United Kingdom · 1 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Martina's adventure in Aberdeenshire

26 August 2017

Aberdeen Dolphin Cruise Price: £25 Duration: 1 hour The cruise came recommend by the official visitabd.com website. I had high hopes for it, but it did not live up to the expectations. The tour wasn't full, which was great because I could move about a bit and see on both sides. Before we even started, they showed us an educational video that talked not only about the wildlife in the harbour but also about how to help maintain their habitat. While they did warn us that they cannot guarantee us seeing the Dolphins, I was still kind of expecting it. So when I barely saw only two jump out the water and nothing else, I was a bit disappointed. The town looked beautiful though, and I managed to take great photos and enjoy the view. So my recommendation to anyone trying this would be to find a cheaper company and take a shot. You never know, you might just get lucky. And if not, you will get to see the town from a unique view.
Aberdeen City Centre Price: free Duration: 1-3 hours The whole city is build out of white granite stone. It creates an atmosphere that I didn't experience before. I spent a couple of hours just aimlessly walking around the town and enjoying the feel of it. There were busy streets full of shops, like Union Street. There were quiet streets that housed gems like the Aberdeen Market building with a beautiful girl painted on top of it. There was the Marischall College building that is the world's second largest granite building with the statute of Robert the Bruce in front of it. There used to be a museum too, but it closed a while back, which was a shame. I also stumbled into Union Terrace Gardens and found a concert of a local band with a few catering stance. It was a really beautiful day out.

25 August 2017

Airbnb with Rosa and Tom: Price: varies I found this accommodation to be all that I could possibly need for a much cheaper price than I expected. I stayed with them for three nights. The room was quite small but it was warm and enough for one person. Both of the hosts were sweet and welcoming. I absolutely loved their two cats. When I arrived it was raining and already dark. It felt like I was walking for an hour to god knows where, but it turned out it was just a short walk of about 15 minutes. The next day I actually enjoyed it as it was situated in the historic part of the town.