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Going Northwest 2016

11 September 2016

Touchdown, back in good old Germany. Tired, but thank godness, still one day of holiday.

10 September 2016

Silence around me, somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean. Can't sleep, as always, so I'm still watching movies. First was "The Revenant", now is playing "Kung Fu Panda 3". Still four hours to fly.
Goodbye USA for this year! We'll come back soon! What an amazing trip! Welcome Germany....
Last meal in the USA for 2016
Morning has broken - sitting at the airport in Vegas and waiting for DL 66 to Atlanta.... I regret after a couple of beers with my lady last night on the strip. Hope, my headache will be better during the day.... Connection flight to Stuttgart is a quite short timeframe. We'll see, if it works....

9 September 2016

Enjoying the last few hours in my lovely USA.... Quite close to the airport, amazing views on in- and outgoing airplanes.... We'll later rock the city a last time... And then it'll be the time to say goodbye... After the holiday is before the next....😂😂😂

8 September 2016

Entering the strip at the moment to take a late dinner at Bubba Gump's.... Good, fish isn't that, what I aim for, but the beers are quite good enough.... 😂😂😂
After a nice turn throughout the beautiful Zion National Park, we've just arrived in Las Vegas, the starting point of our tour this year.... Almost 3 weeks of traveling through the beautiful USA.... My second home base.... 3.750 miles of driving and still 101 degrees😂. Now, we'll relax and spending the last 1,5 days in Sin City! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas🤘🏻😉

7 September 2016

Regarding the size of the smokers, I've to think about a new one for my garden. Couldn't work, that there's something bigger in the world as in Markus' garden.... Doesn't work!!!!
Thank goodness, we'd a pleasant evening at A funny place for southern food. Met nice people from Australia, Yorkshire (That's not ENGLAND!) and Texas.... Love it! Had so much fun.... Enjoy!
Big drama, after 16 days, I've just reflected to be surrounded from Germans.... And most of them are from the German desert, if you know, what I mean.... Thank goodness.... We'll leave tomorrow.... Puuuuh..... Lucky survivors....
Just arrived in Page and already seen the Horseshoe Bend. Long ride through the Monument Valley. Our trip comes slowly to its end. Tomorrow we'll drive directly to Las Vegas without any further overnight stay, because we want to relax in Sin City for the last two days.... Just joining last hot summer days.... Back to school and business is close, but thank goodness still a few days away....😎🤘🏻

6 September 2016

What an amazing day at Arches National Park.... Every 10 yards you get a total different view. I've seen many different and awesome places. But this one is one of the outstanding places, I've ever seen.... Especially the walk to "Delicate Arch" was a slightly exhausted but absolutely worthy hike. But, why don't you see for yourself?!

5 September 2016

Three good "B's" - Budweiser, Barbecue and a Bulldozer.... That's, what I aim for ....😎🤘🏻 Best of 1.85 lbs beef chuck, Italian sausage, beef patties, corn cobs and onions... Added on with some salad... Tasty! The camping-ground is nice, but costs hell of a money.... Forgot some towels.... Borrowed them.... 4 towels for 20 bucks.... Jesus!!!!
Just arrived in Moab. Very close to Arches National Park, where we'll go for tomorrow. It's still a hot end-summer with around 31 degrees (in Celsius😉) in the middle of a desert. Enjoying the sun and almost one week of holiday to go....

4 September 2016

After spending a couple of hours at "A taste of colorado", including tasty food (full smoked turkey leg, corn dogs and roasted almonds), we moved forward to Rifle, CO, were we've just arrived. Beautiful scenery around us after a breathtaking cruise throughout the Rocky Mountains and the White River Forest.
Here, she's
One of my favorite singers of my youth. Call her an icon.... Quite close to us.... Almost 30 years later, but still pretty cool. Sound check with Taylor Dayne at Civic Park in Denver, celebrating "A taste of Colorado". Amazing!

3 September 2016

My name is spelled in a new way😂
Shopping 🙈 let the cards burn.....😂😂😂

2 September 2016

What a great day in Denver at Mile High.... Good, CSU lost humiliating with 7-44 against the CU, but this one was irrelevant, regarding all the funny things and guys we did and met.... Tailgating with an especially bought barbecue grill, nice talks to different young people, who let me be aware, that I was also a bad boy in the past😂😂😂 another nice experience in our life! Thanks to be here!
Only two lanes available on our way to the Mile High Stadium in Denver. Depending on that, we're facing the first traffic jam during this stay in the US. Shit, I want to start my barbecue on the parking lot...

1 September 2016

Just arrived in the Denver area (Loveland) and also got my tickets for tomorrow night. Kick off for the college football season at Mile High in Denver.... So cool, 75.000 people around us and all going to be crazy.... It's labor-day-weekend...
Long ride from Rapid City to Loveland (approx. 350 miles). But now plenty of time to relax. 3 nights stay in here...

31 August 2016

Any questions about a place of American patriotism? That's awesome! Good to be here!
Religious place...😄 uhh, that was soo tasty... Took half of my hoagie out as my morning starter tomorrow...😀😀
One of my glorified places in the past... But it's gone... 😜 over and out!
Mini-golf was so funny.... The kids without their smartphones for two hours... Oh my goodness... and they're still alive... 🤗
Short trip from Gillette to Rapid City... Stop over at Devils Tower. I'll go out for mini-golf now. Tonight, lighting show at Mount Rushmore. Possibly, tourism-like-styled, but a memorial for the Americans. Respect that!

30 August 2016

Big Horn National Forest - US 14-16 from Cody to Buffalo, we directly moved forward to Gillette, because the pool was broken down, if my kids don't swim today, I'll strangle them....
Visited Buffalo Bill Museum again. Amazing, what you all can see there! American arts, history of the plain Indians, museum of firearms, etc.

29 August 2016

Not so many animals to see. Some Buffalos, Elks and a Bighorn Sheep.
Just back from the Yellowstone. Drove the Grand Loop within 8 hours. Fortunately, not too much tourists around any longer, but still enough. Good time to cruise the area....

28 August 2016

Good combination of Buffalo Bill Museum, which is a very good place for natural and American history. And by the way, it isn't corny. After that a good barbecue, live music of a good country band called "Triple C Cowboys" and finally a rodeo in the Rodeo City! A really good day! And once again, met several friendly Americans!
Just a beautiful day in my beloved second home base....
Breathtaking route from Riverton to Cody.... The Yellowstone is close now!
Breakfast, will start soon with our next stage of our journey.

27 August 2016

A special way to disclaim everything....
Erst Powwow in Fort Washakie nebst Tribal Fair der Araphao Indianer, was ich respektiere, aber halt nicht verstehe.... Danach Bull Riding in Ethete. Wir sind mal so wirklich im nirgendwo.... Aber sehr, sehr geil!

26 August 2016

Was macht man an einem Freitagabend, wenn sich Pläne mit dem Powwow kurzfristig zerschlagen haben? Man setzt sich auf dem Land unter die Leute beim Highschool-Football und erlebt einen sehr witzigen und schönen Abend mit Leuten aus Wyoming, die der Meinung sind, dass Merkel, Trump und Clinton allesamt einen an der Waffel haben... I love those people....
Tour heute von Idaho Falls via Teton nach Riverton.... Riesenmist, dass Powwow ist auf das Laborday-Weekend verschoben worden. Gut, bleibt das Rodeo, aber ich hatte das hier eigens dafür eingeplant....

25 August 2016

Witziger Diner.... Das mit den Essensmengen üben wir aber noch ein bisschen...
Idaho Falls ist wirklich charmant
Eben in Idaho Falls angekommen. Kleines Städtchen - sehr schick. Fahrt von SLC durch sehr interessante Landschaften. Jetzt erstmal ne Runde schwimmen. Nachher die Wasserfälle hier im State Park erlaufen.

24 August 2016

Wer es mag.... Aber die Mormonen wissen schon, wie es geht. Die Stadt ist wie aus dem Ei gepellt und wächst in der Wirtschaft die letzten Jahre mit 3,5%
Das war ein überragendes Erlebnis.... Der krasse Gegensatz zu Las Vegas.... Unglaubliches Naturerlebnis.
Wide open country.... In 6 Stunden von Las Vegas nach Salt Lake City. Jetzt mal chillen und dann eigentlich Salzsee und Big Cottonwood Canyon... Kann aber auch morgen früh werden...😊 ist ja Urlaub und keine Flucht...

23 August 2016

Einer wie ich.... Laut, breit und manchmal schluckt er...😎
There's no business like show business
Blue Man Group... Eigentlich bin ich irgendwie müde....😂😂🤘🏻🤘🏻
Luxor Hotel inside. Eben Tickets für die Blue Man Group geholt.
If it remains inside 🙈😂😂😂
Was man nicht alles braucht...
Der Shopping-Wahn läuft
Auch deshalb finde ich es hier immer wieder cool. 6:23 und Einkauf ist erledigt
Manchmal sind sie schon ein bisschen bescheuert.... Und die Stadt, die niemals schläft, erwacht...
The city never sleeps

22 August 2016

Im Hotel angekommen.... Nach 22 Stunden reicht es....
Erstmal nen Upgrade kassiert... Kleiner Suburban....
Just arrived
Im Anflug auf Vegas gestern über Arizona
Stress pur... Aber Verbindungsflug erreicht
Urlaub fängt bei Mc Doof an
Jetzt geht's los

17 August 2016

Unsere Etappenziele

16 August 2016

Jetzt wird es dann langsam Zeit, dass es losgeht.... Werde schon ganz schwermütig. Für mich immer das Zeichen, ich muss rüber....

3 August 2016

Unsere Strecke für dieses Jahr. Ich könnte jetzt schon los....