Indonesia · 30 Days · 14 Moments · April 2017

Marja ja seikkailupaikkana Bali, Indonesia

6 May 2017

Saturday trip around the north-eastern part of Bali. Snorkling, adventurous drive across the mountains with amazing views, and swim in a natural hot water spring.

29 April 2017

Weekend at Seminyak/Kuta with the crew ✌thug life on the road πŸ˜„

28 April 2017

Tegenungan waterfall. 😍

23 April 2017

Gili T. Island of weirdness, turquoise water and having fun. Staying in a fancy villa with great crew was amazing βœŒπŸ’• Recommend: Nightly swim in the sea and own pool, dancing in the sand under the stars, own staff making hangover breakfast. Also too much sweet Tempe was had. 🌲/5

18 April 2017


16 April 2017

First weekend trip, tried to go all the way to Lovina beach, but we ended up doing coffee and tea tasting, Ulun Danu temple and Gitgit waterfall. In picture, there's kopi luwak aka poop coffee. Tastes like nornal finnish coffee (not like poop). I also lost my "waterfall virginity", saw my first waterfall and even jumped in it! Would have never believed doing so 😊😊

15 April 2017

The kuningan day. First the Mansion pool, after we tried to participate the seremony, all properly dressed. Luckily caught it just on time at our village.

13 April 2017

As part of the orientation week, we had also a cooking class. We made incredibly good gado-gado (Tempe and tofu in peanut sauce). And the long beans were longer than I expected! I had to take a picture if my new favourite ingredient, weird sweet sauce. We had two bahasa language classes as well, so that we can bargain at the market. And maybe greet the locals πŸ˜„ Cupit, our Tuesday-Thursday regular, has plenty of flags hanging and you can sign your own flag. I got to be the first one in the Finnish flag πŸ’•

12 April 2017

Making our own flower offerings, similar that the locals make and offer every morning and evening in front of their houses etc.

11 April 2017

Batik painting class. And no, I wasn't that good, the professional artists fixed our poor job πŸ˜„ plus beautiful moonlight before first night in Cupit.
Walk through rice fields and pool time with fresh coconut.

10 April 2017

Monkey forest in Ubud.

8 April 2017

First day in Ubud.

6 April 2017

First impressions of Bali, in Kuta.