Bangladesh · 3 Days · 10 Moments · March 2015

The Bangladesh Shuffle

30 March 2015

Today we went deep inside a village to see a compliance factory called Cross line. Actually a pretty beautiful experience. The people seemed happy. Heck even the chickens looked stoked. These factories end up being the life's blood of the village. Yes they are poor and making very low wages, but you get the impression they praise Allah for all they do have.

29 March 2015

Speaking of letting loose... After the dinner my boss wanted to show me the roof top desk. It was nice but we were getting eaten alive so time to check out the hotel bar. There was a band and women singing Hindi songs. After a beer we notice all the local men (we were the only foreigners) were pretty affectionate to each other, yet the few women seemed to be there with hungry eyes. Yep, we managed to find a mostly gay bar with ladies of the evening looking for clients. I had to think to myself "Somewhere John Waters would be proud".

28 March 2015

Saturday night here in Bangladesh my boss and I were able to let loose a little bit. We started our evening off by a factory taking us to a very posh Korean restaurant called Koreana. I am not one to eat big portions and literally had to eat way past my comfort zone. Luckily it was super delicious. Being he BD is an Islamic state and alcohol is prohibited I thought this would be a dry trip. That would not be the case. Mr. Mahmoud kept the Soju flowing. All and it was a great dinner, and I definitely made some great business contacts.
Day at the factory commenting on proto types and seeing the facilities. It was great to work as a team and get things done. Had a Bangali lunch... So... Yeah that was a thing. Not something I will look up when I am back. The crazy Dr Frankenstein looking machine is a circular knitting machine. It's how your t-shirt fabric is made.
The ride to one of the factories we use. The large silos are brick making stacks. That makes the guys making them masons right?
The streets of Bangladesh. The picture of the train, those are actually people on top of the train. Some look to be under 5 years old.
First time in a Islamic country. Totally crazy how much religious TV there is. Being that we are next India, you'll turn from sexy Bollywood to Prayers. We are apparently here during the Hajj, (the journey to Mecca).

27 March 2015

Finally made it to Dhaka. After what should have been a three hour flight, took way too long. It's all good though. First meeting starts at 9:30 am.
Well after all that, they never got us stamped out of India. We had to sit through immigration argue with the soldiers about if we should have to go through all the lines again. The bureaucrats f'ed up but the soldiers just wanted us to Move to the next destination.
Layover in Kolkata on route to Bangladesh. Stop by what was clearly labeled "Transfer Desk" in this airport whos architect was inspired by the death start, too meet 2 women who seemed surprised we wanted to transfer planes. Boarding pass and pass port were taken and we were told to sit in what I can only call a holding pin. They spoke to each other shuffled papers around and did I all ready mention seemed utterly confused by the fact we were transferring planes? We see them walk slowly, (yes there is a time limit on catching said transfer plane), to get something stamped. Finally return back with nothing that seems stamped and asks us to wait longer. After another 15 min we are escorted though a series of glass doors and flights of stairs. Taken to have our bags x-rayed (just came from Delhi airport a very secure place). The very handsome Indian "TSA" guy pats me down and says he loved my tattoos. Finally we are escorted to our gate. And plane is 2 hours delayed.