Costa Rica · 6 Days · 11 Moments · April 2017

Marla's adventure in Costa Rica

13 April 2017

Last day in Costa Rica and I end it appreciating the wild things that are still here and the ability to say I saw it. Ready to go home and hold my children. Another stamp in the passport and many memories of a great vacation

12 April 2017

Spending time with family in Limon

11 April 2017

Great final dinner at koki beach in Puerto Viejo

10 April 2017

Went to Panama for the day. Another stamp in the passport
More creatures of the rainforest

9 April 2017

Nightlife round 2 in Puerto Viejo
Costa Rican natural Bird feeder
Enjoying the creatures in their habitat

8 April 2017

Finally made it to the rainforest

7 April 2017

Fish Tacos and Veggie Salads and Hummi!!!