Bangladesh · 4 Days · 15 Moments · August 2015

Mark's trip to Bangladesh

30 August 2015

Airport cats.
Good bye Bangladesh. See you in a few months.

29 August 2015

I really love Bangladesh. The people are open, honest, and humble. It's beautiful, to me at least. The country side is lush and vast. Last night over dinner we talked of global politics, the future of humanity, and similarities of cultures. Mind you, the food isn't good. Everything is over cooked, and they've managed to forget or misplace the spices of India to the east. It is a developing country. It's poor, very poor, but I am not sure we should judge other cultures on our idea of wealth.
Suiting factory
Daycare at a factory.
The road to the factories in the north.

28 August 2015


27 August 2015

And the hotel has cake for you when you get back. Nums
Tribal jewelry loves, be jealous. The pieces were hundreds of years old.
People in Bangladesh laugh at us when we think we have traffic.
I love Bangladeshi breakfast!! Veggies and assorted curries with fruit. All the yum.

26 August 2015

Missing the hubby, so I drew him a little me.
I an definitely going to enjoy working from this hotel room.
Bangladesi school bus.
The last time I was in Bangladesh I had spent over a week in India prior. I didn't notice when I get here that they drive on the "British" side of the road. This trip I am on my own a lot. I'll be working from my hotel room. There isn't a lot of site seeing here.