Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania · 39 Days · 45 Moments · January 2018

Mark and Yvonne's New Zealand Odyssey

5 March 2018

Checked in to our hotel at Auckland airport, nice views! Tonight will be our first nights sleep in a normal size bed for 5 weeks!

4 March 2018

So full circle! Yvonne, Camping car and Sunrise at Takapuna, we will pack today and handover the camping car tomorrow, then one night at the airport hotel and then starts the long journey home, we are not looking forward to the cold!!!!

1 March 2018

We are now at Pauanui, a beautiful area, the weather however is still not good! We will spend the night here then head for Takapuna in the morning, Takapuna was our first stop so we have come full circle! We will rest in Takapuna for three nights before heading home,

28 February 2018

Arrrived at Matamata home of Hobbiton! Well worth the visit, So for all you LOTR fans here are some images, image number 3 is of Bilbo Baggins's house, we knocked but he wasn't in, honestly! maybe next time :-)
Arrived in Waiouru where we stayed overnight in the Army museum car park, strangely we felt rather secure :-)

27 February 2018

Arrived back in a Wellington, rather wind swept but a smooth crossing

26 February 2018

Arrived at Picton, we will overnight here then take the ferry one day early as there is not much going on here!

25 February 2018

A nice waterfall on route to Picton,

24 February 2018

Our resting place at Hanmer springs, a nice place to rest!

23 February 2018

Another penguin area! Then an area called boulders for some reason 😀 after a photo of the Steampunk headquarters of NZ! A place called Oamaru, then finally our camping spot for tonight, a place called Patiti point near Timaru. Weather nice, fingers crossed!

22 February 2018

We are in Dunedin, beautiful area which is home to penguins and sea lions amongst others! Weather better today, fingers crossed for the rest of our journey!

21 February 2018

More sheep! A view of Mirror lake and then some pictures of Milford Sound, a beautiful place to visit! Cyclone Gita passed last night, we did not hear a thing! Some damage to roads further north of us, hopefully no one was hurt and we will not be delayed. Now on our way to Dunedin on the east coast then northward, we will take the ferry to the north island on the 28th,

19 February 2018

Some sheep for Kathy :-). We are now in Te Anau, a nice place for walking and bird watching. Cyclone supposed to hit NZ late tomorrow but no worries as it will come ashore well north of us, should be interesting!

18 February 2018

Arrived at Wanaka, nice area with some nice waterfalls, climbed Mount Iron which had great views! Next stop Mount Creighton where we will camp on the edge of a beautiful lake, winds are very strong!!!

17 February 2018

Have arrived at Haast, nice views before we got to the camp site but Haast itself is not too interesting, on the move in the morning

16 February 2018

Us at Lake HariHari, weather OKish, on our way further south in the morning

14 February 2018

Jackson's retreat with a wine loving Weka! Waterfall with yours truly and a somber lake Brunner, weather turned again but we live in hope! Off to the west coast tomorrow,
Just arrived in Arthurs pass, a beautiful area with lots of wildlife apparently, no fish however! Had to change the camping car as there were problems with the original one, oh well!

13 February 2018

Now at a place called Lyttelton, just outside of Christchurch, staying overnight in a marina car park but what a view!

12 February 2018

Close encounters with Dolphins and Whales, no fish, only mammals :-)
Pre-dawn departure for the South Island, arrived at Kaikoura, whale watching this afternoon, yes, at last, some fish pictures!

10 February 2018

We are now on the south east coast of the North Island at Castlepoint, weather not so good! Heading for Wellington in the morning,

9 February 2018

Overnight stay in Wangaweka, nice place for a short stay,
The blue waters of Huka falls, sadly it was raining 😩 heading South!

8 February 2018

Sunset beach near Waikato, no need to add any other comment!
Auckland seen from the bridge, on our way to Port Waikato

7 February 2018

Rainbow falls near to Kerikeri, now on our way back south, will stay tonight in Whangateau, weather continuing to be good!

5 February 2018

Hi all, we are near to heaven! A place called KeriKeri, where with a bit of luck we will see Kiwi's but if not then we have all we need for a duck Barbecue 😂

3 February 2018

Further round from Reinga, a place called Spirits Bay, long wide sandy beach and no-one but us! We will spend the night here,
North of the North Island, a place called Reinga, you can see where the two seas (Tasman and South Pacific) meet, spectacular views! Now on our way South,

2 February 2018

Ahipara beach, this is the tide going OUT! Surfers paradise with yours truly looking kind of wind swept 😂

1 February 2018

Ahipara, beautiful area next to 90 mile beach, great camp site! Had hours of torrential rain on our way here, weather now getting better so on the beach tomorrow!

31 January 2018

Hokianga Harbour, Opononi, heading North, weather not the best but still warm!

30 January 2018

First night "wild camping" in Tamaterau, near to Whangarei. Barbecue tonight!
Takapuna beach
Sunrise at Takapuna

29 January 2018

Our new home for the next 35 days, taken in Takapuna, first stop.

28 January 2018

Bedtime, next stop New Zealand!
Small size seats on an Airbus 380😀

27 January 2018

Cable car to Sentosa and then China town, warm weather!

26 January 2018

Marina Bay Sands hotel
Gardens by the Bay, actually not raining!

25 January 2018

Boarded! Will tweet on arrival at Singapore,
We are off! Boarding in 30 minutes, will broadcast later 😀