United States of America · 3 Days · 36 Moments · September 2015

Trip Columbia Missouri & Chicago IL

11 September 2015

Landed in Newark Trip is over Next trip Tuesday, Sept 29th to France, will start posting on Monday, Sept 28th with the trip outline, thanks for following
Exchanged my seat so this mother and daughter could sit together, only 1 row back but now on the right side of the plane, some people say never change seats on a plane just in case something happens, What could happen? Going down from 35,000 feet being on the right or left side of the plane will not make much difference
I like to be the last one on the plane so there is no line getting to seat, not sure why people get on 30 min early to sit on the plane
People waiting on line for popcorn shop to open at 6:00 am, not sure what they sell for breakfast
I cleared security in 10 min, world record at O'Hara
This is the 2+ hour security check in at O'Hare at 5:30 am, I have TSA Prechk (not sure how) but my line is 20 min

10 September 2015

The BEST burger I had had in 54 years of eating burgers, I want to eat it a slow as possible to enjoy each bite, since no other plans here in Chicago (other then finding a hotel for the night) I plan to drag this burger out of as long time
The fries are so spice my lips are feeling it after just two Reminds me of 2:00 am trip to Chicken or the Egg at Long Beach Island this summer with Jason and his friends, had the 2nd hottest wings at 2:00 am and it was not pretty
Looks to good to eat, Topped with Klug Farm peach marmalade, goat cheese and grilled scallion, fries have hot kicker sauce
The Bad Apple, interesting place, The 45 Dry Aged Wagyu Burger is $26 (most expensive in Chicago) and Belgium 11% alcohol blonde beer were ordered, ordered Belgium beer because they are near France (next trip) and the place had no French beer (if there is a French beer)
The Bad Apple, Chicago best burger? We will see
Chicago bus ride to The Bad Apple for best Burger (some say) in Chicago
Flying Columbia Mo to Chicago Staying 1 night and then early Friday morning fly to Newark American upgraded both flight to First Class Will have all the diet coke and warm cookies I want
Mizzo famous columns on the center quad
New Frat house at MU It is very big and lots of stone
Lucky Supermarket is going all in on Bacon They have in-house cured bacon station I will check around back for the love pigs
Stopped in Lucky Market and found next big thing Bacon Habanero Tortilla Chips
Breakfast at Cafe Berlin in Columbia Mo. Perfect weather to sit outside and enjoy an omelet
Morgan's off campus housing at University of Missouri. They have a study lounge, pool and places to socialize. This complex has 600 residents and they are all MU students. There is a free shuttle every 15 min to campus (7 min away). The shuttle runs 7:00 am to 8:00 pm (2:00 am on Thur, Fri and Sat nights). Place looks like built in the last 10 years. Morgan is in a 2 bedroom 2 bathrooms (see other pictures). Having separate bathrooms is nice. They have washer/dryer in the apartment. No basement laundry for them. Place came fully furnished including large flat screen TV on the wall. They get free cable and Apple TV. Place is half the cost of living on campus. At MU only Freshman live on campus.
Tap on picture to see my head Wearing all clothes that I purchased on the road. Was harder then expected because I did not want to buy clothes at a store I could have gotten them at home (Wal-Mart or Target). Needed a store only from the local area. Almost gave up after wearing the same clothes for the first 7 hours of the 2nd day. I found a Carson's department store in Terre Haute Indiana . Purchased izod shirts (2 for 1 sale), Columbia shorts and Tommy Hilifiger underwear. Nice to have all new clothes on a trip. Need to make buying clothes earlier in the day a higher priority on future trips.

9 September 2015

Red Roof Inn, Columbia Mo With AAA discount room cost $40 for the night Driving Morgan to class at 8:45 then she is taking me to the airport at 12:15 for a 4:00 flight Airport is only 15 min away in Columbia Mo Small plane for short trip to Chicago Overnight in Chicago then fly back to New Jersey Fri 7:05 flight
Setting Morgan's new computer Transferring from old to new computer
Morgan enjoying a steak dinner on Dad
Made to Columbia to drop off Morgan's car Long drive but it is over Unloading car then going to dinner
Stopped at mall to get clothes, hair stray, deodorant and brush Did not pack anything Should have shopped when got up but needed to get an oil change Getting to Morgan at 5:45 Going out to dinner
My view most of this trip Much easier during the day There are a lot of trucks on Rt 70 going across America There is construction every 30 miles.
This sign was in Columbus Ohio (that is 420 miles to Missouri border). Seems like a long way to bike ride.
The omelette was great Flat rather than fluffy and fat Cheese on top rather than inside the omelette
At the Wafehouse Cafe for breakfast Car getting an oil change Back on the road at 9:00 Schedule to be in Columbia Mo around 5:00 Dinner with Morgan
The Press Grill burger, fries and soda $10 Great deal
The Press Grill had great burger and fries. At 1:00 am (open until 2:00 am) got food in less than 5 min Fun place in downtown Columbus Ohio
Made it to Columbus Ohio at 1:00 am Yelp found bar with food served until 2:00 am Watching end of Tennis match with a diet coke and burger Mario need to find hotel and buy clothes/toiletries for tomorrow

8 September 2015

Entry 3 Entered West Virginia Assumed Pa to Oh, how is West Virginia between them Entry 2 Got gas and drinks outside Pittsburg Driving to Columbus Ohio, 2 hours away Drive is all two lane road, construction every 25 miles and lots of trucks Harder drive at night Entry 1 Started trip to drop Morgan's car to her in Columbia Missouri Driving 7 hours to Columbus Ohio should get there around 11:00 pm. Get up early and drive remaining 8 hours to Columbia Missouri Spent two days with Morgan.