South Africa · 6 Days · 6 Moments · June 2017

Marisa's journi to South Africa

23 June 2017

On June 22, we also went to a lion park and saw many animals other than lions. We also got to pet and play with baby lions. But we also went on a safari ride. Photos: Animals we saw at the park.

22 June 2017

Today, June 22, we went to a safari ride and also looked at some fossils. During the ride one of the cars broke down (picture 1) and had to be left behind for a while to wait for help. Pictures: 1 picture of the grown ups car that broke down 2,3&4 pictures of animals. But we also saw wildebeest, warthog, baboon, and more.

21 June 2017

Yesterday, June 21 we visited our pen pals at KYP. We went to the apartheid museum and then went to KYP on the home visits. Photos: Payson and her pen pal Thato enjoying some blue, lip dying lollipops. Me( Marisa) with my pen pal Lindiwe on the bus to KYP

20 June 2017

On June 20th we went to an elephant and monkey sanctuary. We did not see the monkeys but we did see the elephants. We got to feed, touch and even got a kiss from the elephants. Picture: Simba chips we had. It was pretty ironic and funny since I was just in the show 'The Lion King'

18 June 2017

Real day one-June 18. We went to a park and saw a beautiful waterfall. We then went hiking and saw an amazing view. Photos: 1&2 the waterfall 3 the mountain view

17 June 2017

From June 17-18 we were on a plane all day. First to London then to Africa. Pictures: 1 Payson holding her little soda can on the plane 2 we kept checking to see how many hours. And that was hour 3