China · 5 Days · 31 Moments · March 2015

Neon China Dreams

4 April 2015

Ahh LA you are only 15 hours away! See you soon!
We each came with two bags each, leaving with a few more. Most are samples, but I definitely did some shopping.
GuangZhou China trip is at an end. This stunning metropolis is a place where modern Skyscrapers tower of ancient traditions and architecture. I was here for work, but luckily was able to get away a little. China isn't what I thought it was. I saw no communist propaganda, only commercialism in its place. Food, people, art, and everything else was something I was lucky to behold. See you next time GZ, I hope to make it to Hong Kong next time. Ney-How (good day) and She-a She-a (thank you very much) Chigga (hey, oi) are some of the words I learned.
Music on the boardwalk.
Walking through some gardens had a group of school kids ask if they could just "speak" with me. They wanted to practice English. They were happy to find out I was American because they were learning American English. Take that British Colonialist. ;-) After learning I was from LA, all they wanted to know about was the Lakers.
Once last walked through the French area before heading to the airport. Such a beautiful spot and very unexpected in the middle of a Chinese city. The bronze statues are relatively modern. I guess so are the buildings by Chinese standards. Most date back to 1900.
Last yummy meal in China. Pork & shrimp wonton with rice noodle. Very, very good. Matty would love eating here. You can get fried egg on everything. It took me almost a week to realize they don't use napkins here. Also - you pay when you order not after you eat.
Today I visited Bright Filial Piety Temple. What a beautiful and peaceful place. Parts of it were build in 1200AD. There are many more pictures but I can't post them all on here.
Taking cabs in a foreign land is an exercise in trust. Here in China the hotel front desk writes where we want to go on a card and we present to the driver. We just have to rely on him taking us to the correct spot.

3 April 2015

Yeah that is my arm covered in its normal tattoos. I honestly thought my ink would throw the locals off. I have had so many people compliment the work, ask about it, and a few theorize I must be in a band. This country has been the only one where people commented on my ears.
Chinese life.
This is GuangZhou Tower. It's beautiful. There is an observation section at top and at night it's rainbow and sparkling.
Had a wonderful lunch in a restaurant where everyone gets private rooms. The beer braised prawn was amazing, but the marinated white carrots were the hits for us Americans. -the chopsticks are place so the outside pair is for picking your food up and the inside is for eating. Germs are gross. They totally had chicken feet and salamander on the menu.
Chinese phrase: any animal that had its back to the sky, you can eat.
We are in this crazy city for denim, and we were not disappointed. The factory is great and their product is top notch. I have talked to some of the workers there for years via email. It was great to meet them and talk shop. At some point during the small talk I was asked if I know where Rancho Cucamonga is? It's crazy he knew where my small home town is. Apparently he knows a lot of people from this region who are or have moved there.
Today we head out to denim factories out side of town. I am pretty stoked to get my hands dirty in some indigo development! Here's to praying that the car is air conditioned! Man it gets hot and humid here!

2 April 2015

Dragon on the water. Saw this on my walk last night.
Had GuangZhou's take on Italian food at the top of the Westin. The food was super delicious, but there was no tomato sauce in sight.
Definitely feels like time to go home, but there is work to do.
Across the river, there is a French Quarter. We found it with the need for coffee.

1 April 2015

These are roads in GoungZhou from 1300's and after. They were found during the building of new roads. The government put plexie glass over and now display them for all too see.
Dinner was amazing! Wow!
Learned something new. We washed our tea cups, chopsticks, and spoons in the hot tea. Guess it's a way to make sure your dishes are actually clean.
GuangZhou, the land of skyscrapers. As far as the eye can see, and most of residential.
Today we we shopped a giant, and I mean giant fabric mall. It's 6 stories and three malls in all. Each mall is about as large as any clothing one you have been in. Each store is filled with swatches that you later go and buy bulk of.
Videl'n street art.
Chinese breakfast: Honestly one of the things I was most looking forward too about these trips was trying out new cultures breakfast. I have never been a fan of American morning foods, but didn't expect China's. Literally there is no difference between dinner and breakfast. On a positive note, I was able to try hard boiled quail egg... Yum!

31 March 2015

Ran across this gem last night. They are BBQ'ing all sorts of sea food, drinking beers, generally having a great time. See kids dark alleys can be fun!
Our having a drink at a swanky spot. First time being in a country where my language isn't really spoken. - odd fact, they serve their water warm.
Nightlife on the river front in GuangZhou. It's super beautiful. There are lots of young people playing games on rollerblades. One kid was balancing a water bottle while he went in and out of cones backwards.
Landed in GuangZhou safe and sound. Excited to see this city and get to work.