Around The World · 123 Days · 72 Moments · May 2018

South America

29 September 2018

Last flight of 4 China to Christchurch
Flight to Bogota to Mexico City to Vancouver

26 September 2018

The next day we walked far to far to the beach it was hot. The water great. We got a pie pizza which is a thing. The next day we got up early and flew back to bogota. We didn't do much here. Alice had one day. E drank coffee and I applied for jobs. She flew early the next day. I've just been loitering around. I got a hair cut and a shirt for Jonno.

20 September 2018

We checked into a nice hostel with a small pool and went to the Spanish fortress the biggest in the continent. We got cheviche from the street there was something alive in Alice's. We also got a cold coffee and Alice got bit by a weird bug. We chilled in the pool and made dinner pasta better than the first night. We went up to the roof where no hung out which is a nice spot. We wondered around the old town

18 September 2018

We made our own breakfast and got a bus into Santa Marta. We got a pretty good coffee then a bus towards Tayrona national park. We some what struggled to find our lodge but once we did it was great. Own separate house with hamock. We didn't realsie how expensive and how far you have to walk to get into the NP. We walked for almost 3 hours before getting into the water and having an expensive late lunch. We water was kinda rough and lots of people die here apparently. We set off on the late afternoon it was a gorgeous place we got back and chilled really hard

17 September 2018

We had eggs at the hostel then hung in a hammock with a small guitar. Went for a swim at the beach was super warm. Had a mango shake. Got a bus into Santa Marta for a curry and then left coz it's not as nice as where we are staying. Hung by the pool. They put a BBQ on if you want to cook meat so we got hot dogs and had a couple drinks.

16 September 2018

Had a flight to Santa Marta then got a bus to a hostel outside of Santa Marta rodona. We stayed in a cool hostel which was and old narco party house. Had a pool and good cocktails. We sat by the pool and went for a walk along the dirty beach.

15 September 2018

Bus to bogota. The hostel we booked Tried to tell us we couldn't stay

14 September 2018

Off to Guatarpe. Metro to the bus station 2 hour ride to this town which was flooded by a dam and now is a tourist attraction. We tried to go to the fruit market on the way home but was too late. We had a nice picnic In The room for dinner.

13 September 2018

We got the very clean metro to the backpacker part of Rouen to see what we were missing. Maybe nightlife. But we had a coffee. It started to pour down. We got back to the metro in a drizzle and went up to the uni where the botanical gardens. There was some festival and not really what I wanted so we went back for lunch where we found Julio to point us in the right direction for lunch. A tradition full carb meal designed for peasants to go all day. We split one and had desert. Again it rained a lot but we wanted to return to mall that was supposed to be a palace. It was filled with shoes and nba gear. We went home to rest before the football game. We went with some people from the tour and had a few drinks before. Great atmosphere and the home team won 1-0. Everyone bailed before the end to beat the traffic that doesn't exist.

12 September 2018

The walking tour seemed to be a highlight for everyone it's so popular you must reserve a spot. Julio would be our guide for 4 hours as we walked around the old town. Best walking tour. The city has a sad history but one I want to remember. The Botera statues where disproportionate and amusing. We went home and found a bakery with great cakes. There was a French crepes store where we had dinner.

11 September 2018

A very slow day bus to Mediean. But Salento could be a favorite place of the whole trip.

10 September 2018

Today we jumped in the taxi jeeps for 30m to the wax palms. They are 60m high. There is a loop track about 5h but high we followed through the farm lands and into the jungle. We ascended to the hummingbird house for a coffee and lots of birds. We continued to climb above the trees and along a nice path. There were wax Palms in glades and we had lunch along the way. We got the jeep back and missed a late lunch at the local coz it closed at 5pm.

9 September 2018

We decided to change accommodation to more of a hostel place. It cost the same as the private room but had a pool. We walked about 4km to a coffee plantation and took a tour but not before having a coffee. We took the tour which was incredible. We had a tasting and after had some coffee. We meet an English couple and decided to split the different coffee and methods of brewing with them. We walked back and chilled by the pool. The owner here offers free coffee all day so we had another. Ringing the total to about 6-7 cups. We meet back up the couple had some corn and chorizo and some craft beer. Then went to play tejo a game where you throw rocks at explosives.

8 September 2018

This day was pretty straight forward we got off the night bus and found a nice collectivo to take us from Armenia to Solento. It's a small town based on tourism. Nice streets with colorful doors. We went and had a coffe because that's what you do here. It's part of the coffee triangle. We found the b st place for lunch.

7 September 2018

Another early start. We got breakfast down the road and got a taxi to the bus station. The bus was late which was t fun it took about 5h to Tulacan where we had to get another taxi to the boarder. We stood in the wrong line for about 30m there's not much signage. Another hour in the right line and we walked across the bridge boarder into the right line which didn't take long. All up about two hours. There are a lot of venuzalans going the other way. Glad we arnt going south. Into another taxi to the town where pre booked our tickets for 9pm 4 hours wait.

6 September 2018

Well it was back to the bus now. No one could really tell us when they were so we had to wait and when I did come we just jumped on for a ride as it had to finish its loop. We got off near the highway and straight onto a bus. Once in Quito we got a taxi to the hostel that was recommended. We got up early the next day to go to the middle of the world. It was a challenge operating the long catipilar bus. But we got there. I wasn't happy to pay an entrance fee. But it was actually kinda worth it. We got a coffee inside and saw llama. There was a planetarium and a cool egg balancing challenge. We got back on the bus and it was easier getting back. E stoppped off and got the best Cuy in town and other Ecuador food. We tried to find the best coffee shop on town but couldn't and settled for a hot chocolate 💯 we wanted to go to the Turkish spa but ran out of time so a beer On the roof.

4 September 2018

A good lady start and a massive vege egg breakfast. Then it was to the bus station to go to quilatoa. We got off the bus on the free way where a guy in a taxi told us we missed the last bus so he took us all the way to the village for $30 not bad since the collectivo is $10 all in jos words but whatever. We walked to the view point of the crater. Our hostel gave us dinner and breakfast with super nice room with a fireplace which it did need. It was windy cold and 3800m high.
A good lady start and a massive vege egg breakfast. Then it was to the bus station to go to quilatoa. We got off the bus on the free way where a guy in a taxi told us we missed the last bus so he took us all the way to the village for $30 not bad since the collectivo is $10 all in jos words but whatever. We walked to the view point of the crater. Our hostel gave us dinner and breakfast with super nice room with a fireplace which it did need. It was windy cold and 3800m high.
Canyoning was sick. Just an hour half with four drops but well worth the $15. We planned on going up to the swing but the weather wasn't super flash. We got a hot chicolate for desert that night.

2 September 2018

Baños is a touristy town with lots of adventure activities. But famous for its hot pools we decided to get amongst. It was not pleasing. Being the weekend all the locals were there and the water was like warm at best we had to wear silly caps as well. We didn't stay long. Got a coffee which is also meant to be famous for. We cooked a pastas for dinner and cooked canyoning for the next day

1 September 2018

Went back to quilatoa to get a bus to Baños. Checked into a nice wee spot with our own room. Went out and got a steak.

31 August 2018

Got up early for the whales tours. Got on the public bus and found a guy to take us to the docks. We saw a couple on the way to the island but not too much. We got to island there were so many crabs around. We walked around and saw blue footed boobies and frigate birds. Got back on the boat and saw sea turtles. Had lunch and went snorkeling. On the way back home we saw a lot of whales breaching and slapping the water with their pectoral fins. Amazing stuff. Went back on the bus and had some quite expensive chivchie. It was just like any other.

30 August 2018

Was hoping the surf would be a better but nothing worthwhile. We tried walking around the bay to the next town but couldn't get round the rocks. It was hot and sunny. I got burnt on the shoulders. It was further than we thought. We had a great lunch of chicken and seafood. Got the bus back and hung in the hammocks.
We didn't make the 9:30 bus we wanted to hit the 11 would do just fine. It wasn't super hard finding the ticket office in the mall/airport/bus station. We got a coffee. It took about 3 three hours. We checked in and got lunch. Seafood. Then had a few drinks and

29 August 2018

Ate some left over food from the bus and wandered around the city was actually nicer than once thought. Lots of things were shut when we arrived and some still were but a strange feeling. We walked along the river it seemed like a nice place for families. Rides and cafes. We got to a neighborhood that was colorful hoping to get a coffee but the were all bars and closed. A pirate ship atop the hill. We went to a chain coffee and sweet. Then walked a ducking long way to get a seafood linch from a market. It was not reward to effort. We chilled in the room before going and getting dinner. A Thai restaurant that was more like Chinese and Japanese. Alice had an interview so back to the cafe spoke to John and then went home.

27 August 2018

So we had the breakfast then walked to the bus office. We got in a people mover then was told we were to drive to Tumbles near the boarder then onto the bus. But we drive past Tumbles and went to the boarder. A dodgy town. All the locals got off and we drive back to Tumbles and then got on the bus which was perfect timing better than waiting at the terminal. So the bus was comfy and it was really like an airplane. Got a taxi into Guayaquil and found the only places open were fast food joints so Wendy's it was.

26 August 2018

Again we got off in the dark and got a tuk tuk coz it was dark and dodgy. We chilled I. The hammocks till we could check in. We got breakfast which was actually good bread and a crosont. In mancora there is surf but not in the town. It's back south so I was a bit bummed there's stuff online that states there is. No worries we will just chill on the sun. For the morning at least because the wind picks up and it's not the greatest. We decided it would be best to move onto Ecuador. We had a nap and went and had two dinners. One was chiviece and the other a burrito. Also decided to down the rest of the Peruvian soles on cocktails. We had a dacari with dinner and it was like paint thinner. Prolly the stuff we drank when we did death road. So we went and got a bit more of a fancy moijitos that was well worth it. Especially when I found more money in my pocket so we could get another one.

25 August 2018

We had to get a night bus well we'll have to get two to get to mancora. The first to tiriyllo and then onwards. We sold the tent to a German girl for US$80 and met some kiwis from Wellington. We decided to walk to a lake with them. It wasn't too flash but we had a beer and some great sandwichs up top the view was great and on the way down it started to rain. We decided to try find cuy for dinner but settled on the basic lomo Saltado. We got o. The night bus.
Got off the night bus in the early morn still dark. Figured out where we had to get another bus other side of town. Taxi in dropped off the bags at a random hotel they would hold them for free. We went and got Mac Donald's. Then went to the chan chan ruins. Got a guide which was worth it coz otherwise it's just dirt and stone. Was pretty tired and went and got a coffee. Alice learned that there's a nice beach just north so we got another bus. This little town had sick surf so we were bummed we didn't know about it. We got chiviche Alice liked it. Went back got the bags. Walked to the station. 2nd night bus. I

23 August 2018

Had to get up early for this day. Only 14km down hill but who knows what it's like getting back to Huaraz. The walk was surprisingly nice with Fuchs trees and rivers. Again lots of place to camp. We got to a check point showed our tickets and talked to some nice old people. The next part was just through villages. Not great and pretty hot the last part up hill. We got to vacuia and had to pay for an expensive taxi with two others. It was a bumpy road that twisted around some beautiful mountains like pisco. We got back to yangay lucky we just had enough to get back there went and got more cash for the collectivo we decided to go back to the curry house this time for a Thai red.

22 August 2018

We had intentions to got up to a lake early morning but when we woke it was raining so we wouldn't see much. We get up pretty late because we only now had to go 10km up to the pass which was 4750m it wasn't too bad actually we had some good momentum and probably having a long time at the camp helped too. It was a bit cloudy and we had spots of hail and sleet but once over the other side it was perfect. We decended quickly and found the first camp on the map and decided it was good enough. There's a small stream to get water from and a few cows for company. We had a bovril then soup and the main was pasta and finished off with creamed rice for dessert.

21 August 2018

We woke a Lil late then made our way to an official camp spot. From here we could see ominous clouds and we did get a bit a drizzle. It cleared nicely in the arvo. We walked a pretty flat track along a lake and came to the junction that went to the top lake. We were tired even after just 6h of walking. So we decide to camp and get up early. We read and made soup and coffee then our mushroom pastas and finally Alice made an amazing apple crumble. We also made a fire that went well.

20 August 2018

We had a pretty decent breakfast at the hostel then set off for the collectivo which picked us up on the way. It was bumpy due tot the speed bumps but good roads. We had to pay an extra seat coz our bags took up one. We had to change rides in Charaz but before we did we had lunch. The next ride was a car that fitted 7 people in 4 seats. It was short but windy road. We got to the start and paid the entrance fee. We walked up a steep canyon for about an hour then it flattend and we were spoilt for choice for campgrounds. We decided on one that was up off the path a bit higher and we got the late sun. There was a river near by too. Oh and it was my birthday. It was a good one indeed.

19 August 2018

We decided to change hotels because the other one was a bit strange. We didn't event check out. Just left the money on the table. The next room was big with a bathroom that did have hot water. We got a few more supplies and had hot dogs and a strawberry milkshake for lunch and then another half kilo of strawberrys. I found a book to read. Treasure island in the hostel and we read in the hammocks. We found a curry house that was expensive but no more than back home. So it was kinda a bday celebration. The vindiloo was perfect in spoce. We also got ice cream and chocolate. We had the interview with Niseko Wow together it was short but hopefully he liked us. We were the last ones to be interviewed.

18 August 2018

The guy next to me on the bus snored like he was retching so didn't get much sleep. We walked and struggled to find our hostel across town. It had no sign no doorbell and looked like it was for sale. We got in and Alice went to sleep eventually I was Hungary so I went and got food and a coffee. Played the guy in the cafe at chess and lost. Went to the market to pick up things for the hike and brought Alice some lunch. Strawberry are soooo cheap. We walked around Huaraz which is a busy town.

17 August 2018

We got up and walked to the mall/bus terminal. Got tickets. All the buses now are a bit fancy. We couldn't decide what to eat for breakfast it seems like it doesn't matter how much you pay you get the same americano style with the crappy Cuzco bread. We got a buffet that you payed by weight. It was super good value. We got a bus into the center because we felt obliged. We went for a walk around and got a really good coffee in a small shop. We saw the chocolate factory and shared a pork crackling sandwich that apparently is famous. There's not much to do in Lima so we went back sat on the wifi in the hotel and went and got dinner. Popeyes which I accidentally order for one not two. So we got the buffet again and went and got our bus to Huaraz.

16 August 2018

Had a great breakfast with a pancake with fruit and coffee and juice. We basically up and left got a taxi into town and went to the bus station. They go regularly so we didn't wait long. It was a flash bus because the cheap one took ages as it went through many places. Got into Lima

15 August 2018

We are the rest of our oats for breakfast added condensed milk cinnamon sugar. So it wasn't bad. We ate ok the roof top and asked about hiring some sand boards. It was just like a regular snowboard but way more banged up. We got it for 5 hours but definitely didn't need it. Walking up the dunes was hard work and hot. The first run went ok until the sand became bumpy then you can't go anywhere. We walked around and had a good short run with another and then walked up the big one which was actually worth the effort. But at this stage we were spent and wanted to go to the pool and eat and drink so we did. Beer spicy chicken wings and moijitos did the trick. Watched the sunset and went and got dinner at haucafuckingchina. It was a good burger but crap moijitos. I got up in the night for the stars but cloud came over.

14 August 2018

Woke up on the bus and realized we had still so far to go. It was pretty comfy though. We stopped and got a sort of Chinese Peru fried rice breakfast. There were two other couples. One that looked like they were dead. Us and then another couple smashing beers. We got off in Ica and got a taxi to the oasis Huachina which sounds like whakachangi the beer. We checked in and went to the pool we got a mojito. Then walked up the sand dunes with a beer. I thought I lost my wallet when we got back. We got dinner at the hostel burgers and wine and then went to bed.

13 August 2018

We didn't do much else in Cuzco but we got a lot coffee and sorted out flights back home it was unreal expensive but it had to be done if we are to do a ski season. Applied for a job in Japan but France is still on the menu. It seemed to rain a lot more here after the hike. We walked to the bus terminal in the morning and got some super expensive tickets to Ica. We got the Machu Picchu sandwich again and a banana smoothie. The bus was at 8pm so we got a classic chicken dinner at 5pm it was massive and mad max was on the tv. We got our things and. Began to walk to the terminal. Again it was raining lightly. The bus was delayed and eventually turned into an 18h bus ride.

11 August 2018

I woke at like 430 but we didn't get up till 7 or 8. We had breakfast and packed up. Fortunately it dry so we dried the tent and everything else. We walked along back to the start and was very confused about what to do. Many options with not much help from the local guys. We ended up getting a collectivo for $20 and it took almost 8 hours something we were not prepared. Along the way it rained and all the gear was on top didn't get too wet apart from the tent... it must attract water we got back in the night and struggled to check in but we got a room with a wonky floor. It was cold but still slept well.

10 August 2018

3:30am start for Machu Picchu. We walked in the dark and of course there was a little rain. We got to the start of the track where about 50 people waited in line before us. It was a tough walk up due to the time but with no bags we feared better than others. At the top it's absolute chaos. No organization. We talked to a guy to get a guide. Alice went to the toilet. We showed our passports and found the guide on the other side. He was good a real character. One ozzy girl asked lots of questions. Her Canadian friend missed the tour and was ticked off. It was super cloudy up there 2800m and it did rain for a bit. After the guy didn't ask for money so we left but got caught up when we left but he did offer of we wanted some of the guide food which was incredible. We walked down into town and got an expensive coffee but well worth it. We went back and chilled in the camp. We had a massive diner. A vege stew. We found a lemon and added it. Must do it again.

9 August 2018

Sunrise and poached eggs that ironed out ok. 4km down a steep hill and then onto the flat to the hydro electrica. This is where we had to sign in and where people get dropped off and get the train. There were a few shops and no signs that helped us in our direction. Only signs were stay off the tracks. Which the trail followed over medium sized stones that were a botch to walk on. We or an ice cream and found our way. It was maybe 9k around the river and tracks. It was a nice day there wee men at work and lots of groups. We stayed at the gardens. About 45m walk out of the town of agua calentea. We post the tent and walked in. It was about 4pm but dinner time. We got moijitos and pizza. The town was cool had a weird layout with no cars only trains and people carting goods around. We walked back in the dark and went to bed.

8 August 2018

We got up slow coz it was a short day about 10km mainly uphill. We walked through more coffee plantations and saw some people working in them. It was a pleasant climb not too steep and we had a few drops of rain. We got to the top and had lunch. I realized that avocados are super cheap and I should make the most of them. The campsite up the top was a short walk from the store. It was probably the best ever ever. It had a view of mountains and Machu Picchu. It was pretty cloudy. We walked down the track to some rubis and when we got back there was some German girls camping too. Later two French would turn up. The lady came and started a fire with wet wood but we dried it out and got it roaring. I woke up hoping for my epic star gazing but still lots of clouds. We did get up for sunrise

7 August 2018

5.30am was when the alarm was set but at this time it was still raining so we waited. We attempted to dry things after while we had breakfast. A larger pig ate some of our cookies and almost the plastic. We said goodbye to Antonio and again walked down. It started to get more humid and more forest. We saw two other idies ahead of us. The trail from here followed a river and it went up and down. Many sand flies were about and it wasn't too hot. We bought a mango at a house and had it for afternoon tea. We found a place to camp at about 4pm and again tried to dry things. It went pretty well. We camped in a coffee plantation sort of thing.

6 August 2018

We started out in light rain and heading up toward the saddle which would be the highest point. 4600m eventually it started snowing big puffy flakes. There was little wind until be got to the top. But it was cold and hard to move fast. We were drenched. And couldn't see much. There were lots of locals moving horses but all the groups had set off before us. Some as early as 3am. We found a bivvy reinforced with stones which we had lunch in and a cup of tea. Soon we could see down the valley toward a town there was no snow. Our pace a faster but the trail we muddy and slippery. We caught a group at the town and then defended from that platoue. It was still raining and we still had a few hours to go. We got to our target though and asked the nice local Antonio if we could camp. It was still lite rain. But we had dinner saw a small pig. And had a good night rest.

5 August 2018

Collectivo to Mollepta. A French couple on board but they were going further to sorypampa. It would cost them about 80soles. We checked into a pretty nice hotel and went and found a cheap pineapple. For dinner I had a massive feed of chicken and rice. Alice had some Chinese dish. It was a lot of food. We were able to get breakfast in the hotel and it was good it had an avocado. We set off about 8am and while the trail wasn't that flash it did seem to change a lot. Through farm land and through planes of fields it was pretty hot. We followed a water way for the last part of the trail. Before it mainly uphill now it was flat. We found sorypampa and had plans on hiking to the lake. There was lots of people around going up. None of them had walked there and all but two were on tours. We were told by a local we couldn't camp we ignored him. But a guide who spoke English told us it was sacred so we walked down and camped in the grounds. The morning the lady came and wanted 20 but gave 10.

2 August 2018

We spent a day in ariquipa and then went on a night bus to Cuzco. It took about 12h. We couldn't check into the hostel till 1pm so we went and got tickets for MP. We got ripped off coz we couldn't use our student cards. Met a nice couple English/kiwi combo in the lone. We went to a church/ museum where the Spanish built a church over an old sacred Inka place. We found a cheap lunch and went to check in but the people where no where to be found. We tried to check into another place but they were full. We went for a walk around to the market and got a churo. We found the cheapest dinner $3.50nz for both us. We did leave Alice's bag behind so we ran back to get it. 😬

31 July 2018

Getting up we had our own breakfast and skipped the hostels. This the the real day so we had to get up and going before it was too hot which didn't take that long. Straight out of the gate one of the hostel dogs saw us and started off down the track we filled a bottle by the river and sadly used the last of my sunscreen from Vietnam. We got to the track by the time the sun reached us. Eventually we saw the dog sitting up on a big rock. We have him some water and then he took off up the track. We would later find him in the shade and he was with us for the rest of day. I named him slash. Not long after we got to a flat section. We found another dog and I named him Izzie. He followed us almost to the top where a cool cave and an American kept him there. The last bit was the most challenging. We made it to the town and got tickets and bread. We just had enough time to eat a soup and get the main to go. Off to Arequipa the bus was full.

30 July 2018

Again was an early start. The standard porridge of as the breakfast. We set off west and planned to get to the water fall. We were in the shade to start the ascent. Eventually we decided it was fucking far away and would add at least a day. If we went down to llauar we could soak in the pools and chill for the afternoon. The lady said it was 10 soles to camp which was the same as using the pools so we camped in the hostel which was probably the best decision we made apart from buying a couple of beers. We lounged in the hot pools and sat in the sun. Made friends with the dogs. Made two dinners of pasta and then went back to the pools and watched the stars. I would take some photos down but the river but massive light pollution from the hostel and a full moon didn't help.

29 July 2018

6pm start and the standard small breakfast was on offer. We had to get tickets into the park. We had to find Kelly who would sell is one since the office was closed due to the holiday. We got bread then started off up the road to the trail. 6k and a 1000m down took us sum 4 hours. It was a bit like a desert with cacti and dust. The river was beautiful torques we crossed it over the bridge and had a break next to the river which was perfect temperature for feet soaking. We walked up into the trees and found a cacti grove with all sorts of fruit growing we decided to chill in the shad to avoid the mid day sun. We bought the most expensive water and coke ever sold. And found our trail. There was a 2 groups of guided peps. Kinda handy coz there was a few turns we were unsure of. We found our camp spot and scouted for the best one. There was a strong wind blowing. We made camp and had dinner. Pasta. Plan to wake up for the stars although it is a full moon...

28 July 2018

We walked to the alpaca mundo. Amazing how strong soft and warm them fibers is. And expensive $300 for a sweater. Got a tamale had lunch again chicken. Got the bus to get a bus

27 July 2018

Crossing the boarder was easy. We had to stop on Puno to change bus. The bus was good coz I had a new racing game to play. We got on after 8 and taxied into town. The food here seems even cheaper than Bolivia if that's possible it comes with soup and Lil bit smaller portions but probably a good thing. Next day we did the unmistakable and went to Starbucks so I could upload heaps of photos. It was the national holiday so lots of cafes were closed. We wanted to go on a walking tour but couldn't find it coz we were in the wrong plazas. So we went to a museum with an old inca mummy. We had a really good tour of the place. We decided to get bus tickets to cobanacande. Seems it would be busy. Not much happened for the holiday they had a music stage but took it down the next day. We walked back from the bus terminal and had dinner and chilled.

25 July 2018

We spent the next day laying around the pool. We got a night bus and had dinner ready in the form of pastels from the French bakery. The ride was little more challenging but only 12 hours. We got to La Paz and got the teleferico to the station. We waited 2 hours for the bus to copacobana. It was a small bus with lots of French and locals. The ride was 4 hours with a short stop to cross the lake on a boat. We found a late lunch when we arrived down at the water front. They know how to cook trout well so we decided to have it again for dinner. The next morning we got up to get a boat to isle del sol. We missed the extra island Luna coz there's nothing there and the boat was super slow. We walked around and felt out of breath due to 4000m had some lunch walked to some ruins then home for mojiotos. The isle was geared up for tourism. Hostels and restaurants all serving pizza coz that's what we want! It was a pleasant and chilled place. We decided to go to Peru the next day.

22 July 2018

Our guide didn't want to do sunrise coz of the cloud. But I got up and watched the birds just after sunrise. We had a big breakfast and went out looking for anacondas. We found one. 2.5m lots of people came to see and hold which was kinda lame. We went back packed and had lunch. A big baked chicken and salad. We got on the boat and had a beer on the way back. Got into cars and left down the dusty bumpy dirt road

21 July 2018

So the humid and hot weather changed overnight. Sleeping with no blankets in me jocks I woke very cold so out all cloths on. Our guide said the anacondas do not like the cold and there not much point to try so we found more birds and dolphins which was fine. Still freezing. One girl got in to swim which was pleasant for everyone. The water was surprisingly warm but the air cold. Hopefully I can do some research and catalogue what birds we have see. We came back for lunch and got to chill for two hours. Next was piranha fishing. Just with a hand line and some bait. I caught the first small tiny piranha and threw em back. I didn't catch anything else till later at the 2nd spot. Alice did well getting a wall fish and a sardine. I got something like 3 piranha one big one and a few catfish one super tiny one that was probably born that day. Got a little frustrated. Got my feet wet so was concerned for my cut toe. We ate the catch for dinner and sat by the fire. This night we got blankets

20 July 2018

another day in la Paz we had an interview with Pete from San Blas which seemed to go well. The next day Alice wasn't feeling well probably from the altitude sickness but she wanted to leave. We got the bus to rurrenabaque in the jungle. The bus not anything like it's hyped to be. We slept and got in about 5am we slept in hammocks till we could check in. There's a nice French bakery we got extra breakfast from. I stumbled my toe and lost a bit of skin so no pool for me. We booked a tour to go into the Pampas. Hang by the pool then went and found chicken and watched the sun set by the river. The next day we started and had a very dusty car ride. Th AC didn't work so windows went up and down depending of there was a car coming. We got on he boat and immediately saw camin and birds and everything. We watched the sun set and came back in the dark which made the wild come to life. Dinner and chill
We got up for breakfast and didn't really know what was happening. We waited around then had lunch and the guide turned up. We set off with an extra guide and walked toward the glacier then diverted up to a ridge line. There was a small stone hut where we paid to enter the park. We out our crampons on. There was some new snow about a foot which made some parts hard. It only took us about an 4 hours to get up to camp which was much higher than all the rest. We had a simple meal noodles and hot dogs. We went to sleep woke at midnight. I took some pictures. We didn't have breakfast because the bread was stale. We set out slowly through the snow. It as a cold night one of the coldest the guides mentioned and they looked cold. Zhi manages to get ahead of us which was a good thing because eventually o ran out of energy and the altitude got me so we turned back. It was hard we made it to 5950m we decended and met back with zhi we walked back down to base camp and got steak for diner.

14 July 2018

The most ungodly hour 7-7:30 woke us up to finally leave the hostel and start our Hueyana Potosi climb of 3 days. We meet a guy from Singapore xi or something. Who would also come with. Our guide didn't speak much English. We got to the Refugio where we would spend the night. We had lunch then set off for the glacier to have a quick walk. It was tough walking to the ice due to the altitude about 4700m. We weren't impressed that Alice's crampons didn't fit when we got there. Bolivian ingenuity does not compare to kiwi as the string did nothing to support it. We came back had some coca tea and coffee and fruit and then dinner spaghetti with a grilled sandwich. It started to rain afterward so due to that and the rain I decided to flag getting up for the stars something I'm yet to really do in South America. We went to bed around 830 and I read some of the tree book on my phone. My kindle has had a moment and it would appear that the lower half of the screen is defective

13 July 2018

La Paz is a big town with an even bigger town up on the surrounding hills el alto. It has gondolas all around. We had a few things to do abut we did spend more time than planned. Mainly because the company we wanted to climb Hueana potosi was booked till next week. We need to acclimatize any how. There is the gringo alley where we picked up a few things like more warm layers. Such a rookie not brings down. Alice repaired her bag and got new sunnies. We found a cafe that actually made flat whites. The 'working mans club did a killer lunch for $3. We biked down death road although it's not that bad. A proper MTb track would have been better. But we had a chill arvo by the pool and a big buffet lunch which serverd as dinner. We took local minibuses to the devils tooth. We saw some guys from the hostel after we went to get Lebanese food. We organized to have an interview with San blas adventures when we get back from the climb.
After Cruz we went to Cochabamba. It was high up had the tallest Jesus statue on a hill. Was a nice climate. Since this was a about a week ago I don't really remember much but it was nice. Alice had a friend of a friend who met up with and went to a flash tin miners house that was open to the public. She took us to a nice restaurant and had the most delicious food. Like a soup in tinfoil in a bowl bits of meet and rice and fried banana. We also had a flash frozen coattail. That night we got on the most comfortable night bus ever. We slept most of the way and arrived at la Paz at 5am. We waited until morning light came bit had a coffee in the cafe. Walked into the cheapest place we could find

30 June 2018

Santa Cruz was as expected big city with not much but very interesting none the least. The main point being the menanites. Europeans looking for religious freedom. The are sort of like the armish but they accept technology. They dress all the same in shorts and overalls. We checked into the hotel and found a late lunch that provided to be early dinner as well. The next day we struggled to find a useful ATM and breakfast. After eating in a lesbian cafe we got a colectivo and went to the pr servers botanical gardens. It was about 5k but most of it was fauna that was not exciting. A few birds and lots of butterflies no monkeys or sloths. The front end had a conservatory. I was feeling weak due to the heat and lack of food. We bussed back got our tickets to Cochabamba. And went had a massive euro dinner at the brown fox an English pub had a few beers and finished with a Cinnabon desert. Had to be done from time to time we spent a bit more than usual but no more than back home.

28 June 2018

Bummeda round in sucre for a few days. Night bus to Samaipata which arrived at 230. We booked a tent to stay in and ended up staying for 4 nights. It was owned by a nice German. Day one we took it easy figured out what your to do( los codo de Andes) more people that booked the cheaper but it seems to be low season so no one did despite our best efforts. Th local restaurant on the square are about $6 for a big meal. The last couple days we found local ones near the highway. $3-5 for a massive meal. Mainly the best chicken and a side of carbs. Day 2 we went to an animal refuge. It was peaceful. Tucsons monkeys tortoises parakeets and other. Day 3 we had our tour in the mountains. No one else booked so they gave us discount. It was a bit cloudy so dramatic one point up the top we got whited out. Glad it wasn't too hot. It ended at three nice waterfalls. We left the next day on a collective taxi which we timed nicely. Onto Santa Cruz the most populated and richest city.

21 June 2018

We awoke eager to get going quickly to allow us some mistake time. 20m in and already questioning. We found a man in minu mayu we paid he 9b to show us in the right direction. He left us next to some fossilized Dino footprints. We ascended the hill and had a break. This was the high point for the day and we needed to find the road to Potolo. We agreed that hitching there would be best as water was low. This did not happen as we only saw one car. So we made good time on the road only had about 9k but the sun was beating us. Upon leaving a chapula we found a store bought 2L and drank most of it on the spot. This basically got us home. We found a strange place to stay sort of museum. We were the only one and the lady gave us each an orange put the sheep away and left. Yet to see if the lone restaurant will be open. Tomorrow we get the mini bus back to Sucre.
We woke early to make the most of the day. Said good bye to the donkeys and saw the path ahead form a few school kids on their way. We talked to a local man and saw great mountains. The dirt is all crazy colours. Again we didn't really know where to go just follow a path and We decided to bomb up a hill in the direction of maragua and found the this tiny town in its crater was once where the Dino's drank from a lake. We scaled down and saw a waterfall the devils throat. We ent entered into town to find water and picked up 6L should've got more! Once we were orintated we found the next bit hard in the direct sun up a hill to our highest point. Hoping to find a campsite soon near the top we were disappointed and settled for the flattest ground not on farm land by the road. This night we geared many locals walking home. I found I was quite dehydrated and was shocked at the colour of my piss.
Margaua crater was the first multi day solo hike for us. It was tough. So to begin with we ranged from 2600-3200m we were dropped off by the inca steps which was actually the highlight. Once to the bottom we paid a lady a road toll. And found a path again. Walking along the dusty roads we avoided traffic and questioned where we were. This was a good theme. The valley was also beautiful and we crossed a bridge where some locals was having a strange gathering. After another 30m I had to pull the pin as I was exhausted and I knew Alice was too. We camped where some donkeys were hanging out. A nice creamy pastas was dinner.
We got a night bus to Sucre about an hour in we blew a tyre hit we back on the road on F1 speed. The arrived way early than expected so we sat in the station till we could be let into the Spanish school where we stayed. We napped and walked around. It's a beautiful city with great architecture and most restaurants we have a set menu that includes quite a lot of food. We started classes the next day together and it was hard 4 hours Alice was much better than me and after a few days I decided to get my own private. On that day I got sick. The shits. And the last day of lessons I could t even attend despite trying. The next day i was feeling slightly better.
Early morning start before sunup and we got a bus to cross into Bolivia. It went smooth and customers didn't really care. Before we arrived into Uyini, we came across a bridge that we couldn't use so trying to cross the river took some 30m our friend yarn was 30m behind us he caught up and his driver went for it. We didn't end up doing the salt flat tours because it didn't seem to grip me. So instead we are street food in the middle of the road had some amazing chicken and went to a train graveyard. It is a cold and dusty place but our gateway to Bolivia.

8 June 2018

Up on a plane and we landed in Calama then short hour bus to San Pedro De Atacama. This desert is the driest on earth and is also about 2500m so this time year it was pretty cold but blue bird days. The plan was to camp in the desert but after a bit of research we found that it is kinda illegal. So we rented bikes to go explore. My pedal broke off so we had a bit of a rough start. Heading north we found our way to an old tunnel with a fertile valley bellow. Valley deal la Diablo was the ‘laberinth’ that we biked round for a while. After the ride our bums were sore and legs tired so we indulged in some lentils that we had been perfecting. The valley of the moon was the next biking tour. Thankfully it was never super hot. We booked tour to go see the highest geysers in the world at exactly 4320m I got a wee bit altitude but it was definitely the 430am start. We jumped into the Luke warm hot springs which made me feel better. Then saw some wild life birds and llamas. Bused to calama.

3 June 2018

Valparaiso is a coastal city that has colourful character. Despite it’s a natural disasters over the last century from earthquake tsunami political dictatorship and more recently fire of 2014 which the remnants can still be seen like in are half refurbished hostel. Although there is no one or few attractions, Valparaiso beauty lies in its brightly painted building and street art no matter how illegal the art is it is all over the main suburban areas. Many cultures have lived here from German to Chinese and the English all have had maritime business. Our first day we wandered the street, still a bit jet lagged. The next we did a walking tour which covered what we had already walked. The next we took the bus to Con Con the next town over which is more upper class and more sand dunes. Public transit is cheap and varied form. Buses cable bus and funicular which not many functioned. The stray dogs are friendly and we made a friend named roach.

29 May 2018

Alice and I meet Pitty and Natasha and went for Chinese then got drunk and went to gig. The next day watched nba followed by a long flight to Santiago. Arriving tired we managed an Uber to a quite little hostile in the suburbs. We found a supermarket and had sandwiches for dinner afterwards we passed out due to jet lag. We wondered around the cbd climbed a cool hill with an old barracks. The city is a dusty one with many people. Everything is easy to navigate with a metro. People are kind and friendly although do not speak much English. The first proper cuisine was a cheese empanada. Via the metro we got to the bus station the next day. The only hurdle was being cramed unto the tube. But it lead us straight there. It was a tad raining and I realised that I left my pack cover behind in NZ. But it wasn’t too bad. Onto Valparaiso a coastal town with lots of street. We had a hot chocolate with some others in the hostile. Tomorrow a walking tour.