Switzerland, Italy · 10 Days · 11 Moments · June 2017

Mark and Yvonne's trip to Sardinia

4 July 2017

Beach views at Porto Pino
On the beach at Porto Pino, 4 Km long, not quite as good as in the brochures but not bad!

30 June 2017

On the beach, not the best weather but still 27c!

29 June 2017

Ellen by the pool, it is a hard life!

28 June 2017

Pula, near to where we are staying but nothing really to see!

27 June 2017

26 June 2017

25 June 2017

Pool by night! Nice evening meal, now to bed for a hard days sunbathing tomorrow 😀
Our rooms, top middle is ours, top lefthand one is Ellen's, very hot at the moment! Xxx Ma and Pa
Arrived at hotel, beautiful! Ellen is already here, speak soon! Xxx Ma and Pa
On the 'plane! Will tweet later xxx