France · 2 Days · 22 Moments · September 2017

Paris and Europe Sept '17

15 September 2017

I found another option for phone service when traveling. Orange Telcom is a very large phone company in Europe. They offer a $45 "European Vacation" plan. The plan lasts for 15 days and gives you 10 gig of data, 1,000 texts and 100 min for calls. You can add more data if you run out or add another 15 day plan. They put a European SIM card in your phone. This gives you a temporary European telephone number. Your SIM card is removed so your regular telephone number will not work. I used an old phone with their SIM card. I can still use my regular phone (data, text or calls) when on WIFI without having to activate the Verizon $10 a day plan. You need to turn off roaming or the phone will automatically use the Verizon plan. It is unlikely you will use more than 10 gig over 15 days. At $45 the plan costs $3 a day. I still use WIFI when possible with the Orange SIM phone to save the data.
Lindt is the Swiss chocolate company that sells the liquid chocolate surround by hard chocolate shell. They have a store in Paris that sells every type of chocolate they make. You can make up your own bag m or buy their boxes. It is amazing how many types they make. All are all so good. The store also has a cafe and throughput the day demonstrations of how the chocolate is made. It is a fun store to visit (and get great chocolate).
The George Pompidou museum is known for their modern art exhibits. The exhibits changes every few months. The escalators are on the outside of the building. In addition, the air ducts are across the front entrance plaza. You never know what type of exhibits you will see. Worth a visit on any trip to Paris.
I went to the Space Hair salon for a haircut. I was going for the picture you see. The stylist wisely left it a little longer then the picture. The wash and cut cost $25. That includes a free bottle of water. In France it is not expected to tip so $25 is the full price.
Grand Hotel Du Calvados is a great find. The room (with a twin bed) is only $57. The location is a short walk to the Seine, Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre. There are shops everywhere in this area. The room looks out to the interior courtyard. There is a desk and several plugs for charging. I think this is the best hotel for money in Paris. I may return later in the trip. I plan to add a labeled star to my Google Map to remind me of the great deal.
Marches Saint Quentin is a large covered market. They have butchers (see butcher making fresh ground beef), curried meats, cheese, flowers and several pre-made stands for eating now or takeaway. It looked like a lot of people come there for lunch and daily shopping. I am trying to limit my bread each day so I got sliced curried meat and cheese for lunch (no baguette sandwich).

14 September 2017

Wine tasting shop in the Marais District. I have not seen this place before. You sample wines (good ones) before buying. They have tasting events you can attend or pick your own to try.
Frozen yogurt place is new in Paris. Paris has many very good gelato locations but they like to try new options. This place is in the Marais District. The Marais District is like SOHO and the Village in NYC. Very hip with shopping and places to eat.
I like to get my haircut in Paris. This place is called Space Hair. The prices are good ($25) and there is a funny look/feel to it. I plan to stop there tomorrow (Friday). The place is in the trendy Marais District.
Kraft Hot Dog is a new placd in Paris. Perfect dinner place for Jason. Lots of toppings for the standard hot dog.
Lauren loves the 7UP Mojito flavored soda. There is no alcohol but it still tastes good. Something different (and popular) in Paris. I might bring a few bottles/cans home for Lauren.
Paris 1st dinner was at the best Falafel place in town (L'as du Fallafel). It is located in the Marais District just off the Seine river. There is takeout and seating. The place is open late with a line of 5 to 30 people waiting for seats most times. The line moves fast as they take your order outside and you hand it to the waiter when seated. In addition, the food comes out fast and does not take long to eat. A lot of people do takeaway. Takeaway you order and pay with a person outside and hand the paid slip to the takeaway window. Food is handed to you in under a minute.
Rodin Museum building and Garden views. See other post for sculptures and more detail about the museum.
Rodin Museum/Garden is a great place to walk around. The museum is located in the Marais District on about an acre of land. Rodin was a very famous sculptor in the late 1800's. He was friends with Victor Hugo (writer of Les Miz). The sculptures are placed through the Garden with a separate museum in a large mansion house. The museum has the history of each sculpture and early versions on display. It is interesting to see how he worked with early versions and plaster molds. All the sculptures were from live models.
This was a park I found walking around. It is near the Rodin Museum. The entrance opens on to a large courtyard with covered areas for shade. There are lots of benches through the garden. People were eating lunch or just taking a break from their day. The park is only about 400' by 400' square but a nice place to sit and relax
This statue is called Anciennes Granges aux Malades de Naples. I could not find out much about it. It was on a Radom street corner.
Chez Le Libananis is a Lebanese takeaway restaurant. They heat the wrap on a convex oven and put almost anything inside. You stand outside abs watch them make it. Very messy but delicious.
Paris has lots of small curried meat shops. There are as many as 15 different curried meat options with several cheese selections. This is not a cheese shop but people like to eat curried meat with cheese. They have the curried meats hanging overhead in the shop. Most shops have small takeaway options. They will slice any curried meat to put in the takeaway. The takeaway is in a paper funnel.
My first Cheesy bread and Chocolate Chip bread. I could live on bread and Coke Zero in Paris. Only the bakery chain Paul (chain but still very good) makes the dense chocolate chip bread. Most bakeries make it fluffy (still good). There are bakeries every block. Bread is baked fresh (on site) throughout the day. I have gotten hot bread several times.
Paris court building is very impressive with a great view walking across the Seine River bridge.
Paris has lots of interesting fountains and monuments. Many are located in small parks or squares.
Paris 1st night hotel was Hotel Nord et Champagne. I booked it on the train from the airport. It cost $71 and is a short walk from the RER train (the line from the airport) station. The room is large with a view of a large covered food market across the street. I have stayed in this area before (northern part of Paris) but not this hotel. The hotel is a very short walk to a good bus lines and metro stop. There are lots of cafes and food shopping place around.