North America, Europe · 6 Days · 13 Moments · July 2017

Mark & Denise's adventure in Porto, Portugal

16 July 2017

We have just arrived at our 3rd destination, Caminha. It took these three pilgrims approx 2.4 hrs to reach. A rustic beach town with natives bustling throughout the town. Here is a pic of 2 to of the pilgrims at noterreiro (cafe).
Day 5 - Good morning followers. It's been a while since i posted, but I'm back. We are up and ready to head to our second destination, Muralha Caminha, which is our shortest walk of the trip, 8 km. Onward!

14 July 2017

Day 2 - in Viana Castelo - we have just arrived.

13 July 2017

It's 1052 pm Porto Portugal time and 252 pm home time, which means we have been awake for 36 plus hours. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. So, have lots of pics from the day and evening, but not the energy to.give blow by blow depictions. Sorry my loyal Camino followers.
Just arrived in Amsterdam airport. Layover for couple of hours. We are having some European bfast at cafe chocolat.

12 July 2017

Got to watch Rogue 1 on the flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam! Yay! THE FORCE IS WITH ME
Our 3rd Camino party member has joined us at the Minnesota airport. YAY!!
Flag of portugal
First pic of the Camino party minus three. Meeting up with the others in Amsterdam. we are at the LAX delta terminal, it's 230 am, and it we were just informed it doesnt open until 4 am. Our tickets showed tht check-in is at 315 am. Oh well. -Buen Camino

11 July 2017

Denise was able to change our flight out from LAX to 615 am which, gives us plenty of time to transfer to our next flight to Amsterdam. Yay! No Stress!!

10 July 2017

20 hrs until check-in for the flight. I can't believe less than 24 hours and Denise and I will be heading to Porto to begin our!! Unfortunately the pic has a location icon covering the hours before flight.