United States of America · 12 Days · 72 Moments · June 2016

Mark and Nick's Great American Road Trip

25 June 2016

The sun is setting on the last day of our roadtrip! It's been fun. We're 1 hour from Portland.
Oregon Vortex: House of Mystery in Gold Hill, Oregon.
Final stop in California! Wrapping up the last of our postcard writing before we head out for breakfast.

24 June 2016

We were headed to tacos for dinner in Salinas, CA but we were told the best food in town is BBQ at Prunehill Market and Deli. So we gave it a shot... and good thing we did!
Carmel Mission
Mission San Carlos Borromeo del río Carmelo in Carmel, CA
Pacific coast highway
Elephant Seal!
Highway 1 between San Simeon and Monterrey, CA. Stunning coastline.
Hearst Castle! What an incredible place. La Cuesta Encantada.

23 June 2016

Time for the beach! Relaxing after Disneyland.
At the station from Emergency!
Look how serious he is!!!
Disney California Adventure! First ones through the gate at 8AM! Yay.

22 June 2016

Watts Towers... One of the strangest art installations you'll ever find in LA.
Manhattan Beach, California. Reading my book and smelling the ocean fresh air.
Our favorite sushi place from our days in LA. Oh, Golden Red Bull... we love you.
Malibu lake is a filming site of over 100 movies dating back to the silent film era. It's a private community with famous past residents including Ronald Reagan, Elizabeth Montgomery, etc.
Okay... The weirdest moment (this far) just occurred... I found a clay bust of my buddy Todd. I took the item to the store owner... she had never seen it before (nor had any other workers at Oasis Imports) - they confirmed it doesn't belong to them, so they gifted it to us.
The Getty Villa
More Getty Villa...

21 June 2016

It is now 118 degrees outside.... Holy Crap!
Amazing ghost town in Grafton, UT. It was 110 degrees outside when we took these photos.
This morning, we ventured out before dawn to watch the sun rise over Zion National Park.

20 June 2016

We arrived at Zion just after sunset, but we can't wait for new adventures tomorrow!
Bryce Canyon! Nothing compares to the natural wonder of this beautiful place!
Road art!
Oh, the stops we make along the way. Spry Cemetery in Panguitch, UT.
Lunch break at Cove Fort, Utah. It's 104 degrees... so we're lunching inside the car with AC!
Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah.
Doctor says it Is just a minor viral infection. Cough syrup and ibuprofen... then back on the road
Gilgal Sculpture Garden in Salt Lake City. Sculpture garden dedicated to Mormon cultural heritage.
My cough has developed to be pretty significant... maybe a little chest infection? VA emergency room, chest x-ray... We will see what the verdict is

19 June 2016

Salt Lake Temple
Lave Hot Springs, ID! This place has a series of hot spring fed pools ranging from 102 to 116 degrees.
This is the worlds only captive geyser (there is a timed valve that triggers the eruption every hour on the hour) - I love Soda Springs Idaho!
We had 20 minutes until the scheduled eruption of the soda springs geyser (more on that later). We went through the drive thru of the local A&W... and they forgot we were there. 15 minutes later, Nick went inside to check. This is a picture of the drive-up window.... Look closely to see my irritated face
Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Very cool.
Chapel of Transfiguration
The Grand Tetons
At The continental divide

18 June 2016

Yellowstone Day2

17 June 2016

Afternoon at Yellowstone
Morning in Yellowstone
Birthplace of television - thank you Philo Farnsworth!

16 June 2016

Exploring Idaho Falls
Celebration of Starch at the Idaho Potato Museum
Experimental Breeder Reactor #1 (EBR-1)
Arco Idaho - first to be powered by nuclear energy
The NASA mobile command control center is here in Arco Idaho
Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho
Looking on to the sawtooth range
Grabbing Coffee with our new buddy, Dakota at Peaks Perks
Morning dip in the riverside cauldron fed by a natural hot spring. Best way to start the day
Crazy sunrise this morning with beautiful mountains as a backdrop. This is the view from our balcony.

15 June 2016

The cutest little cabin in the world (Jerry's Country Store and Cabins in Lower Stanley, ID)
Kirkham Hot Springs! 104 degree waterfall pouring into little pools next to the river.
Pioneer Cemetery at Idaho City
Goody's Soda Fountain
Freak Alley Gallery
Boise, Idaho Capitol building!
Idaho state capital
Arrival in Boise. Tomorrow is a day of exploring the area - hopefully we will find a hot spring or two

14 June 2016

What is with the weather today?!
Stonehenge! Crazy windy out here
Stonehenge! And SUNSHINE!
Yes... We have a #MarkAndNick rubber stamp... Your postcards will be branded
We are on the road!
Picking up the rental car!