United States of America · 6 Days · 41 Moments · November 2017

Mario's journi

19 November 2017

17 November 2017

We’re upstate. The drinking, sangwich making and shenanigans begin!
Orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe, fried peppers, and surf and turf with fried peppers and broccoli rabe.
A few photos of where we stayed and where we hunted. The last one has a little spike in the top left (small buck).

16 November 2017

Pizza from Rosa’s and drinks at Bukowski’s.
Gibbon’s bar
Shrimp parm subs in the old hood...Brooklyn! Can't sit and eat in a restaurant so we sat and ate on a bench in front of a restaurant!
The Brooklyn docks and our old neighborhood.
Widow Jane distillery! D'oh!
A good sangwich with goomba. And of course. Carlo made his presence known.

15 November 2017

Taboon in Hell’s Kitchen. Delicious
Cocktails at the Press lounge. What a view!
A good drink and a good view. The Intrepid and a cruise ship in the foreground and New Jersey in the background.
A walk through theater district.
Cocktails at The Plaza. #pinkiesout
Decent drink, decent hotel...The Plaza.
Someone got his self a Rolex! Baller!
Time square and Rockefeller center.
NBC studios, the Rock, and St. Patrick's Cathedral... second stop with no eats.
Times Square...1st stop with no eats.
We found my restaurant and Chef Baby John personally filled my canoli.
On the Wo Hop wall of fame. More like a column...
We got sucked back into Chinatown for egg rolls and fried shrimp. We left our mark on a dollar and finally were able to leave.
In Chinatown, we enjoyed the views, the smells, a real Rolex, and some fatty Peking duck. I know right...yum.
My first boss. Has his own Broadway show.
Eataly. Yes....yes...
Eataly pizzas!
Freedom tower and the Brooklyn Bridge. Headed to Manhattan.
Our humble abode. Dinner table turned into our staging area.

14 November 2017

Ya better call somebody!
GlenPatrick’s. We made it after a half hour walk. Not that it’s worth it. But it’s a bar. With drinks.
Our first view of the skyline. Be there up close and personal tomorrow.
Louis’ head covered by a beehive.
Cevapi in Astoria Queens. Delicious.
Louis’ seat was occupied by a cockatoo! The cockatoo kindly moved.