating, napping, having a shower, brushing teeth... The only lights we had were candles and flash lights. One time we've been paddling the canoe for about half an hour in the pouring rain and got soaking wet to our bones (when you gotta go back, you gotta go back). But you know what, out there it just doesn't matter. If I wouldn't have a flight ticket for today, I still would be out there. I wonder, if one day I will be back again.

19 February 2017

Just chilling before packing my bags again

18 February 2017

Rurrenabaque, a cute little town (center) and the port to Madidi National Parc.
Walking out the hotel into a field of cement. Luckily I am wearing flip flops, but that's it with freshly cleaned feet for the day.
The smallest plane I have ever been on. I (1.65 m) couldn't walk upright in there.

17 February 2017

Driving (and surviving) Death Road, 2/3 in the rain ☔️ and 1/3 in the sun ☀️ What a decent day, I really enjoyed it! @ Dad: I know there is a great Mountainbike waiting for me back home. Might be doing this (downhill) my new hobby 👍🏻😉 After that I just wanted to have a hot shower, some tea and a good rest. But nah, received a WhatsApp that made me run out of the hotel again immediately and made me run around like crazy. Now it's all settled: flying out to the djungle for four days tomorrow. So excited 😊 But that means an early start again, so I'm off to bed now.

16 February 2017

Finally, the wet season got up on me. It's pouring the rain and I am going for a bike ride tomorrow. This could be fun. So not 😅☔️

13 February 2017

Sucre, the capitol, the city I liked the most and staied the least
My room in Sucre is kinda cute and kinda dodgy the same time. Fair enough, it doesn't even cost me €10 for the night. And finally this is what you get for running into the first hotel without knowing or even asking 😉
So I didn't hopp on a bus, but took a taxi ride. In Switzerland, no one would even considering taking a taxi for two hours. But here, things are different! When I arrived at the station, people where running up to me, screaming at me and trying to get me into their taxi (not as violent as it might sound, still I was like "what's going on here, I only want a taxi" 😳) I sat down in one and then realized, we are gonna wait until this taxi is full. Things are different here 😉 The drivers outside were fighting for passengers. One kept signing me, that he would drive with me alone. At first I was a bit pissed of and really considering getting out, graping my bag and leave for the other. This was war, and war never plaies after the rules. But I staied and the whole situation started to amuse me. On the inside I was cheering: go get him, you can do this, quick, don't loose him, go go go! And finally there were three of us and the taxi drove off...
... a few hundred meters to stop and squeeze in another lady. Now the taxi was full and drove off... to get pulled over by a police man for speeding. After that we drove off... to stop at a gas station. But than we finally drove off... to stop for water and Coca. We've than been driving for actually a fare bit, before the driver had to pee. Oh well, luckily I saved some time by taking a taxi 😂
My own lockable bathroom across the floor, isn't that funny. 😊 Now time to move on and hopp on the bus again

12 February 2017

One day at Potosi

11 February 2017

Bus ride to Potosi
Bus ride to Potosi
Another four hours on the bus to Potosi. This time during daytime. From my window seat I had a great view over grotesque moonscape and green hills with herds of Llamas and Piqueñas. From the loudspeaker there was booming spanish folklore music.
The church of San Cristóbal
A herd of Lamas
Small or tall - all depending on the perspective
Wake-up at 4 a.m., getting up on 4910 altitude, posing at -5 C in front of a geyser during sunrise before having a swim in 36 C warm springs totally meets my idea of traveling 😀 (Didn't miss my shorts that day, but a pair of cloves.)

10 February 2017

There are many lagoons in different colors, occurring from different minerals. They reveal there beauty depending on wind and the altitude of sun. One of the well-known is Laguna Roja, also known as Laguna Colores
Tree made of stone
A Chinchilla chilling
The lagoons are full of flamingos
A herd of Piqueños with kit. Llamas and Alpacas are domesticated, whilst Piqueños and Vicugnas are wild animals. They differ in size and color(s).
Railway lines leading nowhere - always fascinating

9 February 2017

I'd rather go over hot coals than again over a mirror of salt barefoot. Luckily there are still gentlemen out there, borrowing their flip flops. 😊
Island of cactuses
Salar De Uyuni (salt dessert). Feels like being up in the clouds. Underneath blue sky, surround by all this white. Never am I going to forget this view and the feeling of freedom. Impossible to capture this in a picture.
I'm such a lucky girl 😉 The wet season keeps behaving very dry and Salar de Uyuni wasn't flooded. Happy Peppi! (Only been missing my shorts.)
train graveyard
Overcame an 11h night bus. Off to a 3d adventure to Salar De Uyuni soon 😀 Took a spanish guided tour to improve my skills.

8 February 2017

Blue sky above La Paz
Street Art

7 February 2017

View over La Paz

6 February 2017

My hotel Nuevo Sol in La Paz