India · 6 Days · 32 Moments · March 2015

Mark's sleepless trip to India

27 March 2015

At the airport leaving India. I am sure it is evident from these entries, I really liked India. We saw a lot of great product that will help us to grow the line, and personally it was great to get to know the culture more. The national pride in the country is well deserved. It is awesome to be in a "pagan" country. That alone if worth the trip. Each area has the gods they focus on, must be somewhat what it was like like ancient Europe. Also interestingly each area specializes in this strong suit of product. The North is sweater knits out of Lundiani, the South is fashion knits with fashion washes out of Triupur, the South East out of Mumbai is woven tops (as well Bangalore). Food, religion, people, and everything else make me want to come back and spend some more time. The thing that wil forever remind me of India? The crazy death defying traffic, how horns are a way of communicating on the road and not just being pissed off. The lanes on the highway are guidelines not rules.

26 March 2015

Very yummy South Indian breakfast. Steamed Rice cakes, with mint coconut chutney and some kind of veggie sauce.
Landed in Mumbai, very tropical, and HUMID!!! This is the financial center of India, think of its New York, but much closer to the equator. The flight end shows mountains surrounding that gave way to skyscrapers.
Ramayana - the sacred epic is like the Indian Illiad... Could be a cool read
Listening to stories of Lord Krisna and his lover Rodha (don't look to this traveller for correct spellings) in the airport as we wait to board.
Waiting at the airport to head to the port city of Mumbai. Our goal work wise is to look at new woven vendors. Triupur was all about knits. I really enjoyed my time here is South India. The food was crazy good, the people are very nice. They tended to be more formal then Delhi. Feels like more a left over from English Colonialism. Example - When doors are opened at hotels, or service rendered at a restaurant they bow and put one hand to their chin. They language here is Tamel (probably butchering that spelling). The agent here couldn't communicate with our drivers very well. I was unaware that India had so many languages. I think he said there are 11 offical languages. Mumbai we get time off to sight see. I am most excited about seeing a very old Mosque that is out in the water. You can only walk to it during low tide.

25 March 2015

Baneer Pikka, Goat cheese roasted in Masalla. Literally taste nothing like cheese... Oh my gods this is good!
Masala peanuts. I am told this is typical Indian bar food.
Staying at he Velan hotel Greenfields. The place radiates history. I am not sure how old it is, but I would put it at, at least a century.
The small temples that are scattered about the landscape is my favorite part of this city. Their religion is very important part of everyday life.
An amazing factory that really seems to care about its workers
Landed in Triupur at 9:30am. This part of India is bathed in yellow. Almost like you were to put a "1970s" camera filter.
India is a beautiful country, and it is huge. Over the next two days I get to traverse from the north, to the south west, to the east, and back to the north. The whole while visiting factories. What that means is I am in villages and not posh hotels in New Delhi. It is as diverse as it is large. Ethnic, caste, economic (some times the same as caste), and religious differences are varied. One has to be fascinated by how well the central government holds this all together. That is said with accounting of the bordering
Day 4 into the trip and up at 3am for a 6:50 flight. Just a wee bit tired. Headed to Triupur for sourcing, and tomorrow to Mumbi.

24 March 2015

Presidential Palace, though they called it Presidential House... Let's be real, it's a Palace.
India Gate
Gurgaon, now that we are outside Delhi what little traffic rules did apply are now void. A road that was two ways is now 1 way.
The Google of The United Sates off the highway by the airport. This area is where all the IT hubs of the global companies are.
Japouir is just 4 hours from Delhi. The skirts and veils are named for the city not the technique. This is a place I have to see new trip. Our host was also taking about the great palaces and historical sites there. Next time for sure.
The language is something that is very interesting. You rarely heard pure Hindi. All conversations are peppered with English. The best way to equate it is like Spanglish. You can almost make out what their conversations are about.
We are here during an important religious celebration called, The Nine Nights. Hopefully we'll get to see a temple or two. Our host is telling us people walk miles from all over India to come here for it.
The restaurant in the hotel. Super good!!
Indian breakfast, wow!!!
It's a beautiful sunrise of Delhi.

23 March 2015

There are giant hawks circling everywhere
A giant arch, with huge Hawks circling. There are hawks everywhere. It's beautiful and terrifying all at the same time.
Tons of roundabouts here. Damn English making things even harder.
Young couple on their motorcycle in traffic from airport to the office. -the commercial on the radio was for the "Olive Oil Revolution". Basically the EU trying to get Indians to use it in their cooking.
After 25 hours of travel, we're in Inida. The Taxi is air conditioned and Hindi music is playing. Now time to get to work. Well after the traffic. Speaking of traffic, it's kind of fun to see Indian gods as decals on cars from people who actually believe in them.
Chinese breakfast called Congee. It's like a shrimp porage w/ ginger. The dish was tipped with carrot and scallions. Yummy. I have an off fascination with other cultures breakfast, because I can't stand Americas.

21 March 2015

Thanks to the husbands help picking a seat I got a nice one. Close enough to the front and by a window. As of now I think I wanted a window seat. Everyone I know that flys a lot says you want an aisle. Sounds like an odd thing to say, but I had no idea how large international planes are. Well here goes living your dream.
Starting my first international working trip by a great meal at III Forks Steakhouse. Had Pepper Chicken and a glass of white wine.