United Kingdom · 1 Days · 5 Moments · July 2017

marisa's adventure in Belfast, United Kingdom

7 July 2017

Whispering hall along the top of some. Stainless are zodiac sign. Chandelier weigh in one and a half ton 100 light bulbs not the original. Original was melted down for ammunition in ww2. In a remote control cam goto floor. Painting was inspiration behind Gulliver s travels, the mountain behind.
In part the portrait was made in part on a bus to elude to the civil rights movement in America initiated by road parks
Pierre was the first mayor and also owned Harland and Wolfe shipyard. Used those skilled artists to do the work here. Years later they bikit the titanic.
Purple rob is of the high sheriff appointment by sect of state. Job to protect the interest of the crown. Black robe made with gold insured at 20,000 pounds used by?" .Merrill chains" weighs over 14lbs. Original on the coat of arms says Erin go brough. On left, lady mayorist (female partner of mayor) male is a consort, no strict rule to this role just an immediate family member. Pendant can be worn on the necklace to represent Merrill style.
City hall started in 1898 finished in 1906. The second charter given by the queen in 1888 turned belfast into a city and they needed a place to stay. Parliament was temporary moved here in the 1920s after the country split.