Peru · 2 Days · 3 Moments · October 2017

Mark Andrew's tour through Cusco, Peru

31 October 2017

This this Argentinian guy appears from nowhere. The first day when he texted me on Grindr I actually didn't want to go out with him. Because it was too tired after the party the night before. Next day I went out partying and he didn't want to go out but finally he did it, the problem is that he turned out to be really really hot and really really nice. Unfortunately we just had one night which we were together dancing. In the morning I gave him a blow job right on the street. I think I'm actually kinda in love with him because , I don't know, something clicked. The other day when we were talking over WhatsApp he turned out to be in a relationship with someone, but he could keep saying that his relationship is a little bit complicated and he still wants to be with me at least those two days that he has here in Cusco. So today later on we'll meet up here in Cusco in the center and hopefully I'll figure out what's going on and I will write it down here later. So let's see what's going to.

30 October 2017

The collection of "cool" from different Spanish speaking countries: 🇵🇪 Que paja, bacán,bacana, 🇨🇴 Que chimba 🇦🇷 Que capado 🇨🇱 Que pulento, que nítido
In Cusco you definitely have to go to Mama Africa - a small bar/disco in the plaza de armas, right in the center. It's a small place with good crossover music, a lot of foreigners. I was treated free shots from the bar (just make sure you dance well), danced on the bar and met a lot of nice people. Another place, which is absolutely awesome is Changos night club with more Latino vibes to eat. The entrance to the both entity was free, the drinks are a bit overpriced, but they have happy hours, as well (but 1 get 2), anyway we got drunk beforehand.