Asia, North America · 14 Days · 32 Moments · December 2015

19 December 2015

And home?
Final meal before going back home.

13 December 2015

On my way to the airport to head to Dhaka, I think about how different the two cultures I visit are, and how I actually miss the Christmas spirit of the US. Here in China it is pretty much an atheist country. Even if you are Buddhist, you still do not believe in a "God". Bangladesh is an Islamic country. Both are interesting as a western outsider. China had Christmas decorations everywhere. And with their love, and even obsession with commercialism, Christmas seems a prefect match. Yet I am sure they don't know the reason we celebrate it. Even as a non Christian myself I often wonder. Yet in Bang I am sure I will not see an iota of the fat guy in the red suit, a Christmas tree, or even some mistletoe.

12 December 2015

New restaurant, similar food, however the drink.. It is the same dreaded Chinese rice moonshine but distilled with ants. Yep ants. Well they were not the thing that made it alcohol, but added during the process. So... That's a thing..
I am just going to say it, I F'n love kimchi. I need more of this in LA.

11 December 2015

Truly yummy Korean fusion.
One of the things that I truly love about these trips is the ability to be with the locals. I spend a majority of my time in factories. These are places tourist would never go. Getting to eat to down and dirty things. Seeing the country side is always beautiful to me. I told one of my merchandisers that I thought the town was beautiful. She laughed and said it was a shit hole. I guess I wouldn't bring people to Fontana is they visited LA. When one goes on vacation, they generally see the places maker for foreigners or see hot spots. Don't get me wrong, I need a couple of those trips, and soon. This however is equally satisfying.
Eating at my favorite spot off Beijing road. Lia Cafe. Curry Chicken Ramen. Super cozy with a young vibe.
I was trying to find local tattoo parlors. Not to get any ink, just to see them. Well that and they might have cool Jewelry.
Shopping on Beijing Road. It's a must stop when I am here.
Last night at dinner out with our stretch denim factory, the head person this lady Fyn, was all. "So all the girls think we are so handsome, they want to know if you're married". Totally cute.

10 December 2015

Full BBQ lamb. No utensils, just your hands and a knife. It was epic!!! After the meat they did "hot pot" and made soup of some the innards. I skipped those and just ate the soup with a root veggie and glass noodles.
The drive to factories in Xintan east of GZ. Every now and then you catch glimpses of buildings that are definitely pre open China.

9 December 2015

Club night at in Hadou. The music was amazing, love singers, and a really cool venue. Definitely had some weird experiences, but still a good time.
KTV with a factory. There wasn't much English from most people so we ended up playing drinking games.
A more formal dinner that started with the dreaded rice alcohol. Basically it's 100 proof. I learned my lesson last time and only did half shots.
Ok so this trips' journal is pretty much about food. Finally having my favorite GZ dish, rock fish. Followed up with the the usual prawns (this time with chinese curry sauce), fired rice, veggies, and a soup with tofu and fish broth.
Denim factory.
Headed out to denim mills today. It's always amazing to be apart of every bit of the process of designing. From creating the fabric it's self to the garment, and ending with the finishing.

8 December 2015

Finished the night with a walk along the pearl river to help the ample amount of eats digest. The pics don't really do it justice.
Even though the food was a bit scary at first, man was it amazing. I didn't ask what some of the things were until I was done though. It's a truly a blessing to be able to experience this culture, and to be able to go the meals that cost a hell of a lot.
Entered a restaurant that for the first time I was actually a little afraid of the food. It was a straight up Andrew Zimmerman experience. Many of the things that were on the menu, I will not post pictures of. Definitely things are either illegal or just not supposed to be in my belly. Bugs, fish that looked prehistoric, and plenty of reptiles. One of said reptiles had a shell on his outside. :-( Matty, you would have jumped backed at a couple tanks. I am pretty sure this is how Klingons would eat if they were real.
On the way back from Xi Lou to Guangzhou. They are playing "American top 40" with interludes by Ryan Seacrest, and Taylor Swift. The repeated commercials and repeated music is just as annoying as it is back home. We'll pop radio stations suck in all countries. ;-)
Korean lunch: Ox tail soup, cartilage boil, and of course kimchi. The cartilage is not a do over, but the rest, yummy!
Christmas in China. I actually thought I wouldn't see any decorations. Osotto hotel.
Pretty easy room number to remember

7 December 2015

The most amazing fish market here in GZ. All the nums. But now so full.
The constant progress of China. New huge apartment complexes every time I come. They are each like tiny little self contained cities.
Designing pockets
Waiting on the ride.
Landed safely, but didn't sleep much on the 15 hour flight. Oh well I'll live. Now straight to the factories.