United Kingdom · 2 Days · 6 Moments · July 2017

marisa's adventure in Edinburgh, United Kingd

14 July 2017

Unicorn is the nati9jap animal of axoyland. James Bearden 1dt fordihhrer imm the world. Neo classical design came from aftrler the enlightmebt when the Scots compared themselves when Scots compared themselves to classic place like Athens. John Knox demanded the bible me made in English and should lamhise creating the presbysterina church and offering the first free education in 16th century. Giving Scotland 80% lotrraxy vs 56% in England. Scottish were Anglican protestant. Scotland diffrers in that there is no right of long. Under God they were seem equally and no better than the common man.shop Victoria's street eat at castle arms on Terrence

13 July 2017

One part from north America r, other from northern Europe. They collided millions of years ago. Fault line runs th rough the center of the lock. Diving is banned. At bottom can barely see 4inch.
You can fit the population of the world in lochness 3 times. At its parts it is deeper than the Eiffel tower is tall
Town of calender is the gateway to the highlands separating them from the lowlands.
In order to pass through to the north you would have to pass through the rock and the castle that was on it. Who ever controlled the castle controlled the key to the north. This castle is called Stirling castle.
The horse statue is called the kellpies. Mythical seahorses structure made of steal at the base of the canals leading to both glasgow and Edinburgh.