Australia, Indonesia · 10 Days · 5 Moments · July 2017

Marls's journi to Indonesia

18 July 2017

I have found my happy little place. I don't ever want to leave... waking to the sun rising just above the coconut trees, the roosters deciding which one is boss and the loudest "cock a doodle do" the ducks discussing the day's events ready to unfold and the sounds of nature and life amongst the rice fields. The villa is amazing and our room has a balcony overlooking the rice paddies. Watching the ducks doing their waddle was just such a beautiful start to my morning. We have staff ready to cook our breakfast and here to make our stay a comfortable with 8 hours of service. Simon is busily brewing my first coffee for the day. My soul feels so full and content right now I just never want to leave.

11 July 2017

If I've said it once I've said it a million times. The thrills, discoveries and seeing things new is always a delight to my heart and soul... simplicity in its finest forms are some of the things I appreciate. On our way to our morning destination the traffic was stopped to allow "the ducks to cross" It was a delightful sight and certainly tickled my fancy seeing the "duck whisperer" run along beside them tapping them with his long bamboo stick should any have the idea of doing a chicken run ooops I mean "ducking out of line"
Well here we are we like a whirlwind our feet have merely hit the ground. Greeted with a Bintang the moment we landed on the Island known as the "island Of The Gods" Our first essential was to stop and cash up. That familiar vibe of Bali is yet again so welcoming and again I feel it a privilege to me to what I fondly refer to be home away from home". On reaching our hotel we had our meet n greet of who within the next 11 days will grow to be known as "our family" I hustled "our family" into a quick change and a quick sort and order of our cases for our getaway to Gili T. This evenings call of events is a celebration of "here we are drinks" in room 215 with a very healthy collection of duty free. Dinner was a raging success at Brazilian BBQ in Seminyak. It never fails to disappoint, the meat is amazingly cooked to perfection, the selection of salads and the thrill of that little disc never ceases to amuse, green for go and red for stop. 7 content little Buddhas grinning contented

10 July 2017

9 July 2017

Well here it is.... My body has been traumatised with the wax pot for the first time this winter (and survived) my bags are packed, the dogs are clipped, the house sitters are on board and guess what I may not be a celebrity but "I'm outta here" not even close to any jungle but with a hop a skip and a jump "Bali here I come" Yes I know "first world problem" but me n winter are just never ever going to unite. Seriously A - baggy housebound trackies n bulky jumpers vs B - sunsets, cocktails and moments creating memories CASE CLOSED ..... oops pardon the pun 😃 Bali never ceases to excite me, and each trip is a trio of appreciation, a trip of energy and funnily enough I see it as the trip of a lifetime. Why???? Because I am with people I choose to be with and what's better ..... these AMAZING PEOPLE choose to be with me ❤️ I was sitting back and reflecting the other day and I must say I humoured myself (seriously not a hard task) Going on holidays is a task and at times a hard task